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5 Things Missing From The Legend of Zelda

41d ago - We have come to know the The Legend of Zelda series well, as each new title Nintendo release loos... | Nintendo DS

Which of Link’s Transformations in The Legend of Zelda Was the Best?

48d ago - ZD: "Link has transformed into several different forms over the whole series, and people often ha... | GameCube

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Play on the New Nintendo 3DS and XL

48d ago - NLife: Just recently we published a list of five Nintendo 64 games we'd love to play on 3DS, ins... | 3DS

Top 6 Video Game Couples

62d ago - Geeks Under Grace: "In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to list in no particular order wh... | PS2

Are the Remaining Gamecube Zelda Titles Worth Remaking/Porting?

63d ago - Majora’s Mask 3D came out yesterday, after the massive Operation Rainfall following of fans that... | GameCube

Like a Boss: Discussing Twilit Fossil – Stallord (Zelda: Twilight Princess)

64d ago - Like A Boss is a series where we take boss fights and analyze what makes them work – or fail. | GameCube

Twilight Princess Podcast

65d ago - Thirty & Nerdy’s Matt and Gina talk about what it was like completing Twilight Princess for the f... | GameCube

Twilight Princess To Be The Next Zelda Remake On New 3DS

67d ago - ZI: Fans wondering what Zelda game will be remade next don't have any solid leads to go on, but... | 3DS

A Case for Twilight Princess: The Music, Part 3

76d ago - ZI: This article series demonstrates how the music of TP is among the most sophisticated and int... | GameCube

The Future for The Legend of Zelda Remakes

82d ago - Recently, many game developers are getting frowned upon due to the unwavering amount of HD remake... | Nintendo DS

Which Zelda Should Be Remade Next?

90d ago - GI: "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D hasn't released quite yet, but it's never too early t... | Wii U

Hey, Look, Listen: Analyzing Handholding in Twilight Princess

97d ago - Zelda Informer: "This 2006 Zelda title, released for both GameCube and Wii, has its share of flaw... | GameCube

Soundtrack Sunday: “Title Theme” – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

97d ago - "Twilight Princess was interesting because, after a GameCube generation of games that tended to f... | GameCube

Top 10 Wii Games

99d ago - GT - In our first Countdown of the year, we've teamed up with our friends at ScrewAttack for a (f... | Wii

More photos for First 4 Figures' The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda figure

106d ago - Take a look at a bunch more photos for First 4 Figures' The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Ze... | Culture

Mario, Peach, Link, Zelda, And Samus Aran Get Their Own Pulp Covers

112d ago - Illustrator Ástor Alexander has created a series of Nintendo-themed pulp magazine covers that sho... | Nintendo DS

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess First 4 Figures Princess Zelda Statue gets release date

120d ago - The release date has been revealed for the First 4 Figures Princess Zelda Statue, which is based... | Culture

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Retrospective

139d ago - Continue Play's Ewan Moore: "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a classic case of fans not... | GameCube

Video Games I'm Thankful For (Part 5)

164d ago - illgrillchill writes "In the fifth installment of “Video Games I’m Thankful For”, we delve into a... | GameCube

Eight Defining Games of the Waggle Generation

164d ago - Whether the historical events of 2005 were orchestrated by the secret Global Waggle Illuminati (G... | GameCube

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Retrospective: Top 10 Gifts for Wii Gamers in 2006

193d ago - Game Idealist take a look at the top ten gifts for new Wii gamers back in 2006. | Wii

A Feminist Perspective on the Legend of Zelda Series

205d ago - A feminist takes a look at the Legend of Zelda series and expresses her thoughts on the role of t... | Culture

Game titles are worse than the title of this article

206d ago - Summer is dead and gone, while an ominous wave of video games left my wallet trembling. It’s uncl... | Culture

SpeakOut About: Your games with the ‘Best Visuals’

235d ago - "These games come from posts by the TakuChat community in the Game Art for Gamers 101: Introducti... | Wii

Link Confronts a Different Kind of Dark Link in the Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Dark Link

259d ago - In The Warp Zone’s latest video, Link journeys into a cave to retrieve the “Master” sword where h... | Industry
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