Suspend/Resume on the PS4: A True Game Changer

The new generation of consoles have finally solved a problem that Seth has been dealing with since he had to blow in cartridges to get games to work on the NES.

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insomnium21321d ago

Gotta say I really REALLY love the suspend and resume ability. Thanks Sony. You sure took your time but you did deliver so I'm happy.

xHeavYx1321d ago

I mean, come on. I'm a PS guy, but this feature is far from being a game changer.

JoGam1321d ago

To some it is I guess.

Themba761321d ago

funny thing is i do agree with but you gotta admit it is pretty nice though.

mkis0071321d ago

Idk its nice to come home and turn on the ps4 and the game to be paused and not have to load into it. Or be watching something and change seamlessly. It really is a nice feature. The real game changer is share play demos of full games.

Rimeskeem1321d ago

It's a nice feature to say the least.

Kingdomcome2471321d ago

It is an amazing feature. To be honest though, I use it by accident more often than not. I get in a hurry, shut down the console while in game, and then boot up later on only to be pleasantly surprised lol.

Why o why1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I would give remote play and share play higher accolades but yes, its a great feature.

badz1491320d ago

true game changers are Remote Play on the Vita and any smartphone and also Share Play. nothing is beating those just yet from the competitors!

WikusVanDeMerwe1315d ago

Bull. Seth no longer has to blow game cartridges. Get your facts straight.

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KnowledgeIsPower1321d ago ShowReplies(4)
ManOfTheYear11320d ago

If this is a game changer...then the game had changed 2 years prior to Sony adding suspend/resume when the Xbox One Launched.

More like, about time you made it to the game Sony....

insomnium21320d ago

I think even PSP had this feature back in 2004.

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XiMasterChief1321d ago

"A True Game Changer"


pivotplease1321d ago

It's honestly my least used feature. I don't know if it's years of carefully planning and premeditating the length of my gaming sessions, but I never get into situations where it's any better than saving and going into rest mode. If anything, the feature has been an annoyance because I'll turn my ps4 on later in the day for Netflix or something and the game I was playing earlier will still be trying to reclaim the system. Maybe there's a setting to turn it off. I'm probably in the minority here though.

SuperRaccoon1321d ago

Wait, what? Could you expand on that? I have not had such problems. If I'm using the youtube app while a game is suspended, and I suspend the system with the youtube app running, then when I turn on the system again it goes directly to youtube, with the game running in the background.

lashes2ashes1321d ago

So far it seems to work better than the Xbox one version. I have had to restart Xbox games because of it not showing a image on the screen a couple times. But I have found the os on my Xbox to have quite a few weird glitches.

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The story is too old to be commented.