Fraud in the Indie World? – FEZ Investors outed as Judges for Title’s Awards

"The Group Indie Fund appears to be responsible for manipulating events at both IndieCade and IGF in order to maximize their profit margins on FEZ to the detriment of all the other Indie developers that entered the events looking to win the awards that FEZ received. Any publication that gave FEZ coverage due to these awards, or any customer who bought FEZ based on these awards (or the coverage of them through the media), seems to have also possibly been duped."

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Majin-vegeta1562d ago

This some BS.These clowns are destroying our hobby.They need to be made an example of.

CBOAT1562d ago

How else could a piece of shit like FEz win any kind of award.

Mega241562d ago

Did shit just hit the fan for Phil and his group of hipsters?

This is serious shit right here, I bet the #gamergate bs was created so this was overlooked.

001562d ago

If it wasn't for gamergate this would not have found out. Gamers have been doing more research then actual game journalists

Blacktric1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Everything regarding this has been explained in the video below;

This is how f**king corrupt these people are. He basically shat all over his audience, called them entitled, misogynistic, racist... He went on to shitting on an aspiring Japanese developer during a conference (just because he asked a question), by saying Japanese games are terrible and they need "to learn more from American ones". And this happened during a conference where tons of people were watching all this. Then there's the "suck my d**k, choke on it!" thing on Twitter...

And all for f**king what? So he could cover his and his merry band of hipsters' corrupt asses.

Mega241562d ago


Thx for the link. If all of this information is true, this people most be held accountable for their actions, some major corruption going on.

Gh05t1562d ago

How in the world can these people not recuse themselves as judges. If any judge will directly benefit from PRIZE money won at these events they should have recused themselves. This needs to be publicly done not behind the scenes, to keep the integrity of the concept.

This is beyond reprehensible!

Fez won this award and all its benefits (Which may have changed over the years but probably close to this).

Seumas McNally Grand Prize Winner receives:

Cash prize ($30,000)
Award Plaque
Three All-Access Passes to the 2014 Game Developers Conference
Mention in Game Developer magazine
Mention on
Press release coverage
A one-year limited use license to use a version of the official Independent Games Festival name and IGF Winner logo in promotional materials relating to their game entry.

CerealKiller1562d ago

That is messed up these guys need to be held accountable.

detobu1562d ago

If you have clout like this, you aren't really "indie" anymore. They are acting just as badly as the AAA developers.

XtraTrstrL1562d ago

After all Phil Fish's BS attacks on us. Always making us out to be the sub-human pieces of trash. Then his Captain-Save-A-Ho move to defend Zoe Quinn. I felt bad for him when watching Indie: The Movie, even though he looked like an angry jerk there and even at the time - I felt his partner that split from him back then probably had good reason. Now, it's just ridiculous how much of a hypocritical, disgusting idiot he's shown himself to be. Clear all these dirtbags out of the gaming scene in general.

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The story is too old to be commented.