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Naughty Dog should ditch Uncharted maximise its potential on PS4

OPM: Heresy! Off with his head… and his hands while you’re at it. This traitor has spewed sacrilege on the altar of PlayStation for the very last time and never deserves to play another misbehaving mutt masterpiece. Whoah. Put down the flaming dentist tools. (Naughty Dog, PS4, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Uncharted Trilogy)

allformats  +   625d ago
Gster  +   625d ago
I think he has a point. I'm a big fan of the uncharted series, but it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep a series fresh. I don't think they should branch into the sci-fi genre so much, because ND's main attribute is not only superb looking games but obviously after TLOU, story driven narrative. I wouldn't be surprised, with the talent behing ND, they could produce more new IP's that would leave us picking our jaws off the floor again!
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stevehyphen  +   625d ago
Well since there are two teams...here's hoping that there's an uncharted 4 AND something new.
I love the wild adventure and action sequences, and my girlfriend loves Elena and watching the gameplay. The characters are lovable and admittedly cheesy, but that's an important piece of it all.

I do hope there's no sequel for TLOU. I think it's a perfect game to stand on its own. I certainly wouldn't be upset, and I'm certain it would be a good game, but I think I would prefer another new IP a little bit more. If they can keep putting out games as quality as TLOU, then I'd rather them cover as many different stories as possible.
LordMaim  +   625d ago
Tell it to Halo. The Uncharted IP still has a lot of stories left in it.
The_Con-Sept  +   625d ago
I like the series a lot! Don't kill it! I need an Indiana Jones type game in my life. Not tomb raider! I want to see uncharted 29!!!!
creatchee  +   625d ago
Uncharted could use a slight break for ND to spread their wings and make another masterpiece.

But not too long of a break.
Drakesfortune  +   625d ago
well it has been almost 2 years since Uncharted 3....and lets say uncharted 4 was announced it wouldnt be released till next year..

3 years is quite a long while in between sequels
I wouldn't miss uncharted that much but would be nice to see it again. I rather something new.
DigitalAnalog  +   625d ago
You would think after TLOU people would get the message that ND is very capable of delivering new IP to the table in spades. Who knows, their new IP might blow Uncharted away and the fans that tried to dismiss the notion would suddenly want the sequel of the NEW IP etc etc.

Please.... don't restrict the creative abilities of already the top developer this gen. This is not a studio that relies on IP but rather their talent.
Intentions  +   625d ago
:S what? They could do that with any game...
skydragoonity  +   625d ago
*Spits a ball of fire on the article ... Ditch a series that gave the ps3 lots of fans.. Like that's going to happen
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   625d ago
They aren't going to ditch their flagship franchise.......
Panthers  +   625d ago
Jak and Daxter says hi.

They have done it before. If they have a better idea brewing, they will run with it.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   625d ago
Better idea brewing, like The Last Of Us :)
Genesis1295  +   625d ago
I think most people can trust ND to release fascinating games with new experiences, so by all means ditch Uncharted and give us anything that comes to there minds.
Bathyj  +   625d ago
Yeah, like they just kept making Crash Bandicoot games and wouldnt make a new IP.

And then they kept making Jak and Daxter games and wouldnt make a new IP

And they they kept making Uncharted games and wouldnt make a new IP.

Do I have to actually say its sarcasm?
RedDevils  +   625d ago
I don't care as long as it from ND I buy it day 1 :D
Nyromith  +   625d ago
Didn't like the Uncharted series - the mercenary shooting simulator. Next gen I expect less comedy and more immersion.
fattyuk  +   625d ago
You didn't like uncharted 2

Holy cow batman.
Kratos0289  +   625d ago
Or get this! they can do both as they have 2 teams, I don't recall Naughty Dog ever saying Uncharted was a trilogy
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TheEnigma313  +   625d ago
I know uncharted 3 did it a lil bit, but I would love for them to do a game about young Drake, maybe in his late teens, early 20's.
Bathyj  +   625d ago
Screw that. Do Uncharted:The Sullivan Chronicles
Lukas_Japonicus  +   625d ago
Actually.....that's a pretty good idea.
Fairchild Channel F  +   625d ago
I always dug Elena. Would like to see a game about her. She's a reporter so you could really put her into any hotspot around the globe.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   625d ago
As much as I love Uncharted and would love to see another one, they should move on to a new IP. If Naughty dog stuck with Crash then we wouldn't of had Jak & Daxter, if they stuck with Jak & Daxter we wouldn't of had Uncharted and now it's the same with The Last Of Us. So yeah let Naughty Dog keep making new IPs and being creative it obvious keeps them motivated.
Bathyj  +   625d ago
I wouldnt be surprised if they did. Naughty Dog always have a new IP ready for a new console.

I also wouldnt be surprised if their second PS4 game is in the Last of Us universe.

Either way, they can do whatever they want. Sony wont interfere. Naughty Dog have the Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to gold.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   625d ago
I would love to see Naughty Dog's take on an apocalyptic wasteland type of game. Like The Last Of Us meets Mad Max.
MasterofMagnetism  +   625d ago
Doesn't matter whether it's another Uncharted or a new IP, I will be ready.
ooquis  +   625d ago
I loved UC3 so i'll trust ND.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   625d ago
that's like telling Ubisoft to quit their AC franchise XD or Telltale Games to stop pushing out fantastic LEGO games XD
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pyramidshead  +   625d ago
As long as the keep introducing that 'traveling-to-a-long-lost- well-known-mythical-city' vibe then I'm all for a new uncharted. It's the adventure, the Indiana Jones style premise and art direction that makes them awesome games. Love the mystery about forgotten cities and ancient artifacts. Albeit if you kept making them you'd eventually run out of cities to visit and artifacts to find but they're far from that right now.
Inception  +   625d ago
Exactly. There's tons of mythical city that can be an inspiration for Uncharted PS4. And i'm sure ND can keep the franchise fresh with new cast or new gameplay mechanic. So why some people refuse to play new Uncharted is beyond my logical thinking.
jay2  +   625d ago
A series that has the best selling game on a Sony platform won't go die. Sorry.
LoveOfTheGame  +   625d ago
Oh the little amount you know.

