Could an Uncharted Prequel Work?

After many adventures through out the years together, Sully and Nate have some great stories to tell. Great stories can make for some great plot lines. A prequel could work well within the Uncharted universe.

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Root2010d ago

Of course, I bet there was loads of adventures before the search for El Dorado.

How did Drake meet Flynn and Chloe, what was his first big adventure.

Then you have Sully who has loads of stories to tell, maybe we'd get a reference to when he brought a hooker to church

The only problem is that you wouldn't see Elena unless they do a different type of game featuring her but I can't imagine what that could be.

wishingW3L2010d ago

Drake was introduced to Chloe by Flynn at the very beginning of Uncharted 2. She's a treasure hunter just like Drake.

Root2010d ago

If you've actually played it then you'll know they already have a history together....probably a romantic one.

sloth33952010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Drake already knew Chloe before Flynn knew here you should play the game again and you might notice them talking behind Flynn's back

guitarded772010d ago

And U3 had a lot of back story, so a prequel wouldn't be a stretch. I love Uncharted, so I'd take a prequel.

admiralvic2010d ago

Yup. Uncharted isn't exactly linear, so they can constantly add adventures in the past or future with little to no problem. Even if Drake is an issue, they could always shift focus to Sully or maybe whomever trained Sully (assuming there is someone) to even another hunter that might have some sort of connection to the past or future story.

Reverent2010d ago

I honestly think a prequel with a younger Sully would be amazing. I mean, in Uncharted 3, you learn that Sully clearly has a background working with "less than heroic" groups of treasure hunters. I really think it could work well. Plus, if they did that, it wouldn't even really feel like a prequel.

phantomexe2010d ago

Read the comic man but i'm not sure if it was the book or the comic that follows the uncharted story.I'm pretty sure it's the 6 comics that follow the story but anyway he meets chloe in it for the frist time. There pretty good and i'm sure you would like it being and uncharted fan.

joab7772010d ago

It could definitely work but it cant be done as an U3 rehash to make money. It would be great as next gen launch title. I am down. It may be hard seeing as we saw their origin in U3.

Knushwood Butt2010d ago

I'd like to see a game with Sully as the main character.

Cam9772010d ago

Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
Stupid article.

NerdBite2010d ago

No need to call the article stupid, when it's just someone else's opinion. Also I already said this, but I feel I should say it again.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss isn't necessarily a prequel.

"The game is set before the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but Naughty Dog have made the distinction that it is not necessarily a "prequel", because the events do not lead directly into Drake's Fortune."

Have a good day

badz1492010d ago

a prequel means no ELENA! I LOVE ELENA and her absence from GA was...I don't know...just doesn't feel "right"!

I care for Drake and Elena and I want them to continue their adventure together...not without each other! or...I just need help!

rainslacker2009d ago

The nice thing about Uncharted stories is that they are all independent of one another, and you don't have to play one to understand the others. They have a lot of references to the previous titles, but it's written well enough to explain who's who. For the most part you could play them in any order, and outside the Drake/Elena romance thing it would be pretty coherent.

Either way I wouldn't mind seeing a Tomb Raider'esque origin story.:) Although they did kind of do that in UC3.

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Magnus2010d ago

I'd buy it and play it if there was.

wishingW3L2010d ago

Golden Abyss is a pre-quel.

NerdBite2010d ago

Not necessarily. The game is set before the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, but Naughty Dog have made the distinction that it is not necessarily a "prequel", because the events do not lead directly into Drake's Fortune.

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Linko642010d ago

I'm a huge Uncharted fan, but I really don't want a prequel. Unless maybe it was Sully in his youth

timmyp532010d ago

That actually sounds really interesting. I loved the flashbacks in U3. A game following a young Sully would be sick.

plaZeHD2010d ago

But sucks that Uncharted 3's story doesn't make any sense at all.

timmyp532009d ago

First game's story was the best in my opinion. I think people play it for action and amazing set pieces now.

Number-Nine2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

uc3 kinda had a prequelness to it when he first met sully. id like if they did it that way again.

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