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Bull**** PC does BC every day all day. There is no excuse for not having BC in any console other than greed. They want to sell you streaming services for $100 a year or more HD remakes.

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PS4 has more shooters

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Lots of damage control today. Yesterday it was "Kinect sucks" "you should have a choice" and now it's "what about Kinect" and "they took the choice" anything to keep that flip flopping bandwagon going.

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MS has an "attitude problem" because they are listening to the fans and making positive changes to the brand. Lot of good news for Xbone lately, not so much for the PS4. That has the PS horde here nervous and scared.

So expect a lot of damage control articles like this. They need to put negative spin on positive news.

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The PS4 is doing well, but the Playstation division posted a lose.

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THC CELL what about the flops?

Sony's broke. They would need 100 hits with zero flops to get them out of the hole.

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Because of Sony, Xbone has better games.

Thanks Sony.

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How did Sony come up with it? They lied, that's how.

Glad the other sites are covering it :)

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Well... yeah.

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Thanks for the DRM Sony.

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You PS fans really should be doing a little less rejoicing, and a little more worrying. Before the Xbone was holding its own and was $100 more. Now Sony has to deal with a cheaper Xbone with better games.

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Looks like a dream. That last pic would be cool in VR.

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lol @ Sony guys above

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And Crytek would know, so far they have released the best looking console game to date.

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So now optimizing performance is no longer smoke and mirrors or magic? Why is something like this now suddenly legit?

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GameNameFame and MysticStrummer are just your standard PS guys doing damage control on N4G.

Everyone knows what DX is, what it does for gaming. MS makes DX, Sony doesn't. N4G is a "Sony site" so the fans here fear it.

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Playstation fans want Xbox games. Who knew?

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So much fear over Titanfall success.

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LOL at the people disagreeing that the PC version looks better, when the evidence is right before everyone's eyes.

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