Confessions of a Gamer: Xbox One Gets Better, Wii U, Saints Row and Phil Fish Get Worse

QJ: ''As the days of gamescom approach, good news has been in something of a lull. However, that won't stop me from weighing in on this week's hottest stories! Today I'll be lending my thoughts on how Microsoft's pleasure translates to the pain of Wii U, Saints Row and even Phil Fish. These are some opinions you surely don't want to miss!''

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thomasmiller1808d ago

sorry bill gates!! your article is so full of crap, it's not even funny, of coarse the sony and microsoft trolls are going to believe this garbage.. If a five year old wrote an article saying the wii u is doomed, and Iwata stated the wii u will last, the sony and microsoft would believe the five year old before iwata, and iwata will of coarse end up being right!! so sorry trolls enjoy your garbage, the will u is going to last... but what ever helps the little trolls sleep better at night, i guess!! it's asd that people like this have no lives, oh well!

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Bigkurz851808d ago

No sympathy for Phil Fish. All these guys claim they go into game development because they're "following their dreams." Then things get hard and they act like their job is the only one in the world with pressure. He's had more success and made more money than most indie developers will see.

And no one is forcing him to be engaged with people on social media. If you can't handle the criticism, then shut down your twitter account. He was VERY hard to like on that indie game documentary, and is even worse on twitter. Good luck with whatever he does; and if he comes back to gaming great. Just hope he doesn't act like he's God's gift to game development.

JokesOnYou1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

^^^^ This. Well said ChiTownDoc.

twinspectre1808d ago

this article should be called confession of a Casual gamer

cyguration1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Fish shouldn't have badgered his own fans and he wouldn't have had a problem.