Miyamoto Interview: "I could make Halo"

Shigeru Miyamoto the renowned video game designer who created Zelda and Donkey Kong, was recently interviewed for Entertainment Weekly and discussed things such as social issues he might one day address in a videogame and his disappointment with the sales of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

When asked about whether he was worried about losing touch with young American gamers and the fact that more copies were sold of Halo than Metroid he gave the following reply:

"I could make Halo. It's not that I couldn't design that game. It's just that I choose not to. One thing about my game design is that I never try to look for what people want and then try to make that game design. I always try to create new experiences that are fun to play."

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eques judicii4215d ago

was that a dis on halo? how dare he!

his version of halo would have huge eyes and fuzzy tails... instead of bullets you'd shoot rainbows... and the covenant would have stolen master chiefs strawberry shortcake. You'd have "karts" with bananas hanging off the back instead of the warthog, and your teammates would jump on the enemies heads. Everytime you kill an elite instead of blood, coins would pop out so you could get a 1up... instead of overshield you'd get star power!! Glowing mushrooms instead of grenades... etc..

the best part? an E rating!

Xeoset4215d ago

And instead of an awesome character to play it as, you'll be a fat, italian plumber who can't get the idea that his girlfriend wants to seperate from him. So he chases her into large castles.

Man, designing games is easy.

dantesparda4214d ago

Actually that sounds pretty good, i'd like to see that, LOL!

Nightrider1284107d ago

your just mad that he decided not to help on a piece of crap and work on something different.

heroman7114107d ago

dont worry, halo is way too cool for wii anyways

Nightrider1284106d ago

Your just mad because he burnt halos arse right off.

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TriggerHappy4215d ago

"But he just chose not to" and instead made zelda.

kewlkat0074215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

he can, the guy is still a great designer. So I'm sure he can make an FPS, but not sure if it would have the SAME recognition as HALO. Big time shooters are probably not his thing. Anyone can make a decent FPS.

Mushu4264215d ago

and that is all he was really trying to say. If you think about it that's why they created the wii as they did anyway. Nintendo President said they were going to make a system like xbox or sony because that's where the trend was going but they decided to do something different. So agree with you dude I don't think that was a dis to Halo.

Hayabusa 1174214d ago

You'd think it would be easy for anyone to make a decent FPS, yet, look at all rubbish FPSers out there.

Caxtus7504215d ago

seriously that is bad! a very big headed comment!

If bungie said they could make "zelda" there would be an i suggest this guy stops being so big headed and accepts that there is other talent in the industry and that not everything he does is amazing.

Mushu4264215d ago

One, no one can just make a Zelda game nor would anyone say that they could. Its' not that type of genre to be done like that. Second, he wasn't being big headed he just simply meant it isn't that hard to make a top selling first-person shooter. Like it or not it does take serious talent to make and sell the type of games "he" makes, and not just well but insanely well (gamers hall of fame well) contsistantly. Besides, even if he was a little big headed, I really couldn't blame him, its Shigeru Miyamoto. Some of the best games of ALL-TIME, timeless classics still played to this day on just about every mobile device you can think of, were made by him. Just look at all the games that were made because of Tetris. Tetris is the original definition for what makes a puzzle game a puzzle game, Ya know what I mean?

Caxtus7504215d ago (Edited 4215d ago )

see, my point. He is saying it isnt hard to make a top shooter.

Isnt that a tad big headed? granted he has made some games but saying Bungie are not AS talented is wrong....maybe there arnt...but he has no right to slag another company off like that! there are many FPS'...yes...but not many TOP ones.....and very few like halo....and whats his point? he couldnt make halo...he made metroid...not as big or he couldnt.......he makes great games...but fails in that genre compared to halo...why does he think he has to be great at everything?

Mushu4264214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

You say "granted he has made some games but saying Bungie are not AS talented is wrong....maybe there arnt..." so if by your own admissions Bungie isn't as good as Shigeru then why the uproar. If he can do it he should say so if asked and he was asked. It would be different if he came out without being asked and said that but he didn't.

Oh and there a lot of games like Halo for example: Lost Planet, Command and Conquer, Gears of War, Ghost Recon 1&2, Call of Duty1 2&3, F.E.A.R., Amred Core, Earth Denfense Force 2017, Battlefield to Modern Combat, Battlestation Midway, Quake, the list goes on and all these games are the same type of game( give or take a few things). The main reason why Halo sells so well is the multiplayer. That's all me and my friends play, we rarely plan the adventure mode. Heck, the adventure mode is way to hard you have to quit your job and dedicate you life to beating it and that is just on normal. So, to conclude its not a big headed comment, no one would blink if Sony or MS said it and he so does not fail in his own genre. He made quite a few of the GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME that doesn't sound like failure to me. Failure sounds like being outsold by a less powerful system month after month and you came out a entire year and change before only to make matters worse this less powerful system is only about 2 million or so shy of reaching your worldwide sells and its only been out for 6 months.

Boink4215d ago

stick to your kiddie games and bugger off.

ThaGeNeCySt4215d ago

lmao @ bugger off.... that's just wrong...