First it's not the best selling game. Second ND has abandoned every "System Seller" going into the next gen to create an arguably better game series.

I will lose respect for ND if they continue to milk this franchise when their talent has always been creating new IPs.
OrangePowerz  +   625d ago
They should at least do one more Uncharted to show what crazy stuff they can do with the power of the next gen.
bub16  +   625d ago
I would turn gay for nathan drake, they have to keep uncharted otherwise they are just known for games back in PS1 and PS2 days
pabadamus1  +   625d ago
What the author fails to realize is that ND is at a staff size that can accommodate new IPs and sequels alike. I don't believe they have to sacrifice a key franchise such as Uncharted for new IPs down the line. ND has become the crown jewel of Sony's internal studios. Their budgets are more than adequate for multiple projects.
Picnic  +   625d ago
Naughty Dog should make a game that's a spiritual successor to both The Last Of Us and Uncharted that's a bit like Waterworld, where nearly all of the game is surrounded in water.

You go around on jetskis to try to get to dry land, both to get food to live and to get new supplies, like parts of a boat, to get you to other areas after your jetski runs out of fuel. Plus there would be areas where you have to swim and have to avoid dangers like sharks and other sealife. Treasure hunting could be involved of course.

I think I'd want it to alternate between having a lighter tone like Uncharted and then becoming darker like The Last of Us.

I think that I'd put the accent of keeping it generally light and fun in tone for a long first part of the game, more about the quirks of the environment than the enemies. Maybe it could have a 'Choose your own adventure' feel where you can choose from one of 2-4 options what to say in some situations and this affects what scenario you face next so, even though the game might be shorter as a result, it might take 2 or 3 play throughs to see everything.
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Drakesfortune  +   625d ago
Sorry if a game was anything like waterworld....i would kill myself...one of the worst films i have seen
Picnic  +   625d ago
That's exactly why Naughty Dog should do it. It hasn't been done really brilliantly yet.
It's been done solidly though - the film made a profit and Waterworld definitely has its fans.
windblowsagain  +   625d ago
No the worst film ever made was THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Biggest pile of trash ever to grace a cinema.

The makers should have been ordered by a judge to pay back everyone who went to see it.
medman  +   625d ago
The author of this piece needs a nice, tasty knuckle sandwich with a side order of foot in ass.
Inception  +   625d ago

And screw the haters. If they don't like Uncharted, than play another game. Nuff said.
jaelegend  +   625d ago
If you look at their history they only do trilogies crash jak & daxter then uncharted. With the surprise at the end with the last of us its either a sequel or a new IP
jaelegend  +   625d ago
oh if they do go back to uncharted it be nates kid or something ND love the passage of time. With these known IPs like infamous, and killzone basically starting over in terms of story wouldn't be surprised if uncharted did the same.
extermin8or  +   625d ago
They need to make an uncharted 4 and make it clear that's it for the foreseeable future I think. Then uncharted team can do a new IP and tlou team can do some sort of sequel to tlou, another game in the same 'world' at any rate. Then they should create a new IP-I do feel that the last of us team is slightly better dev team than uncharteds team certainly when it comes to creating new narratives, places etc.
jaelegend  +   625d ago
The Team just split they all worked on an uncharted team at one point, just shows their getting better. The beauty of Naughty Dog......they don't have to make uncharted 4 anything they make will be AAA another game of the year edition of talented glory. Lets just wait and see
Jaqen_Hghar  +   625d ago
A man actually agrees. Uncharted was one of a man's favorite franchises this gen and Uncharted 3 was a man's favorite game in the series. So why does a man want them to take a break? Well first of all as much as a man loves Uncharted and LoU (which shouldn't get a sequel because a man feels it may diminish the story and high standing of that titan that should stand alone as PS3's swan song), he loved Crash and Jak even more. Either return to Jak or make a new world like you did with those Naughty Dog. A man loves when devs are free to make what they want. Destiny looks more interesting than the last couple Halos have. If Naughty Dog has great ideas for Uncharted and wants to make number 4 then great a man is sure he'll love it and it'll sell a ton of PS4s. However if Naughty Dog is being pressured to make it to sell PS4 and won't have their heart in it they should stop right now and look at what they've done each gen. They've made a new stellar franchise (this gen they had 2) that has shown what the hardware can do while giving players a completely fresh and masterful experience.
621infamous  +   625d ago
So much win in this comment!
jhoward585  +   625d ago
Uncharted is great but I want ND to challenge themselves and make a new IP.

Think outside the box for a change. We all know ND can make games that are dramatic with real life stories in it.

I want something different. How about an alien game.
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Xtremist  +   625d ago
My guess is that during this generation ND will consist of 3 teams:

ND1 Uncharted Series
ND2 TLOU Trilogy (first they will release TLOU1 for PS4)
ND3 New IP
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thinktwice  +   625d ago
The last of us 2 would be sweet but make it take advantage of the ps4 meaning push the game even more tune up the graphics of course.
thinktwice  +   625d ago
More enemies more weapons darker setting this time more horror blood and brutal kills! Look at manhunt for some ideas on the kills. I want a mature game not no soft teen game
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csreynolds  +   624d ago
Ditch Uncharted? Ha - no, no, no. Stop being ridiculous.
NateCole  +   624d ago
I want Savage starlight

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