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There are just some people who just wont let it go. It's a mediocre game, move on, it's not the "Halo killer" many here were hoping.

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GT, GI, and CVG take money for ads.

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PS fans hyped Destiny because they thought they finally had a Halo killer on PS. From the creators of Halo, they though they had a winner. What they got was a mediocre game, exclusive content for a mediocre game, and a PS4 bundle with a mediocre game. In the end the only ones who lost here are PS fans, and Bungie. PS fans lost because they still have nothing to compete with Halo. Bungie lost Halo fans.

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The (blame Halo fans) excuses coming from the PS side is pathetic. Halo fans don't control 95% of the game media.

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And a bunch of PS fans defending a mediocre game to the death.

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So 95% of all those who gave this game a review are Halo fans?

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And subject of denial.

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By a mile

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You wish you had Halo on a PS, then you might actually have something to play. 3 time GOTY winner generic? Keep trying.

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Many did.

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Destiny is an average game, get over it.

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Only Titanfall is actually good, and so far best game of the year.

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"Avoid hackers by going on Xbox One and PS4". Xbone yeah, but PSN just got hacked a couple weeks ago.

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People talking about Destiny's hype and failures, but it's also bug city. What was the beta for?

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And Elvis is alive living on a moon made of cheese.

Paranoid much?

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It's been taken down 100% twice in 4 years, and that's just the hackers.

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The X1 right now has all about the games, and I don't mean a bunch of indie games as filler.

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Fixed in minutes. That's good service. PS fans thought they has something.

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Down for maintenance, LOL it got hacked... again.

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"Microsofts future was DRM." Yeah it was (WAS) but they didn't go through with it.

Sony's present is DRM. Lets not forget that.

Funny how Sony can add DRM that cripples the PS4 and PSNow is nothing but DRM, but PS fans still give MS crap about something they didn't do.


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