Ship 2 Block 20 Podcast:Episode 12-Final Fantasy XIII: Lighting’s Return to over Sexualization.

This week we talk about Phil Fish leaving the game industry and canning Fez 2, the Wii U not being stocked in Britain 2nd largest store, Eternal Darkness coming to the Wii U eShop, Final Fantasy 13 and how they made her tits bigger because “f you that’s why” as well as a confused Indonesian man opening a Nazi Cafe.

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Need4Game1873d ago

Game Developer should listen to Gamers not Misogynist-Critics. These Misogynist-Critics is ruining games

3-4-51873d ago

Yea Usually the people complaining the most or about random things are people who don't have a true interest in the best overall product, they are just selfish people who want what they want and they want it to be THEIR way.

Anyways....This FF13 stuff just doesn't appeal to me. I've only played FF11 & a few hours of FF7, so I understand I'm not a FF master or anything, but at least the older ones like 9,10&12 are appealing to me in that I WOULD play them.

NioRide1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

3-4-5, you know what the funny part is, FF13 sold more copies then FF12, It also sold more copies than FF9, And is even getting close to FF8 in sales.

13-2 didn't do so well *around 4-5 million copies*, but it didn't exactly cost them a fortune to make it.

They are playing the market, they are getting as much money out of the series as they can.

Its actually a very smart move, there is a group of people who enjoy 13. and right now, they are going to cater to them.

Need4Game1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

What Sexualization?

mukyoucom1873d ago

Ya that the point of the title of the podcast. It is something i extremely dislike, when they take a female character and do this to her. If you listen to the podcast we talk about the devs talking to the japanese fans.

Dno1873d ago

what? I don't even understand what you wrote.

NioRide1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

How about kratos?

Or what about all the male characters with large packages and chiseled abs, That's sexism right there, why don't you talk about that?

mukyoucom1872d ago

Dno, he changed his comment so ya, it seems jagged.

And for nioride, That is not sexism, that's male power fantasy, that's not the same thing by a long shot. Women don't look to be the girl with huge crazy tits being objectified but males use game avatars to feel like a bad ass.

Hicken1872d ago

Stop it. It's as much sexism as a "male power fantasy." And in either case, it's generalization.

What pisses me off is this quick explaining away of when male characters are treated the same as female characters. If Kratos' character design is based on some masculine ideal, it's a male power fantasy, not sexism. But if it's Bayonetta or someone else- and usually done to a cartoonish level of exaggeration, which should speak for itself as far as seriousness- it's not a female power fantasy; no, it's ONLY sexism.

It's ironic, because it's gone beyond the point of wanted to be treated equally: now, they expect SPECIAL treatment. Yes, there are still situations where sexism happens. But MOST of these incidents are simply people FINDING things to complain about that aren't actually a problem at all.

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CrossingEden1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

an increase of breast size, (psssssttt, don't know if you've heard the news but, a grown woman's breast doesn't magically grow from a C to a D unless she's pregnant), "sexy" finishing poses and newly added jiggle physics -_-
@nio, most spartans were as buff as kratos, it's called context, notice how if you look at his pants there's no extremely huge bulge, and sorry idk about the girls that you talk to, but I haven't met a single girl that finds this face attractive
just having muscles doesn't automatically make a guy attractive nor is it perceived by women as an automatically attractive feature, the opposite is said for females

NioRide1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

And a mans package don't magically grow either.

Yet for some reason Kratos's did.

*women interested in the face*

Hate to break this to you, but just like men, the face isn't always the most important, its all about the body espeically in a short relationship.

If increasing or showing women with large breasts is sexism, then showing men whos dicks grow bigger or are large is a form of sexism, if women want equality it must be on all grounds.

CrossingEden1873d ago

@nio, please show me exactly how krato's crotch size increased? more muscle detail thanks to new technology does not=sexism -_- in fact, it seems like you are trying to pass off your own insecurities as sexism because i see you talking about kratos all the time

mukyoucom1872d ago

Nioride I understand you are a typical male gamer and have not actually understood how people should just respect each other, or how men and women are attracted to different things but if you would like to write us in with your points to the show I will go over the differences one by one for you.

zerocrossing1873d ago

Sometimes I think the term "over sexulization" is being miss used, what we're actually seeing in most cases is just fan service.

mukyoucom1872d ago

Fan service is over sexulization. There is no difference.

zerocrossing1872d ago

That's too wide a net to cast, not all fan service is even sex related after all.

People need to realise that there is a fine line between "sexualization" and "over sexulization" making a character look more sexually appealing doesn't automatically mean they are being "over sexualised" besides in the case of Lightening returns your choice of outfit is optional. It's not like Squenix are selling the game based solely on sex appeal, which then it would be a case of over sexulization.

dcj05241873d ago

If I work out and build some muscles am I oversexualizing myself?

Heisenburger1873d ago

If you walk around wearing a g-string and a half-shirt then yeah.

Being sexy isn't sexualization.


NioRide1873d ago

Kratos is a form of sexism, all men do not look that way.

If a male character has no shirt and has chiseled abs, it should be labeled sexism as well.

mukyoucom1872d ago

Your comment just lacks so much sense I'm shocked.Quick pro tip, boobs do not just grow like that, and then put themselves in a very reveling outfit.

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