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Funny watching people say "good job Sony" as if it was a good thing.

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@DVS-Zev above.

"Xbox Live Down For Scheduled Maintenance"

Helps if you read it.

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Why is it "Sony can too" Even though this has nothing to do with Sony?

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Because the PS4 can't do 1080p and 60fps on all the games like Sony claimed at E3.

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What Xbone?

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Why is there so much fear from the Sony people over DX?

Could this be the reason?

1. DX
2. Open GL
3. everything else

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The 440 shows the true nature of N4G and Sony fans. It's really an embarrassment which is why only a few are defending it. It's like the time when Toys R Us had to remove videos from youtube.

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It's because you're really just here for negative Xbox news. So much good MS news has your Sony mind scrambled and desperate.

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How can they be lies when neither company actually said any of that?

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Is it really hard to imagine that software engineers can double the performance of software? After all, it is Microsoft, one of the worlds leading software companies. Been a great week of news for Xbox fans, not so much for others. All I see is fear from that camp.

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This is nothing more than smoke & mirrors to you.

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Meanwhile Sony has yet to make a game this gen outshine Ryse.

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Funny watching people deny the evidence in front of them. People asked MS to show what the could can do and they did. The excuses from some are about as pathetic as you can get.

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"For MS Cloud is just MS PR term for dedicated server."

Maybe you should get a PR team of your own, so they can explain to you what the cloud is. fans

Desperate fans are desperate

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Ohh... SNAP!

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Halo 4 is a good game, much better than Reach IMO.

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Meanwhile on N4G

Titanfall 159760°
inFamous Second Son 48880°

You can't get any more pro Sony than N4G so... take what is said in this article with a truck load of salt.

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"And...? Are we suppose to cheer for you?"

You would be if it was on the PS4.

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Every time there is good Xbox news Maria works overtime. Maria is just a mod, that's why they always get approved. Anyone else would have been banned ages ago.

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