Dark Souls is bigger than Skyrim

OXM UK: "Why From Software and Namco are giving Bethesda a run for its money."

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dirigiblebill2560d ago

I wonder if that takes into account all the time you spend mashing your face against the vertical difficulty curve?

Jam_sponge2560d ago

There are tough bits in Skyrim too...

BioDemon-2560d ago

Besides that, Demon's Souls difficulty is highly overrated. It's not hard at all once you know what you're doing and that only takes a couple hours to learn.

GrieverSoul2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Thats true. Demon souls is not that hard. The only thing you have to do is manage your stamina in order to succesfully block, atack and dodge. Then the strategies mix up a little bit when diferent enemies mandate diferent approaches.

Dark Souls will be similar from the gameplay I´ve seen so far. Manage your stamina! Know when to dodge. Be methodical, think before you act.

But a nod to those who think its "Teh Hardz Gamez Eva" - Stop treating Rpg like FPS where you only reload and shoot.

TopDudeMan2560d ago

But you can change the difficulty in elder scrolls with a nice little slider.

Demon's souls had one difficulty setting: die.

Trophywhore2560d ago

Most people will probably rage quit before they see the whole thing.

DaTruth2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

The difficulty isn't overrated! In every other game in the world, there's nothing to lose from dying! In Demon's Souls, anytime, even the best player can lose 200,000 souls and want to smash their controller against their forehead!

You never make so many stupid mistakes as when you have hundreds of thousands of souls sitting on a ledge somewhere!

Edit: But these new games are nothing! I got my @$$ handed to me playing Wonderboy in Monster Land the other day - and I had unlimited continues in a coin-op game! I beat the crap out of this game when I was ten with limited continues!

jessupj2560d ago

I have all 3 Demon's Souls plats, but you a fool if you think that game is easy. You're not fooling anyone calling it an easy game.

Sure, by the the 3rd plat I prob died less then then a dozen times for the whole game (not counting falling off a cliff of course) but that took a lot of hard work and dedication.

Bigpappy2560d ago

I don't see it matching Skyrim in content, exploration, NPC interaction, and detailed environments. This is what ES games are known for and I don't think DS was intended to compete directly with Skyrim. DS may be a long game because of the battle system.

Disclosure: I have not played a DS game, so my opinion is purely speculative.

EVILDEAD3602560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I'm a From Software fan from back in the King Field days. In fact, KF was ahead of it's time in the whole first person RPG world.

Demons souls IS difficult, especially when you first start and have no clue what you are doing. It's easy now for people to make claims that it's not as difficult once the world was able to read from others what to do. But, just like any tough game, once you have that 'aha' momentthe DS difficuly becomes manageable.

But to make some claim that Dark Souls is 'bigger' than Skyrim is not even close to reasonable truth.

Either way to have both of these games release essentially a month of each other is an RPG dream.

Life is good..


Elyxir-pSx2560d ago

May thine strength help the world be mended for those who underestimate Dark Souls.

wsoutlaw872560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Demons souls can be an easy game once you learn how to play it. Anyone who doesn't just give up on the game before they really learn how to play usually beats it. They offer plenty of health for you to live and once you die doing something it shouldn't be hard to just not do it again. Most shields and swords are strong enough where you can just block until and enemies done attacking then stab them. If you cant beat a part in demons souls you can just go to a different world, beat that, and go back when your soul level is way up.
@DaTruth why would anyone be walking around with that many souls. Buy something. You dont lose what you buy.

SilentNegotiator2560d ago

"There are tough bits in Skyrim too... "

They did everything to make Skyrim more mainstream but put in airstrikes. The difficulty of Skyrim will guaranteed not compare even remotely to the unofficial sequel to Demon's Souls.

DaTruth2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

-Because you already beat the False king and aren't allowed to level up anymore.

-You have nothing left to buy because you have everything currently available plus you beat the False King and can't level up anymore!

-You killed all the merchants trying to get black soul tendency and now there's no one to buy from!

-You've leveled up so high that it costs more than 200,000 souls to increase a level now!

I once lost 700,000 souls in the giant pit in Stonefang because I was trying to clean up all the levels after having defeated Allant! I was gonna level up in the next "New game", because once you beat Allant, you can't level up anymore! It was also my last chance to pharm the storm rays before "New Game".

@Trophy whore below: Straight up! I got creamed on my second character "New game+" because I turned the Soul and world tendencies to pure black with the 200% difficulty increase! All the guys are really hard and you have 50% energy and resilience! For a real challenge, I suggest you try it!

C0MPUT3R2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

"There are tough bits in Skyrim too..."

uhh you played the game?

gumchewinasskikr2560d ago

I didn't die that much in Demon's Souls. Matter of fact I died more from cheap freaking deaths in Dead Space 2 when freaking necromorphs seemingly appear out of now where behind you.

zeddy2560d ago

if skyrim is anything like oblivion or fallout the game will start out hard and get easier the more you play. i think skyrim will be be more enjoyable game to play but doesnt mean you cant play both.

afterMoth2559d ago

ES: IV is so boring in the gameplay department. I don't car how many thundercat nps's and lizard people whent he core gameplay is sh!t. Skyrim better be heavily improved.

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Laika2560d ago

ha well ya. the poll is on a elder scrolls forum. obviously its gonna be one sided.

thecompletionist2560d ago

Read the thread, poll doesn't matter. Most of them want to buy Dark Souls, but due to their explanation he's clearly being inaccurate to garner hits.

