Top 10: Wii Games made for Gamers

The Wii gets a hard time for appealing to a new breed of gamers. For many people Nintendo's desire to appeal to this new 'casual' market has resulted in a console devoid of proper games - the kind of games Nintendo made during the '90s. In order to ease the pain felt by many disgruntled long-time Nintendo fans, put together the Top 10: Wii Games made for Gamers. It's a list full of quality, with the majority only being available on Nintendo's latest console. Time to dust off those Wii Remotes and go hardcore.

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Durffen3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Nintendo is stepping it up for the hardcore gamers.

ItsDubC3783d ago

Pretty good list I'd say, but there are other Wii games that could've just as easily made the list, such as Fire Emblem, GH3, or Trauma Center IMHO.

staub913783d ago

I didn't see BRAWL on that list that has to be number 1.

ChickeyCantor3783d ago

lets be honest, thats just obvious

ItsDubC3783d ago

Brawl's the secret #0 =)

PS360WII3783d ago

Yeah I would put Fire Emblem and RE:UC in there too maybe Dragon Quest Swords as well and a little Medal of Honor Heroes 2 ^^

still haven't tried that soccer game yet :(

Marceles3783d ago

Cool I have 6 of those games...I still need Zack & Wiki, I dont know why I haven't picked it up yet

Ivix3782d ago

You definitely should pick up Zack and Wiki. Although, if you're like me, you may get incredibly annoyed whenever you get stuck (if you do, I'm generally bad at these sorts of puzzles). I kept thinking "how can a game that looks so cute be so hard!"