Sony Confirms, ‘Uncharted Movie Will Be Terrible’ - Satire

"In a refreshing bit of honesty, Sony recently confirmed that not only have they set a date of June 10th, 2016 for the Uncharted movie, but also confirmed it will be awful. " |

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RyuCloudStrife1600d ago

Would have been funny if satire wasnt in the headline, spoils the whole piece; useless.

Blacktric1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

And if it wasn't there, typical N4G userbase would've started to senselessly bash it from the get go after only reading the headline.

As a side note; I don't have high hopes for Uncharted, Last Of Us and Metal Gear Solid movies because of Screen Gems' and Avi Arad's involvement. This is the guy who claimed that he wants to make MGS movie like the Resident Evil ones because RE movies did it "right".

UltraNova1600d ago


You should never, ever get your hopes up when it comes to video games>>>movie adaptations...

These movies are all guilty of ending up gutted and hilariously executed for the sake of Hollywood targeted audience until proven otherwise. Which might as well never happen...

badvlad1599d ago

why do you have a half naked pic of urself in a room full of dudes? hahaha

Dontworrybhappy1599d ago

I can't stop laughing after reading your comment and I'm not sure why. Maybe the thought of you stumbling across a room of half naked dudes and going "what the hell?" Hahaha XD

-Foxtrot1600d ago

I don't think we need a satire article to tell us that

After Seth Gordons comments on the film, it's going to be like every other video game film

Hellsvacancy1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Yep, I almost cried................ in pain after I read Sam Raimi was involved with The Last Of Us movie

Why are they doing this to us, "it's because it's not for us, it's for those mofos to earn themselves loads of cash"

-Foxtrot1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I don't understand why they can't just get a person who loves the franchise and video games to write these types of films. Whether they are known writers or even ones just starting out because writers in Hollywood don't really contribute to the marketing, even when a film does amazing it's the directors name plastered on the reviews.

The advantage of a new writer is that you wouldn't have to pay him that much. So why get a big name writers for the film when the focus is usually on the guy directing.

Should of just gotten Amy Hennig to condense and restructure the Drakes Fortune script. I hope that's what Neil is going to do for the Last of Us film, there is no need for him to change the entire script he wrote, most of the dialogue is pretty solid.

Hellsvacancy1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

It's because Hollywood doesn't give a damn about making good movies "as long as it makes a high return who gives a damn" even movies that totally suck make money, Resident Evil for example, every single one of those films are EXTREMELY bad, but they make money at the box office so we get sequels That's the closest I will get to seeing a decent Deus Ex movie

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Riderz13371600d ago

Who cares if Raimi is involved...Neil Druckmann is writing the god damn script for christ sake.

yellowgerbil1600d ago

Sam Raimi is literally the BEST person in the world to be doing TLOU.
He made the Evil dead series, so he can mix action and horror together in a fun mixture, but more importantly he is the person who made the first really LEGIT comic book movie, before spiderman we were forced to watch things like Batman whip out a bat credit card and wear nipples on his batsuit.
If there is anybody out there who can move videogame movies into the spotlight as both critical and commercially successful, it is Sam Raimi

WeAreLegion1600d ago

Sam loved the game. Watch the Comic Con panel. Sam and Screen Gems are the best possible choices.

randomass1711600d ago

Hey guys, remember Uwe Boll? He claims he was a huge fan of the games he adapted into films. Being a fan doesn't necessarily mean that they will make a good movie. J.J. Abrams was reportedly not a fan of Star Trek and he still made an arguably good new Star Trek movie.

Hellsvacancy1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Duuno why I have to state the obvious again, Sam Raimi makes b-grade comedy horror, nothing wrong with that i'm a BIG fan of his Evil Dead films, if you came to my house you would KNOW that

He is not the right person, TLOU is a serious emotional story, something Sam Raimi doesn't do (don't anyone dare mention Spider Man)

And what does it matter that he liked it? who didn't

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WeAreLegion1600d ago

It's not just Seth Gordon I'm worried about. The writers are horrible!

Dontworrybhappy1599d ago

This is why I'm happy with Forward unto Dawn, and now hopefully Halo Nightfall. They want the movie to be true to the games. I hope Sony does what Microsoft did back in Halo 3 days. Pull the movies off and come up with a better way to make them more loyal to what the fans want. Because you know... that's who made the games popular not Hollywood.

SaveFerris1600d ago

It's possible that this video game adaptation will be awful, not Mario Brothers or Street Fighter awful, but nowhere near the quality of the game and that'll be bad enough.

mrpsychoticstalker1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Why would they invest on this movie? yes the games are great, but all video games turn movies are terrible. Need for Speed? Prince of Persia? Mario Bros?

I agree @ Lord Maim

Silent Hill was a great movie, not to mention one of the best story games on video games.

LordMaim1600d ago

Silent Hill was probably the best of a bad batch. Hope that The Last of Us breaks the trend, since the original writer/director is doing the screenplay and has final approval over script / casting.

Uncharted though... it just feels like they're going to wreck something I love.

Riderz13371600d ago

I liked the Prince of Persia movie...Was pretty good.

Christopher1600d ago

Silent Hill was a horrible movie. Prince of Persia is probably one of the more acceptable movies based on video games because it was an enjoyable action movie that just used certain elements from the games.

Having said that, there's no way to determine if a movie will be good. If they stick to the video game concepts, it will fail. If they just use it as a building block and remember it's not a video game, then it could do well.

It all depends on the writing, acting, and directing, though.

randomass1711600d ago

Y'all are crazy. Wreck-It Ralph was incredible. :P

calis1599d ago

"Why would they invest on this movie?"

Because it already has an established fan base which is a whole lot more than any new movie starting from scratch.

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