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Can Video Games be Inspirational?

2d ago - Throughout the years, video games have explored some of the most complex themes in entertainment... | PS4

Alucard is Back! 5 Ways Dark Souls is a Modern Castlevania

3d ago - A look at how the Dark Souls franchise is the next evolution of the Castlevania franchise. | PC

Five Crazy Gaming Speedruns

4d ago - GamePointsNow takes a look a five crazy gaming speedruns | Culture

8 Most Difficult Games Ever Made

8d ago - Not every video game is a piece of cake, sometimes they are hard, sometimes harder and sometimes... | Culture

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

What Difficulty Actually Is

9d ago - So after playing through Dead Island: Riptide, Harjit realized a lot more games don't really unde... | Culture

Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios: Front Towards Gamer Radio 251

12d ago - The first Front Towards Gamer Radio interview in over a year, and we kick off 2015 with a doozy!... | PC

Endless Backlog Best of Gen 7 Week: Chris's Top 10

12d ago - Endlessbacklog kicks off best of gen 7 week with Chris's 10 favorite games of gen 7 | Nintendo DS

10 Most Harrowing Animal Encounters In Video Games

13d ago - WC: The list beyond contains every creature you never want to meet. They might seem friendly enou... | PC

13 Hardcore Challenges Invented by Players

15d ago - GamesRadar - If you're looking for a challenge, tons of games will readily provide one. Between e... | Culture

Endless Backlog Podcast: Best of Gen 7 Part 2

16d ago - Endless Backlog podcast crew shares the 10 best games of gen 7. What were yours? | Nintendo DS

Dark Souls has the Best Story Telling in Gaming

16d ago - Was Havel the Rock really locked away for his own good after going hollow, or did he go hollow wh... | PC

Endless Backlog Podcast: Best of Gen 7 Part 1

18d ago - This is part 1 of Endlessbacklog's discussion on what were the best games of generation 7. | Nintendo DS

Dark Souls Developers Tease VR in Future Installments

19d ago - There is always one word that comes to mind when talking/thinking about Dark Souls: persistence.... | PC

Top 10 Moments Of Impossible Gaming Season 1

20d ago - In this prelude to Season 2 of Impossible Gaming, Chadley and Tristan count down their favorite m... | Xbox 360

Is From Software Making A Live-Action Dark Souls Trailer?

20d ago - IGN Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer From Software may be working on a live action trailer,... | Culture

Dark Souls And Dark Souls 2 Now Available For Reduced Prices On GamersGate

22d ago - Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, the two entries of the series created by From Software available on... | PC

Get Better Or Die: Exploring How Simple Tweaks In XP Mechanics Can Create Harder Games

27d ago - Using the games Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy and The Last Of Us Online, this is a look into how the d... | Culture

Why Dark Souls broke gaming for me

29d ago - GameCentral writes:"I never understood the appeal of Demon’s Souls when I played it a few years a... | PC

Games to Help You Get Your Exercise On

30d ago - Want to start getting in shape with the New Year? We've got some games and tips that'll get on yo... | PC

The Souls Gamer – “You Died”

31d ago - Matthew Beard looks into the sanity of the average Dark Souls player to determine what happens wh... | PC

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Dark Souls 2 Director On Dark Souls VR and Future Titles

34d ago - “This isn't something that we are looking into detail yet, or at least right now, but I agree tha... | PC

Bandai Namco has filed a DMCA complaint to get Durante's DSFix 2.3 taken down

39d ago - Rely on Horror: DSFix has long been the most popular mod for Dark Souls, mainly because it allevi... | PC

My (unannounced) visit to the FromSoftware office in Japan

41d ago - In the autumn of 2013 Game Crusader Piet travelled through Japan for two weeks. He had various ci... | PC

Dark Souls DSfix 2.3 Releases Early

46d ago - With the GFWL to Steamworks migration now live, the latest DSfix patch allows the game to run smo... | PC

Dark Souls (PC): GFWL to Steamworks Migration is Now Live

46d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Praise the sun Dark Souls PC players! The day that Games For Windows LIVE transfe... | PC
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