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A Remaster Of The Uncharted Trilogy Would Be Fantastic

11d ago - With the new generation of consoles still getting ready to take off, most developers are treating... | PS4

Unveiled the cover of The Art of Uncharted Trilogy

23d ago - Eytan Zana, concept artist at Naughty Dog, has published one concept art that, according to his p... | PS3

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

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Sony Confirms, ‘Uncharted Movie Will Be Terrible’ - Satire

241d ago - "In a refreshing bit of honesty, Sony recently confirmed that not only have they set a date of Ju... | PS3

Uncharted PS4 remaster would be 'really cool to have,' says Naughty Dog

251d ago - PSU writes: Uncharted developer Naughty Dog admits that a PS4 remaster of the series would pro... | PS4

Everything that's wrong with the ESRB

441d ago - We take the ESRB's policies for granted--but should we? This piece, by The Blunder Busters, expos... | PC

Great Video Game Characters, What Is The Perfect Formula?

477d ago - millienL (Female Gamer) from CCU writes: What makes a great character? From what I deduced, us... | GameCube

Which one should hit the PS4 first? The Last Of Us Sequel or Uncharted 4

478d ago - It’s been some month after all. With both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One releasing on time in the... | PS4

The Games Of The Generation: Developer's Choice

496d ago - VideoGamer: "Some of the industry's biggest developers have their say in what they believe to be... | Wii

Breakdown of the Uncharted PS4 Trailer

497d ago - Dualshockers looks over the PS4 Uncharted trailer and deduces some clues about the next game | PS4

Difficulty in Video Games: Is Hard the New Normal?

504d ago - Being normal is overrated. However is hard mode becoming the new normal? Read this article and fi... | Culture

First Love: Uncharted

509d ago - First Love is a series in which a featured writer writes about a favorite game series of theirs.... | PS3

Dual Wielding: Top 7 Best PlayStation 3 Exclusives

512d ago - Dual Wielding's Games of the Generation series continues, this week counting down the Top 7 Best... | PS3

Uncharted: Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake Premium Format Figure Now Available

524d ago - The hero of the Uncharted saga comes to life in 1:4 scale with the Sideshow Collectibles Nathan D... | PS3

Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us sequel on PS4 intensifies

528d ago - A recent conversation with Chris Ashimine, who works for Sony Japan Studio’s, has thrown the cat... | PS4

GTA V and More: Video Game Inspired Halloween Costumes

532d ago - Entertainment Buddha writes: "Today, we have five more video game costumes that, with a little bi... | Xbox 360

Naughty Dog InRetroSpect: Part 5–Naughty Dog Roundtable & Jason Rubin on the secret of their success

545d ago - In the final part of Naughty Dog: InRetroSpect, Dan, Pete, Sam and Kris take a step back and look... | PS3

Uncharted 4 on the PS4: How Cool Will That Be?

553d ago - Sony has yet to announce the next installment in the PlayStation exclusive series, but the signs... | PS4

Naughty Dog InRetroSpect: Episode 3 - Uncharted

559d ago - In the third episode of the InRetroSpect Naughty Dog special, Dan explores the world of Uncharted... | PS3

Naughty Dog InRetroSpect Part II: Jak & Daxter

566d ago - In the second episode of our Naughty Dog special, Peter looks at the main Jak & Daxter trilogy as... | PS2

Naughty Dog should ditch Uncharted maximise its potential on PS4

568d ago - OPM: Heresy! Off with his head… and his hands while you’re at it. This traitor has spewed sacrile... | PS4

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Naughty Dog InRetroSpect : Episode 1 - Crash Bandicoot with Jason Rubin

570d ago - In the first episode of our Naughty Dog special Kris chats to co-founder of the company Jason Rub... | PS2

Naughty Dog InRetroSpect: Coming Soon

571d ago - The new InRetroSpect Special will launch on Monday 2nd September and will explore the world of Na... | PS2

Top 5 places we want to go In Uncharted 4

573d ago - PSU: The Uncharted games have a knack for taking us to exotic and mythological places, sometimes... | PS3

PS3 Games Xbox Players Want To Play

580d ago - One of the biggest factors players have to decide on when buying a different generations console... | Xbox 360

Nathan Drake Can Jump Off a Cliff

596d ago - The Late Night Gamer: Before I start I want to get one thing out of the way: no I do not hate Unc... | PS3
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