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Eat crow

The PS fanbase should be used to that by now.

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Word of the day: Jealousy

N4Gaf has been hitting a new low lately. N4G was big in 2010, now the site is like Ebola.

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DRM? You mean like what Sony does with PSNow?

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G20WLY you can have your little small tiny spot in the world. Meanwhile you can stay away from the gaming sites actual gamers go to. Keep your little MS bitch circle, have fun.

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Why would MS gamers be pissed about Tomb Raider exclusive?

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The fact that people are defending this is pathetic. Just bend over and say "thank you Sony may I have another" Freaking Sony fans SMH.

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Funny how this news is big everywhere but here

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LOL people bored with nothing to play, so they play the internet.

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"People who have no interest in Driveclub should stay off Driveclub related"

You mean like how you make comments in Xbox related news? hypocrite.

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And this is why N4G is losing hits and sinking lower into oblivion.

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Remember when Toys R Us had to shut down the comments on Youtube do to racist sexiest comments?

Sony fans.

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EA charging $4.99 for a demo would be bad if they actually did it. Not nearly as bad as charging $4.99 for 4 hours of gameplay on last gen games, which did happen.

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"Next Wow this article isn't about Xbox? Why did you even bring it up?"


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"I'd like to stop reading articles about it and see it in action if so"

Once they do show it in action most here will still say it's a lie or smoke and mirrors.

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So where is the moderation at now?

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porkChop's comment is what happens when you make shit up.

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Steam Machines are like $400 and they trump the PS4.

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Lots of games, 2014 is a good year for Xbone. SO and MC collection for me. Quantum Break is sexy as hell.

On a side note: hard to believe cgoodno hasn't removed your post like he has with all the other pro Xbox comments. I guess mine is next.

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