Naughty Dog InRetroSpect : Episode 1 - Crash Bandicoot with Jason Rubin

In the first episode of our Naughty Dog special Kris chats to co-founder of the company Jason Rubin. Listen to the incredible story of how this influential company began and how one road trip across America led to the birth of the most famous bandicoot in the world.

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shivvy241905d ago

Man I still remember when my dad got me a ps1 and crash when I was 6 ! My first gaming console ! Lol im surprised I can still remember that moment !

1905d ago
christian hour1905d ago

I was 10 when I got my first ps1. First time I played Crash Bandicoot was a demo disc that came with one of the first OPSMUK issues. Must have played that demo disc a million times over.

Now that takes me back... monthly magazines with at least 10 demos for games you'd probably never buy being too young to afford them, but those demo discs would give you hours of repetitive entertainment...

Really hits home how much the industry has changed since then.

Crash Bandicoot will stay with me forever.

SynestheticRoar1905d ago

I brought a wega TV just for this game. It looked great in it's day.

OhMyGandhi1905d ago

always fascinating to hear a developer talk about how a game came to fruition.

Rai1905d ago

I get the same feeling when the game asks if I want to bring down the difficulty.

Jeff2571905d ago

I haven't listened to the podcast yet but I have been reading the blog about how Crash was created. Man I had no idea about some of that history. Naughty Dog truly is a great example as to why gamers should not ignore the indie developers. ND started with just two people at the beginning. Yes they had to add more people to keep making the games they wanted to make, but that will be true of the indies that make games for the next gen as well. As the games get more popular or they decide to try new things they too may start to grow and who knows they could become just as big one day as ND has become. Anyway I will listen to the podcast later tonight and I cannot wait to see what ND comes up with on the PS4.

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