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Sony's show was so bad that pro Sony sites can't even do damage control.

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MS nailed it
Sony tanked it

Sony's show sucked, but since PS fans are too afraid to admit it, they want to throw MS under the same bus saying "both sucked".

What I feel sorry for are those people who had to watch Sony's train wreck at the theater. What a waste of time and money that was.

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"E3 is a electronic expo...not a gaming expo"

(((Achievement Unlocked))) Irony

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LOL even PS fans are saying MS won.

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you know something is hot when an army of PS fans try and downplay it.

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Volkama let him sweat. His worst nightmare is about to start.

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It's just normal anti MS FUD. It's worse now because E3 is coming up and Sony fans are afraid. N4G is the FOX news of the gaming world.

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Is Dead Rising on the PS4 or Wii U?

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Aaron Paul now officially hated by PS fans

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Only thing desperate is your comment. It's so obvious you're afraid.

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Microsoft invented the universal achievement system for all games. Sony copied it with trophies. I know you hate it but it's fact.

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So the guy calls out MS but doesn't call out Sony for starting it all?

The mindset of a PS fan
Sony DRM = thank you may I have another
MS DRM = pitchforks

No one beats a PS fan when it comes to being a hypocrite.

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^^^ all PS fans

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lol at the downplay

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and 69 of them are side scrolling indie games.

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The date is getting closer and the fear is getting stronger.

2 guys at ND (a Sony owned dev) vs every other dev on the planet.

Who makes Dx? MS
Who supports Dx? everyone but Sony
Who can't use Dx? Sony

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Dx12 has Sony fans worried.

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@Picnic Lots of games out there prove that theory wrong. Assassins Creed, Red Dead, Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto just to name a few.

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"The move of Insomniac Games to the Microsoft camp has quite evidently left a bitter taste on the tongue of quite a few PlayStation fans"

The comments here are proof of that. So much jelly everywhere. All we need is some bread and peanut butter.

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