Next Zelda to be first person?

NintendoDpad writes:
"We know a new Zelda is in the works for Wii, and a lot of fans want it to be shown at this year's E3. GDC brought us a unique DS Zelda that involves trains, but what will the console version give us."

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Product3472d ago

I think a Zelda game in a first person view would be awesome. Exploration is a very big feature in Zelda games and its a shame Metroid is the only exploration type games taking advantage of this.

qface643472d ago

im sorry but i don't think so
if i wanted a something like this i would go out and play oblivion
this isn't really something i want for my zelda change things up go ahead and mess around with it if they want just not a first person zelda

GVON3472d ago

This has been rumoured for a couple of years since oblivion came out.It wouldn't surprise me if the build a massive world full of stuff,add first person combat with motion + but have a kids/adult mode for sword play.

mastiffchild3472d ago

This isn't anything like a new idea. I remember reading over a year ago that at least parts of the new game could be in FP-in a couple of Zelda features in Nintendo mags IIRC. They felt that as the Japanese don't, as a rule, enjoy FPS that Links Crossbow Training was actially training for LoZ Japan based fans and NOT a twee reference to Link in the mini game itself. It also tied it in with Retro(US studio-MP1,2,3)working with the Zelda team on "projects". IDK how much truth there was in any of it but for similar to surface again so long afterwards may give it more credence.

I doubt, personally, that they'd go for a full first person game-it's a huge risk when you consider they haven't let the wee fella even talk yet but shooting sections would be nothing new and an expansion on them , say, if the new Zelda was set way in Hyrules future would make massive sense-also a risk I'd love to see them take(future Zelda could be amazing)even if it's been the subject of a thousand Youtube hoaxes.

mt3472d ago

would suck so hard .

Smacktard3472d ago

Why is everyone disagreeing with Product? He's absolutely right. There was so much exploration in the Metroid Prime games -- it was UNFIT. There's so little exploration in Zelda games, especially Twilight Princess. Zelda as a First Person Adventure game would work fantastically, especially with motion+.

N4g_null3472d ago

here is some thing for you to think about. Motion+ works best in FP view.

It is possible we will get a zelda 2 setup where the game changes to FP for sword fights.

It would also be cool if an item unlocked FP for you to use in the whole game. I'm expecting a mix on top down for japan and the snes zelda fans, some FP sword fighting with FP sneaking, some over head game play also. Another thing is nintendo could let the player skip FP sword fighting and opt for a turn based attack.

here choice would be your friend and what would be key to keeping this hardcore and a game for every one.

Yet this is nintendo's game and they will make it how ever they see fit. Although it would be nice to work on this one. Actually I would love to see the snes style more with the style extended. It would also be nice to see a return to the nes grid game play some how. That is still a very fun game.

G4drake3471d ago

yeah, i like that idea

gaffyh3471d ago

FPS zelda would be the biggest fail ever in the franchise. They should just move the camera closer to Link or something, but making it an FPS would ruin the game.

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Durffen3472d ago

If it's all Miyamoto's idea, then I fully support it and I think it has a chance at being incredible.

Product3472d ago

I have this bad feeling Miyamoto just doesnt have as much pull as he used to at Nintendo. Hopefully this feature makes it to the next Zelda.

-YLoD-3472d ago

A Zelda fps would fail even harder than Twilight Princess did.

KruLLit3472d ago

Did Twilight Princess fail?

I think it's the best game ever made and it has sold almost as much as Ocarina of Time.

I would like the new Zelda to be FPS with Wii motion plus.

hatchimatchi3472d ago

yea twilight princess is awesome, easily one of the best games this generation.

-MD-3472d ago

Remake Ocarina of Time :)

JonahNL3472d ago

Even though I'd love that, I don't think it'll end up being good. Ocarina of Time should be left alone! It is a classic that deserves to keep its value.

wyvernsmasher3472d ago

...i hope the entire game wont be like that though

IMO they'd take a page out of monster hunter's book, with customisable gear, clothes etc. and co-op play maybe with others taking down bosses etc

they could have you design your own character and such

but im thinking though that if they did do all this they wont release it till next year so not to compete with monster hunter tri in japan aswell as NA and EU

however i don't think a complete FPS is the way to go for nintendo

also anyone else here excited for MH tri aswell

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