Phil Fish on Fez 2 ambition and launch platforms: 'Not Xbox'

Polygon: "Phil Fish won't say a lot about Fez 2, the sequel to his widely acclaimed debut game. But he's pretty clear about one thing: Where it won't be showing up."

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BlitzKriegBOOM1766d ago

What about gamers who have Xbox? so your kinda disrespecting those people arent you?

Testfire1766d ago

Xbox One isn't out yet, buy a PS4. MS lack of respect for indy devs probably influenced this decision.

Urusernamesucks1766d ago

Pfft. What ever, we got Project Spark. Thats like indie game factory right there.

Testfire1766d ago

"What ever, we got Project Spark."

That is actually looking like an awesome game, but my values supercede my desire to buy an XB1 to play it. I hope you enjoy it.

3-4-51766d ago

Mega Douche who can't control his emotions. I have no desire to ever play a game made by him. Fez has never made me want to play probably is good, but doesn't appeal to me and even less so because Fish is involved.

I_am_Batman1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

He is not disrespecting gamers at all. He is just disrespecting Microsoft. Considering The Xbox One will be the only platform where indies can not self publish their games it doesn't surprise me.

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Roper3161766d ago

it's MS's fault and as long as the continue to treat the indies in the manner they are I would expect alot more of the same type of articles.

FullMetalTech1766d ago

Im wondering if its due to the fact that you have to have a publisher on XB1 and self published on PS4. Or could be he had bad experience with them.

Pixel_Enemy1766d ago

Watch Indie Game Move. Microsoft put him through hell. Not just him either. Jonathan Blow and the guys from Super Meat Boy also in the movie went through hell to get their games on XBL.

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mega311766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

He claimed that he did not want to pay for patching FEZ, then Microsoft said, they were willing to help him do it, and let him use resources to patch, and he complains about it. So much so, everyone hated him.

I still do not see why these developers are pissed and Twisted Pixel and Behemoth Games have no problem

Something is missing.

DOMination-1766d ago

Well Twisted Pixel don't have any problems because they are a first party studio.

mega311766d ago

Really??? Did not know that, what about Behemoth?

DOMination-1766d ago

Behemoth are independent :)

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