Killzone 2: Curse of the Review Score

Killzone 2 is a prime example of what's wrong with review scores and internet fanboy expectations.

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SlamVanderhuge3302d ago

This is why the 100 point (or even the 10 point) review scale is absurd. Its impossible to distinguish between a 84 and an 86, or a 92 and a 94. The only real point to such a large scale is to incite fanboy riots when their game gets rated 2 points below a similar game on a competing platform.

italianbreadman3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I prefer the

:'-( :-( :-| :-) :-D


Timberland2K93302d ago

because these ignorant fanboys are getting on my nerves Oooo halo got .1 higher on ign that means its still supreme

GTFO you haters

InfectedDK3302d ago

The only thing thats wrong with the review score system is that Gamespot and Edge Apparently havent figured out how it works yet.

whoelse3302d ago

That's why some sites now (like PS3 Attitude) don't use review scores.

butterfinger3302d ago

Yeah, I really enjoy reading Play's reviews, because it seems like they are just writing what they actually feel, and not writing to a score (as in knowing the score before writing).

Parapraxis3302d ago

In my opinion.
As soon as you start understanding the difference between "perfect" and "very good" review scores become useful.

When looking at a score it's very important you understand the individual reviewers preferences. It's all a matter of opinion, and with reviews you can either agree with the opinion or not.

At the same time it's not good that many publishers, journalists, devs and gamers put review scores at the tops of their list when determining whether or not a game is "good" or "successful".

A games success is not based solely on reviews. Sure they are often a valid indication of the general perception a game recieves, yet there's more to understanding the reception than just review scores.

When a market becomes as large and varied as the gaming industry there are often a very wide spectrum of different types of gamers who are interested in only one or a few types of games. Such things as "game of the year" are in my mind absurd, as it should be looked at in respect of each game in a specific genre.

It's also become evident that many times a game is not being scored on it's own merits. Constant comparisons in reviews are disrespectful. Yes they can be compared to other games, but when the score is determined mostly on how a game compares specifically to another the review has already failed us.

Anyways, in the end we as gamers have the choice to decide how much value is put into reviews. We have the POWER to buy the games that interest us and that we enjoy, regardless of how it scored in reviews.
Money talks, and we have a lot of influence in our pocketbooks.

The more we put reviews up on a pedastal the more that that will hamper us. It's up to us to talk less about scores and more about what we like and dislike in games. Many developers are listening. Are we making the most of our opportunity to communicate to them what we want?

eagle213302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

1up A/A+
IGN 9.4/10
GamePro 5/5
OPM 5/5
Xplay 5/5
Gamespy 4.5/5
Eurogamer 9/10

ChampIDC3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

To be honest, I've always liked the 5 point scale best.

5 = Must Buy
4 = Above Average
3 = Average
2 = Below Average
1 = Bleh
0 = Fail

It's much more clear cut than the 10 and 100 point scale. Plus, if 2 games fanboys are crazing over both get 5/5, you can't pick out a .2 difference or something stupid like that.

BadboyCivic3302d ago

so what if i did not like it. as long as you enjoy the game thats all that many times has gamespot and other sites rate a game sub par but when you play it you thought it was the best game ever made.

gaminoz3302d ago

Hype and advertisement dollars....
Take the time to read the really is on the money. I suspect that what they suspect is true.....

I'd also give reviews a 6/10! lol.

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tharealest3302d ago

GOTY.. Those sites that don't acknowledge thate are simply looking for hits.. like Edge.. 7/10.. WTF

HDgamer3302d ago

Hits do generate revenue.

pimp6143302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Edge gives KillZone 2 7/10

This site was very honest, even though sony tried to bribe them.

The demo played like a 7 out of 10 game for me, so I will bet the final product is worth a 7 out of 10, it had alot of problems that needed to be fix

khellendros13302d ago

Did you guys read the article? You're proving his point about fanboys.

HDgamer3302d ago

Pimp614 sony didn't bribe them and you have no proof to support that biased theory.

Khellendros1, you do have to understand that if you really want to generate extra revenue lowering the score down a couple of points can really get people riled up to go to their website, make accounts and get some nice revenue. The hits from the unique users are insane and well money talks and bs walk. Besides it's still a AAA game one or two bad reviews won't change the fact it's going to sell well and the preorders are growing daily. Not everyone listen to reviews or rely on them.

jammy_703302d ago

what problems in the demo it was great!
its its a fukin DEMO not the finished game! there will be little problems
and 1 more thing ...the demo was 2008 it will be wayyy better

Kushan3302d ago

therealest - regardless of what score it got in whatever mag, whether it was a 7/10 or a 10/10, until you've actually played the full game, you cannot claim it's "GOTY", nor can you claim the score is "wrong" (Aside from the fact that it's all opinion anyway). Save it for when the game is on shelves and you actually know the score.

khellendros13302d ago


My apologies, my comment was aimed at the other two, not you.

ChampIDC3302d ago

While I'll admit KZ2 is an amazing game, I have to say that there's still 10 1/2 months left in this year. Too early to say it'll be GotY, but there's no doubt whatsoever that it'll be in the running.

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Spike473302d ago

gve me a link to that Edge Review and I'll give you a link to 5 perfect scores for Killzone 2.

GiantEnemyLobster3302d ago

the PS3tarded-Rex needs to become extinct.

khellendros13302d ago

I don't get pissed about the criticism or the score. I just want them to be fair. Flaws are overlooked in some games and they still get high scores. Other games get nitpicked to death and points are deducted for everything. I just want them to be consistent.

Kushan3302d ago

Unfortunately it's extremely difficult to not be biased in just about any circumstance. Even some fanboys are biased against their console or game of choice because they want it to succeed so badly, it gets people in all sorts of ways, but generally everyone has some bias in them.
People have probably noticed that my own bias lies towards the 360, but I'm also one of the first to call out Microsoft when they make mistakes - overpriced Live, the HDMI audio fix that took 3 months to appear, the RROD issue and so on, but so many people don't see this and think I hate the PS3 or something, even though I paid more for my PS3 than I did for my 360. I feel a lot of these reviews are suffering the same fate, too many people are jumping to conclusions just because they expect something to be different.

HungPHAT3302d ago

I could care less about reviews and Fanboys I go by Demos and eye candy that the game offers . Reviewers are a joke now a days ! IGN is the worst , that get paid for reviews , so who to you trust ? NO ONE ! if you're intrested in the game then go for it regarudless what any reviewer has to say , I've played so many games there were called crap and turned out to love those games , so my advice is play what you like , not what reviewers tell you what to play

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