Top 10: Most frustrating video games

Throughout every gamers life he/she stumbles across moments in video games that contribute to flappable rage.

Resulting in a trail of broken controllers, frustration is usually the number one problem with competitive video gamers in today’s age.

Following is a compiled list of the 10 most frustrating video games. What are yours?

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GhostOfSparta782882d ago

You can also add Resonance of Fate to that list.

NovusTerminus2882d ago

But why DMC4? The Blitz was easy. DMC3 should have been there.

ClownBelt2882d ago

Huh? I actually didn't find myself being frustrated on that game. Once you get the second MG, everything becomes a piece of cake...

Anyways, I don't get how FF 13 is frustrating...

Yakuza 3 mini games are frustrating.

NovusTerminus2882d ago

Not to bad once you understand it. But from what I gather most people give up before they get anywhere. I am chapter 6 and not having many problems in the arena.

FFXIII was kind of easy though.

And where is Demons Souls?

Dramscus2881d ago

only people looking for a frustrating game experience play demons souls.
Wasn't it's main selling feature the fact that it's extremely difficult lol

GhostOfSparta782882d ago

Yeah, I heard Demon Souls was super hard, but it has its rewards. It also belongs with that list.

Darkstorn2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Difficult does not equal frustrating. If this were a list of 'difficult' games, Ninja Gaiden would surely be on there, as would Demon's Souls.

SOAD2882d ago

Demon's Souls was frustrating. Getting killed and sent back to the beginning of the level with all the enemies respawned is the biggest slap in the face. And when you're climbing up towers and slip off the edge of a staircase to your death, that's even worse.

T9X692882d ago

Wow all those games are easy as hell, throw Demon Souls up there, or even Modnation Racers with its cheap ass AI hahah

CountDracula2882d ago

Call of Cthulhu for PC was a real bitch.

Darkstorn2882d ago

Amazing game, though. Best survival horror game to date. And if you like H.P. Lovecraft, it's beyond amazing.

Then again, it was mainly the difficult puzzles that added the brunt of the challenge. The shooting was awesome.

CountDracula2882d ago

Ha. Yeah I agree completely. But damn were those moments when you realize that they took all your weapons away and a fishy fellow looks at you and yells "Stop, Stranger!" then shoots the brain matter right out of your system.

Ahh!... good-times.

(Boots up the game again) lol

Darkstorn2882d ago

And the bosses! Dagon and those two flying mutant things near the end were terrifying, not to mention when you first see the final boss.

I need to play that game again. I heard they were making a sequel set in Antarctica, but it was canned. Such a shame.

vampstreak2882d ago

how are those games frustrating? They are all easy for me, maybe not ff13 when fighting the second to last boss

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The story is too old to be commented.