Why Okami outdoes Zelda: Twilight Princess

PSM3 magazine testifies the controversial:

"We can already sense your eyes rolling skyward. And - yes - PSM3 is a Sony-only magazine. But the truth is exactly the opposite.

From its 8-bit beginnings through to modern-day masterpieces such as Majora's Mask, we reckon we've stuck around for every last 'der-der-der-daaah' the Zelda series has had to offer. And so we feel authorised to tell you the words few dare to utter - Okami beats Twilight Princess hands down."

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PS360WII3762d ago

Either way I'm happy I'll be able to have Zelda TP and Okami on the same system ^^

lonestarmt3762d ago

there both fantastic! why do we always have to do this > or < stuff. Lets say both are great and masterpieces in their own right and call it a day.

Marceles3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Okami's gameplay is like a far more advanced version of the wolf gameplay on TP...I'd choose Okami over Zelda as well. The only thing Zelda has better is its useful inventory...I didn't find myself using that many items in Okami

Omicron3762d ago

Zelda Twilight Princess beats the crap out of Okami.

Iron Man 23762d ago

You clearly have never played Okami before,it's a great game just like Zelda is,let me guess,you hate Okami just cause it came out on a Playstation system first right?;)

ChickeyCantor3762d ago

im not sure why they are being compared...i mean both are some sort of adventure game but they are both great on their own.

" Okami's antagonists are well-defined, but nothing makes sense in TP until halfway through.

ok i think this is a little cheap....
i mean you dont have to spoil directly everything because this keeps the story interesting.
you as a player would ask yourself whats going on, meaning it doesnt makes sense to ya.
The more you play the more you will know/learn.

i really dont see how this is a bad thing.

so if i rule that one out
they both are equally good.

Im going to get okami for the Wii, if its being released in the Eu that is, and i sure know the experience would be different from the start so i really do not get why people keep comparing these 2.

i must admit i liked zelda:WW style better though.....dunno why.

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The story is too old to be commented.