Uncharted Trilogy Releasing In June 2012, Exclusively In Europe?

Amazon France has revealed that the Uncharted Trilogy is now available for purchase for the Playstation 3 and retailer BT Games suggests a June 2012 release in the rest of Europe.

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BringingTheThunder2429d ago

i already have them all but that box looks sweet. might be an import for me.

banjadude2428d ago

I'm going to do the same, if this ends up being exclusive to Europe (which I doubt...highly). LOVE that box art cover.

GrieverSoul2428d ago

This has been out in Portugal for over a month!

EeJLP-2427d ago

You guys are BSing yourselves. Nothing looks good about that box, it's just cut and pasted random scenes. At least you could make that argument for the Resistance Trilogy (even though it's likely also a half-assed patchwork of a collection inside with no additional content)

Wow it has a pretty box (which it doesn't). Too bad it's butt ugly yellow Platinum Hits inside.

basilezz30302428d ago

good thing that ps3 is RF
so i will buy this and i will buy the GOTY edition for the amazing uncharted3

NeoBasch2428d ago

I must be the only one who doesn't like the cover. I liked Resistance's a lot, but not this one.

Awesome_Gamer2428d ago

Can't wait.. i love Uncharted :)

kaveti66162428d ago

Don't you guys already have the games?

basilezz30302428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

yeah i do have uncharted 3
but i don't have uncharted 2 any more
and i have never played uncharted 1
so i will buy this pack

banjadude2428d ago

@ Kaveti6616

Unfortunately, I don't have the first Uncharted. In fact, I played Uncharted 2 first, so I kinda screwed up the experience for myself, lol.

Sucitta2428d ago

nope, waiting for a special edition like this = ) my ps3 collects dust, coming in 4th for me, after my 360 time, my vita time and 3ds time <3

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Bounkass2429d ago

Exclusively to Europe or not, PS3 games are regoin free so...

jc485732429d ago

I'm glad is region free.

TopDudeMan2429d ago

I think that sort of proves that the ps4 must be on it's way. First a resistance trilogy and now uncharted.

I'd imagine that's because there probably won't be another resistance or uncharted on the PS3.

BringingTheThunder2429d ago

or they just want to increase sales of the games so they can tout how many million sellers they have

NarooN2428d ago

Both series already have millions of sales, so your comment was pretty much pointless.

Summons752429d ago

Better not be exclusive to Europe, no offense, but that would just be a stupid move when they could make twice the money selling it everywhere. It would be awesome if they do bundle all of the together.

jc485732429d ago

If they are, I would I assume they will produce them in limited amount. Not like they will sell millions "again."

gtxgamer22429d ago

i hope not. every ps3 owner should be able to get on this!

Wintersun6162428d ago

The PS3 games are region free so every PS3 owner can indeed get it by importing, if it turns out the be exclusive to Europe.

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The story is too old to be commented.