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Why I'm Not Here for Dark Souls

9d ago - Gamemoir's Bryan digs into why the much-lauded Dark Souls series just doesn't gel with him. | Dark Souls

What Do the Stories of Bioshock, Dark Souls & Gone Home Have in Common?

13d ago - Matt Faherty of Gaming Rebellion looks beyond the normal views of the games to compare the intere... | PC

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Why Do We Do This to Ourselves? Hardcore Games and Why We Love (to Hate) Them

15d ago - Nick from GamersFTW writes: "Every game has its tough spots, rather that be a throwback from... | Culture

Top 5 Awesome Games That Suck

15d ago - Check out CheatCC's picks that prove you don't need an awesome story (or even a decent story) to... | Culture

Is the Idea of a Dark Souls Comic Good or Bad

20d ago - Dark Souls is apparently getting its own comic, courtesy of Titan Comics. Bidness Gaming argues w... | Culture

Lore and Order: How Bloodborne and Dark Souls get storytelling right

22d ago - VideoGamer: "While other franchises suffocate under the weight of their lore, the Souls games use... | PC

Top 10 FromSoftware Bosses

22d ago - Bit Cultures writes: "FromSoftware games are known for being extremely difficult. Games like Dark... | Culture

Someone Spent 10 Months Reverse-Engineering Dark Souls To Destroy Other Players

27d ago - Kotaku: Though Dark Souls was released in 2011 and Dark Souls 3 is only a few months away, the... | PC

Games Like: Dragon's Dogma

32d ago - This week in Games Like Steven is taking a look at games that capture the awesome whimsy of Capco... | PC

BioShock Creator's Next Game Influenced By Fallout, Dark Souls, System Shock

43d ago - Gamespot: Ken Levine talks about his influences for the new game. | Culture

Games that make you feel guilty for doing as you're told

49d ago - GR: These days, games are all about hitting you with tough choices. Do you save a village full o... | PC

The Dark Souls Cycle: The Curse and Dark Souls III

56d ago - Odwalla from Fextralife explores the cyclic nature of the Souls series and its narrative implicat... | PC

Miyazaki says Dark Souls "has been completed by players" so no more secrets then

56d ago - It's been four years since the launch of the original Dark Souls and people are still hunting for... | PC

Playing Roles: The Psychology of Player Agency

61d ago - Writer Robert Grosso of TechRaptor returns with the Playing Roles series, and tackles what player... | PC

6 Hardest Bosses In The Souls Series

63d ago - The Souls series has heaps of terrifying and brutal bosses, here are six of the most challenging... | Culture

Top 10 Memorable Video Game Soundtracks

64d ago - Ed at GameSpew writes: "I’ve been in a very nostalgic mood recently and I think it’s because the... | PC

Wife Lessons With Diggy #7: Let's Play Dark Souls (Part One)

64d ago - Wife Lessons with Diggy is a weekly video series published every Monday where Diggy ropes his wif... | PC

The Xbox 360 is 10 years old today – these are the 20 best games

70d ago - It’s now exactly a decade since the Xbox 360 was first released in the UK, but what is the legacy... | Xbox 360

In Praise of: Multiplayer Civility in From Software Games

72d ago - Maybe it's because From's games tend to attract an older, potentially more mature gamer, but it c... | PC

Game Developers, Stop Hiding Your Narratives in Games

73d ago - OnlySP: The never-ending argument over what video games are designed for rages on. Should they ju... | PC

List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

EITR is ‘Heavily Inspired’ by Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Reveals Developer

77d ago - J Station X: EITR, the upcoming PS4 and PC action RPG, is "heavily inspired" by Dark Souls and Bl... | PC

The Perfect 10: Part Two - Dark Souls

87d ago - A reader continues his four-part series exploring what he thinks justifies a 10 out of 10 score,... | PC

Cut It Out: 5 Levels that Drag down Games

89d ago - Adam from GamersFTW writes "They say that armour is only as strong as its weakest piece, but fort... | Culture

Too Cool to Use: Top 6 Game Features Scarcely Used

95d ago - Adam from GamerFTW writes "Every gamer has their bread and butter for their game of choice: tacti... | Culture

12 Stunning Video Game Locations You Must Visit Before You Die

101d ago - Particularly in the last decade, games have become technically robust enough to create believable... | Culture
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