Skyward Sword Proves There is a Problem in the Gaming Industry

Opinion article on the recent controversy around Skyward Sword complaints and review scores.

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FACTUAL evidence2100d ago

Why is this guy crying about call of duty using the same formula and blahr blar blarr??? At least Skyward is in the GOTY runner up sheesh....sdfu

Skip_Bayless2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

If anything, he prooves the point why Zelda should be getting more 8.x scores instead of 9.x scores. It's the same formula on limited hardware and using unconventional controls.

He compares other games like Modern Warfare which is uncalled for because a shooter is gonna be a shooter. You can't really deviate from that on limited hardware. COD gets 8.x scores. Zelda gets 9.x scores.

NEW-AGE2100d ago

A 3Dimensional Pixelated Object

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Redempteur2101d ago

a beautifull girl to save that will eventually give you part of her powers to defeat evil in the end ?


the best magical damage dealer in smash bros brawl ?

Ares84HU2100d ago

Better question is:

Since when is a random persons blog gaming news???

Marquis_de_Sade2100d ago

When that persons blog is listed not under gaming news, but opinion.

Theyellowflash302099d ago

Marquis made you look stupid Ares84HU. Its and opinion not news learn to read the little bubble by the story. And he wouldn't be random if you read his blog.

Ares84HU2099d ago

Made me look stupid??? :D hahahahahahaha that's a bit harsh.

First off, this guy is a nobody from a random site. Shit like this should never be posted on also known as NEWS FOR GAMERS dot com. AN opinion piece should be from someone known in the industry, a well known dev. or journalist who has an opinion about something in the industry.

Things like this "opinion" piece is draging down.

farhad2k82100d ago

I know it's not possible, but if Zelda were to be on a higher end console or even PC, it would have had SO much more internally. The graphics would be better, gameplay would be epic, but we have to play it on a Wii.

I had a Wii once, and sold it after 5 hours. I don't want to bash on the console, so I'll leave it at that.

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jc485732101d ago

the problem is, a 7.5 in gamestop usually means 8.5 in other sites.

badz1492101d ago

it's gamespot. Gamestop would give a 10 for any game so people will buy it from them!

this is a complain over a 7.5/10? and people were bashing Sony fanboys for crying over 4/10 for Uncharted 3!

p/s: Cliff B not satisfied with a 8/10 is on a whole new level though!

jc485732101d ago

my bad. I meant to say Gamespot. Thanks for correcting.

Wenis2101d ago

Read the piece, its not about the numerical score but rather the baseless, hypocritical complaints

RedDead2100d ago

Cliff B was satisfied with it. It was blown out of proportion and twisted to make it sound like he was complaining.


gamespot has only given 8 games a 10 throughout their review history, gamespot is one of the few sites that still is relevant, all the others are changing but gamespot is still the most honest ones. and thats my review, oh sorry i meant opinion.

Voxelman2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Uncharted fanboys got bashed for complaining about Eurogamer's "h8/10" review not the stupid 4/10 that no one really cared about because it was late review.

@ RIPSKATEDESTROY Gamespot lost all credability in the Kane & Lynch review scandal.

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lastdual2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

The real problem is that if you're going to knock a game for not changing its formula enough, you should BE CONSISTENT and apply the same standard to every game your publication reviews.

When one game gets a lower score for "lack of innovation" while other games get a free pass for the same issue, it stinks of an obvious double-standard.

Drake1172100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

We could say the same for publications that gave zelda a 10/10 when they would severely knock other titles scores down for using the same outdated formula for 13 years. unless thats what you are implying with your comment but it seems the other way around.

Shackdaddy8362101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

First off, the people complaining are just Nintendo haters. For some reason it has all the sudden become "cool" on the internet to hate Nintendo. The game is VERY good and a couple of trolls shouldn't stop you from buying it. The gamespot reviewer isn't a Nintendo hater. He's just a douche. He has rated a lot of good games badly in the past.

Second, metacritic user reviews are probably the LAST place you should go to see what games are good. It's a place where a game gets either a 10 or a 0 and people rate based on what the current score is and how they feel like it's their responsibility to "lower/raise the average based on fairness".

one2thr2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Wait what?..... Last time i checked no other gaming platform has any "beef" with nintendo (currently), in fact I used playing Zelda way back, but now Im just a PS3/PC guy now..... And if it means anything I have and play The Minnish cap on my phone...... That damn cloud board is confusing

Bigpappy2101d ago

This is not news. The writer is complaining about a review score from one site. He has a proble with 7.5 but would not have a problem with 8, while admiting he has only a few hours of play.

