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When MS lowered the price it was because they were "desperate" and now that it's back to up it's a "bad decision" lol N4G never changes.

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It's a rip off plain and simple.

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Sony must be desperate for money if they resort to ripping off their customers.

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The US is the largest gaming market on the planet. To deny that is to deny fact and reality. The US is the largest consumer market in the world. People here might hate it, but slamming disagree isn't going to change that fact. You live in a fairy dream world of fiction if you think otherwise. The fact that the X1 is increasing its market share has some people here just a tad bit worried.

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Ironic considering Sony's own push with cloud computing. It seems "the cloud" is only acceptable when it's Sony.

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LOL Dev kits on X1 are free for everyone.

Nice try though.

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Meanwhile PSN is still down.

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It's ironic watching Sony fans defend paying for online after 12 years of dogging Xbox Live for it.

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Live is running smooth, PSN still having problems.

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Uh... Xbox Live has been fixed, PSN is still down. PSN has suffered downtime for days, and multiple times this year. One brought PSN 100% down. Live has only experienced downtime the past 24hrs. So I don't get how Live was supposed to be easier when MS gets it fixed faster and has had far less downtime.<...

"Lizard Squad said they would do this crap on Christmas. Unfortunately I expect them to be screwing with Xbox Live and PSN all day."

Mostly just PSN, some people in the UK had trouble with the "360" for about a half an hour.

Nice attempt though.

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Xbox One has plug in play whatever size you want, PS4 does not. Of course this being N4G, you will have people try and convince everyone that the PS4's is more convenient, when it isn't. You have to remove the internal drive from the PS4 making the drive you just replaced useless, and you can only one at a time for games. You can stack drives on the X1 giving you pretty much unlimited storage. The hard drive options on X1 are better in every way.

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Halo 4 is a Bungie game?


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Translation: It's desperate only to Sony fans because they clearly can't accept the loss. Only going to get worse if MS takes December. Sony fans are contributing to the worldwide stockpile of salt.

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The fact that you still have fans clinging to every word from CBOAT shows the true nature of this site.

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Its not a 7-10 k difference. That's just denial and wishful thinking from PS fans. It just shows how many PS fans are salty over this, they deny reality.

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2011 PSN brought 100% down for a month
2014 PSN brought 100% down for 2 days
Yesterday Sony again


Xbox Live 2014 allegedly brought down on the 360 for 30 min

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Welcome to "Hypocrisy Day" a new holiday brought to you by the good folks of N4G.

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Use screencaps. It works for keeping N4S minions from infesting other sites. They start lurking, start posting, they run back home to N4S. Even works on N4S apologist who claim N4S isn't biased.

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Hey what happened to Driveclub?

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