Top 10 Best Trilogies

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Sometimes an idea is too big to be contained within a single game and ends up needing to span multiple titles in order to tell the whole story or to allow new ideas to work within older conventions. If it happens to take three games to properly do this then a trilogy is born and we’re lucky to have gotten so many great games over the years that we could have easily put together a Top 20 or Top 30. But 10 it is and so this week we are counting down the best triple threats that gaming has to offer."

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Skull52140d ago Show
NailheadGames40d ago

Ye also the original crash trilogy

crazychris412441d ago

Wow every franchise on 1 page, I was expecting 15 pages for 10 trilogies.

ZehnDrachen41d ago

I think the Mass Effect trilogy becomes less great because of how the ending wraps everything up.

sk8ofmnd41d ago

#1 does not belong to mass effect... The 1st 1 was alright 2nd best and 3rd derpty derp

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The story is too old to be commented.