Are you disagreeing with the fact that he is getting blasted on there?

morganfell2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

No, but if you look there are quite a few people blasting Dark Souls or the writer who also admit they never played Demon's Souls.

Gray-Fox-Type02559d ago

dark souls = 60 hours not counting deaths & replays

skyrim = 300+ hours

this is a joke article.

Gray-Fox-Type02559d ago

Skyrim will probably kill this game and shred it to pieces.

Both are good games in their respective ways.

HellzAssassin2559d ago

Which is understandable to a point, but I don't know if you've played Demon's Souls; but PvP was fun as hell! I've spent 300+ hours on Demon's Souls just leveling up multiple characters with different styles. It's an incredibly lasting game, and DS is probably one of my most favourite games this generation. Dark Souls will probably surpass that.

Unfortunately, I'm not really a fan of ES, so I'm not going to say anything negative about it; but I will agree that both games are great in their respective ways. Hell, I may even give Skyrim a chance later (:

SageHonor2560d ago

@ BioDemon


In Demon Souls you have to be patient and pay attention. Watch the telegraphed attacks and learn timing with certain moves like the perry. And you have to manage your equipment and upgrades. The game is challenging. But in no ways hard like most people make it out to me.

Trophywhore2560d ago

Yeah that is very true. The game starts out hard and even gets a 200% boost in difficulty on the second playthrough or something like that. But at the 3rd playthrough and onward, the difficulty goes up at a slower rate than you are leveling up so the game gets super easy after that. I hope they fix that level scaling issue in Dark Souls.

Anderson82560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

i am sick of hearing "its overrated" or "its easy once you know what your doing"...

it doesn't make you sound cool or like your the ultimate hardcore gamer.. everything is easy when you know what your doing.. i knew how to play it 20hours in but i still died like 10 times at the first mind flayer and red eye knight i came across.. it doesn't matter how patient you are or how slowly you take it on the first playthrough you dont know where anything is so its impossible for it to be "easy"

anything after that first playthrough is irrelevant as you know most of the tricks/death traps and attack patterns.. i've got the plat and put like 250 hours into the game.. i can breeze through it with little trouble but that's because i played the hell out of it not because the difficulty was overrated, you have to learn how to survive in the game and DS has the steepest learning curve ive played in a long time.

..but maybe i'm wrong maybe you, @biodemon and every1 else beat the maneaters, yellow monk, redeye knights, executioner miralder etc first time and didnt die once all without using a walkthrough.


SageHonor2559d ago

I dont care that you're sick of hearing it. You are overeacting. Who said anything about being hardcore or cool? What's hard for some people, will be easier to others and even harder for others. I was just telling him that with my personal experience It was not as hard as people made it seem.

I did not even take 100 hours into Demon souls.. So you're overeacting and looking too deep into my comment. Don't flatter yourself.

Legion2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Both RPGs but two really separate feels to them. Skyrm is more a true RPG while Dark Souls appears more like a fighter with RPG elements added in.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2560d ago

Terribly wrong way to put it.

Eamon2559d ago

When he meant fighter I think he meant action game type not the arcade Street Fighter Dead or Alive type.

Crystallis2560d ago

That is incorrect sir. Watch a demon souls video then check your statement again.

Legion2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Ok I will take your challenge (as if I hadn't seen numerous videos already?). Here is the very first video in google search:

Notice that he talks about how the game lacks in Narrative "There isn't much narrative to speak of, just some basic but intriguing backstory regarding the giant beast called the Old One and the demons infesting the kingdom. But you'll barely notice how thin the story strands are..." and remarks directly on the combat and fighting of the game and little to nothing about any RPG aspects of the game.

"There always seems to be a terrific surprise lurking around the bend, in the way of awesome new enemies" this basically is the soul of the game. the fighting and combat.

Not saying it isn't going to be a great game... but it isn't in my eyes a true RPG as much as it is a fighting/combat game with RPG elements.

Now YOU watch the video and tell me different.

zero_cool2559d ago

Actually dark souls is a true rpg that lives up to dungeons & dragons name which is the rpg that started it all!

Legion2559d ago

Correct Eamon.

The main goal in the Souls series heavily leans on the fighting/combat in the game, with RPG elements added in.

It doesn't feel as RPGish as the leveling in other RPG games. It feels closer to a Gods of War when you are hacking and slashing your way to the end of the game.

The story is not as much the detail in Souls series as is the fighting/combat.

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humbleopinion2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I spent the best part of five hours yesterday trying to remove a curse placed on me by a giant weird frog-thing...It's a brutally unfair chain of events, but even something as obviously cruel as this ends up having more narrative oomph than a metric ton of bread-and-butter RPG quests.

Sounds like that's Dark Souls take on the "removing vampirism" quest from Oblivion? Nice!
Grand soul gems, garlic, nightshade leaves, bloodroot, Blood of an Argonian, and the dust of that vampire... That quest was almost as long as the main quest! Took me ages to collect that stuff.

Gonna get both games. No doubt about it.

frostypants2560d ago

Sounds pretty different to me.

zu4G2560d ago

yes it is..
Dark Souls is Bigger.. Badder.. Better!!

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whydoyouask2560d ago

I love it when people don't give reasons WHY they have their dumb opinions.

mmPeter2559d ago

Yes, I wish that more people gave their opinions, along with a statement explaining why they feel that way, instead of getting into arguments, stating only their opinions. Everyone has their point of view. That is great! However, just because someone else doesn't agree with what you like, does not mean that they have the "worse opinion".

Legion2559d ago

Wait... WHY do you love it when people don't give reasons WHY they have their dumb opinions?