This is pointless fanboy crying. Look at any great game, and you could find a review much lower than 7.5.

Celeras2101d ago

Doesn't mean his point isn't spot on. The same site critiquing Skyward Sword for lack of innovation on the "old Zelda formula" gave Modern Warfare 3 an 8.5. Think about how absurd that is.

cpayne932101d ago

Yeah five cod games in the past four years compared to five (3D) zelda games in in the past thirteen years. Zelda has had more changes than cod also.

humbleopinion2100d ago

And they are absolutely right in that regards:
In the past 5 years, we've seen the COD formula enhanced and evolved much more than the Zelda formula.
Think about it: in 2006 we had COD3 and now in 2011 we have Modern Warfare 3 - That's the same timeframe between Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.
Now try heading back to COD3 and see how vast of an improvement MW3 is: How much the visual stlye evolved, how much the gameplay was tweaked, how many more modes and enhancements were added.

Sure, some if not most of this new stuff can be attributed to the first Modern Warfare, but we did also see many improvements since then like the spec-ops mode (not to mention that in recent years COD formula tends to be much more criticized in the media than the 25 years old formulatic Zelda - just check out the many reviews). You can't blame COD series for having incremental improvements between each yearly title when the end result is a much bigger improvement overall in the course of 5 years compared to Zelda.

Also, between 2006 and 2011 pumped out 7(!) games based on the Zelda franchise. Sure, some of them were spinoffs and remakes but nonetheless Zelda games are being pushed in our faces not less than COD games - we have the simple option not to buy both franchises if we don't like this.

theonlylolking2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

MW3 is better than all of the zelda games combined. 7.5 is not a bad rating so this guy is obviously a fanboy if he complains for a game that has that high of a rating.

lumley6662100d ago Show
DNAbro2100d ago


uhh no, the CoD formula has not been changed since CoD4. There was a huge leap from CoD3 to 4, but don't try to say there was a huge innovation from any of the game beyond that.

Drake1172100d ago

The amount of Zelda games that have come out since ocarina of time compared to the amount of call of duty games that have come out is completely irrelevant in regards to peoples complaints with zelda being un-innovative and outdated. People aren't saying omg they keep coming out with zelda games and they are exactly the same every year. People are complaining that, other than art style and graphics, zelda really hasn't really brought anything new to the table in the 13 years since ocarina. The story is almost exactly the same as every zelda game before it, you still have to stop every 2 mins and read long drawn out cutscenes that feel like they are from the year 2000 or earlier, the gameplay mechanics (other than using the wii to slash things), doing things for people, solving the same types of puzzles, collecting the exact same items in the exact same dungeons literally makes me feel like im playing a gamecube or n64 title.

chadboban2100d ago

Well you are fully entitled to your opinion, but to say every Zelda involves "solving the same types of puzzles, collecting the exact same items in the exact same dungeons" is pretty ignorant. Although I will say that Zelda's 3D camera control definitely feels stuck in the past, make the damn camera completely controllable Nintendo!

Drake1172100d ago

Oh please. Right now in Skyward sword im running around the faron woods(yep the same exact name as the woods from the last zelda game). I just got the slingshot(the first item that i got in every zelda b4 it) Im about to go into the sky temple even though it has nothing to do with the sky and is essentially the grass temple. I will kill spiders dangling from webs, i will prob have to hit some crystal or eyeball with an item i get which will open some door and ill have a certain amount of time to go through the door b4 it closes. Oh and guess what the place i go to after that is the eldin volcano(yet again same name and place as last zelda) oh and there ill be going through the fire temple. Sorry but ignorant my a**.

humbleopinion2099d ago

There was nothing revolutionary since COD4, but there were a lot of incremental gameplay improvements: killstream system, spec ops mode, etc. You can't make a revolution EVERY year.

And with each incremental innovation it still heads forward slowly but surely, and this puts it overall way ahead of Zelda when you compare the differences between 2006 COD/Zelda and 2011 COD/Zelda. Where's my co-op Zelda experience for example?