Naughty Dog should ditch Uncharted maximise its potential on PS4

OPM: Heresy! Off with his head… and his hands while you’re at it. This traitor has spewed sacrilege on the altar of PlayStation for the very last time and never deserves to play another misbehaving mutt masterpiece. Whoah. Put down the flaming dentist tools.

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Gster1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I think he has a point. I'm a big fan of the uncharted series, but it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep a series fresh. I don't think they should branch into the sci-fi genre so much, because ND's main attribute is not only superb looking games but obviously after TLOU, story driven narrative. I wouldn't be surprised, with the talent behing ND, they could produce more new IP's that would leave us picking our jaws off the floor again!

Thehyph1719d ago

Well since there are two's hoping that there's an uncharted 4 AND something new.
I love the wild adventure and action sequences, and my girlfriend loves Elena and watching the gameplay. The characters are lovable and admittedly cheesy, but that's an important piece of it all.

I do hope there's no sequel for TLOU. I think it's a perfect game to stand on its own. I certainly wouldn't be upset, and I'm certain it would be a good game, but I think I would prefer another new IP a little bit more. If they can keep putting out games as quality as TLOU, then I'd rather them cover as many different stories as possible.

LordMaim1719d ago

Tell it to Halo. The Uncharted IP still has a lot of stories left in it.

The_Con-Sept1719d ago

I like the series a lot! Don't kill it! I need an Indiana Jones type game in my life. Not tomb raider! I want to see uncharted 29!!!!

creatchee1719d ago

Uncharted could use a slight break for ND to spread their wings and make another masterpiece.

But not too long of a break.

Drakesfortune1719d ago

well it has been almost 2 years since Uncharted 3....and lets say uncharted 4 was announced it wouldnt be released till next year..

3 years is quite a long while in between sequels

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1719d ago

I wouldn't miss uncharted that much but would be nice to see it again. I rather something new.

DigitalAnalog1719d ago

You would think after TLOU people would get the message that ND is very capable of delivering new IP to the table in spades. Who knows, their new IP might blow Uncharted away and the fans that tried to dismiss the notion would suddenly want the sequel of the NEW IP etc etc.

Please.... don't restrict the creative abilities of already the top developer this gen. This is not a studio that relies on IP but rather their talent.

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Intentions1719d ago

:S what? They could do that with any game...

skydragoonity1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

*Spits a ball of fire on the article ... Ditch a series that gave the ps3 lots of fans.. Like that's going to happen

GarrusVakarian1719d ago

They aren't going to ditch their flagship franchise.......

Panthers1719d ago

Jak and Daxter says hi.

They have done it before. If they have a better idea brewing, they will run with it.

GarrusVakarian1719d ago

Better idea brewing, like The Last Of Us :)

Genesis12951719d ago

I think most people can trust ND to release fascinating games with new experiences, so by all means ditch Uncharted and give us anything that comes to there minds.

Bathyj1719d ago

Yeah, like they just kept making Crash Bandicoot games and wouldnt make a new IP.

And then they kept making Jak and Daxter games and wouldnt make a new IP

And they they kept making Uncharted games and wouldnt make a new IP.

Do I have to actually say its sarcasm?

RedDevils1719d ago

I don't care as long as it from ND I buy it day 1 :D

Nyromith1719d ago

Didn't like the Uncharted series - the mercenary shooting simulator. Next gen I expect less comedy and more immersion.

fattyuk1719d ago

You didn't like uncharted 2

Holy cow batman.

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