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From coolbeans I’m the type of fella that often sticks with playing games in or past their official 1.0 form. In the case of assessing that kin... (2)
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Our Interview with Allistair Pinsof Part 2 – Relationships in Indie Gaming

150d ago - A writer and editor turned game developer who has previously worked for websites such as Destruct... | Culture

Top 5 Indie Game Developer Meltdowns

169d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer) Indie gaming is a serious business these days, but it is sometimes a little... | PC

YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post

Indie Devs Really Need PR Help

204d ago - From EGMR, "Indie games can be amazing experiences where quality truly shines through, but many a... | Culture

Indie developers vs the world

253d ago - (or "why the community is too harsh on developers") Jack Bradley writes - "We have all seen th... | Culture

10 Photos that Prove Phil Fish has Been Taken Over by a Douchey Hair Growing Parasite

283d ago - "The people that are in the know about Video Games know this man for his ability to make one game... | Culture

An Open Letter to the Video Gaming Community From A Self-Confessed Right-Wing Bastard

297d ago - If I were a video games journalist, I'd be terrified right now, because I'd know that, for all my... | Culture

Fraud in the Indie World? – FEZ Investors outed as Judges for Title’s Awards

299d ago - "The Group Indie Fund appears to be responsible for manipulating events at both IndieCade and IGF... | Industry

Phil Fish is at his most presidential in his latest statement regarding industry harassment

303d ago - Fez developer Phil Fish decided to quote one of the greatest presidents (fictional or not) in a s... | Industry

GamerGate: An Honest Look At How It Affects Average Gamers (Video)

304d ago - In light of recent events, an game journalist took it upon himself to record a quick webcam video... | Industry

Debatable: Anger & Corruption in Video Games

305d ago - Colm Ahern: Debatable is a weekly show where Colm Ahern gives you his opinion on the latest hot b... | Culture

IGDA's condemnation of online virulence is noteworthy, but fruitless

308d ago - In light of IGDA's recent statement condemning online harassment of creatives, Continue Play's Jo... | Culture

Why The Pitchforks? Understanding Bullying and Gang Mentality in Video Games

310d ago - From Zoe Quinn to the recent DDoS attacks and threats to Sony Online CEO we see cyber-bullying al... | Culture

Zoe Quinn and Lying Journalists

311d ago - I (Andrew Otton) look back on my original article about Zoe Quinn and see just how timid I was in... | Culture

Phil Fish Is a Mustache-Twirling Supervillain

316d ago - GeekParty writes: "In a recent piece about a Phil Fish Twitter tirade, a commenter pointed out so... | Culture

Phil Fish Wants You To Hate him

316d ago - Pixel Gate Uk writes: ''Fez was decent, least I thought it was. At it's heart, it was a fun ti... | Culture

Ethics Are Dead In Games Journalism

316d ago - From EGMR, "In 2012, I wrote a column that argued games journalism to be problematic ascertaining... | Culture

Phil Fish & Polytron Doxxed, Phil Fish Quits Gaming, Sells FEZ & Polytron

316d ago - Phil Fish, every gamers favorite person to hate on, has just been hacked by the /v/ board over at... | Industry

Phil Fish Disappears off Twitter... Again

317d ago - Phil Fish, developer of Fez and angry social media person, has deleted his Twitter account... ag... | Culture

Phil Fish Calls Out Gamer Culture on Twitter

320d ago - Phil Fish gets a lot of gamers angry...again. The main difference this time is that he makes a va... | Culture

Phil Fish Goes on Epic Twitter Crusade to Defend Zoe Quinn

321d ago - GeekParty writes: "Some of you may have noticed that Phil Fish was trending on Twitter. Is he ann... | Culture

N4G June Contests

Now - Write comments, win prizes! | Promoted post

Spawn On Me Episode 21: "This is Phil Fish"

353d ago - Kahlief and Cicero are back from their mini hiatuses and have an awesome show for you. In this ep... | Culture

Pretentious Opinionist: Are Let’s Players Pirates?

365d ago - oprainfall writes: Phil Fish is back and ranting about Let’s Players. Just by hearing that name,... | Industry

The Patch #58

372d ago - The Patch Discusses Phil Fish | PC

VGU Talks: Is Phil Fish Right?

380d ago - As Phil Fish postes up his comments on gamers taking ad-revenue from developers via YouTube video... | Culture

Super Meat Boy Dev. Edmund McMillen on Recent Phil Fish Ad Revenue Matter

380d ago - JM: Edmund McMillen, developer on such games as Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, among other... | Culture
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