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LOL Many of those who got a "well said" didn't even read the article.

360 to Xbone

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"I have literally never ONCE seen anyone defend PS Now's pricing"

BS that 9 bubble guy Godmar-something was all over defending the high prices saying things like "get used to it"

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Proof that the bubble system is manipulated.

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MS shows nothing but games but somehow they're still doing it wrong?

The horse says: hehehehhehe
The pig says: oink oink oink
The dog says: Ruff ruff ruff
The PS fanboy says: MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS MS

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PSN is Xbox Live. Except for the free games program, everything about PSN is a copy of Live.

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"cross gen" is just the new excuse. According to PS fans, you can't use those games anymore when listing exclusives. Xbox and Xbone only aren't considered Xbox exclusives to them. They want Xbox fans to remove these games from list, so they can feel better about theirs.

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And don't forget the N4G mods who support these articles and sites.

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PS3/PS4 do not have family sharing for digital games.

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All MS has to do is wait for Sony to file for bankruptcy.

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The only people who call Titanfall over hyped or overrated are PS fans. That's because they be begging for games.

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But Sony does set the prices for 1st party, and they look to be just as expensive.

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N4G is a Sony site.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

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"Really? I saw a lot sony fans blaming the users who pre-ordered Last of Us and said Sony shouldn't fix a thing."


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N4G is the only place on the net where people actually believe Sony had a better E3.

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You PS fans have had a bad couple weeks. It's a wonder you guys still have words to say after having to eat so many.

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"You Xbox fanboys always looking for teh hypocrizyz"

No need to look they're all right here above my post.

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TV apps everyone else has and games copied from Nintendo.

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Sony sites ran by Sony fans (many from here) are the only ones claiming a Sony E3 victory.

Everyone else on the planet has already given to MS.

Better luck next year Sony.

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Anyone seen Karma? She was just here.

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No, just no.

Nice try though.

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