Phil Fish Goes on Epic Twitter Crusade to Defend Zoe Quinn

GeekParty writes: "Some of you may have noticed that Phil Fish was trending on Twitter. Is he announcing a secret project? Has Fez 2 been un-cancelled? Is he just having another meltdown?
Well, it actually starts with Zoe Quinn."

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Fireseed1344d ago

But N4G loves it when you can frame him in the worst light humanly possible. Forget why he does things, just focus on the things you don't like! :D

gundamtanaka1344d ago

Phil Fish is really good at pushing buttons. Even when he's maybe not trying to.

Parapraxis1344d ago

"But N4G loves it when you can frame him in the worst light humanly possible"

He frames himself well enough.

crusf1344d ago

Not our fault his biggest and most notable quality is his asshole personality.

NarooN1344d ago ShowReplies(1)
Rimeskeem1344d ago

Trust me

This website doesn't need to help frame him for bad things. He does it quite well on his own.

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gamerfan09091344d ago

Phil has some kind of mental problem. Even if this guy is just trolling, there's something that's just not right in his head to be saying or doing the stuff he's doing. If someone is close to him right now I'd sit him down and ask him why he's making a fool of himself. This strange behavior has been going on for far too long.

lobocob1344d ago

Try reading the comment sections here regarding anything slightly controversial, if fish got issues, the people here should be committed

gamerfan09091344d ago

Well a vast majority of this site are trolls. I learn not to take 90 percent of the commenters on here seriously and I ignore the a lot of the flaimbait articles. I think some of the guys that fit your description simply do it because they have a deep hatred of a product or to simply piss off people who like a product. With Phil I think he's seriously troubled.w

SpiralTear1344d ago

It doesn't matter how noble your goal is if you act like such an unlikable, egotistic idiot while pushing that goal.

Dasteru1344d ago

Phil Fish is a whiny little bitch that goes into a full on toddler tantrum every time he doesn't get his way. Oh look, he canceled more games. Not like anyone gives a flying.

thejigisup1344d ago

Yeah, fez kinda sucked. I would rather play echochrome; which didn't suck.

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The story is too old to be commented.