4 PSN Downloads You Might Not Know About (That Are Totally Free)

Nowadays you need to pay for most DLC, but did you know there exists certain free DLC on PSN? GP Editor Jared elaborates on 4 examples that you might not have known about before.

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MariaHelFutura2199d ago

Every once and a while they will have free PSN games in the "special offers" section. I got Back to the Future and Blue Toad Mysteries from there for free.

P_Bomb2198d ago

True MariaHelFutura, I've also picked up free dl's of Flow and RagDollKungFu in the past. I think Sam and Max still has a free episode too.

Looking forward to trying Dust514, presumably sometime this summer.

Rockefellow2199d ago

A lot of these things definitely aren't news to seasoned PSN users, but for the majority of them, this is going to do wonders. Well-written, good job

MySwordIsHeavenly2198d ago

I agree. Most PSN users that have been paying any attention whatsoever to their PS3 since 2006 will know about all of these.

I'm glad he wrote it though. I'm sure it will help many other users.

AAACE52198d ago

Woah! I found like 5 free Vita games!

r212199d ago

he has a point, that shield cant cover nothin! btw, what game is that big boob girl from?

BigPenguin2199d ago

Dark souls, Hence why it was under the dark souls section of the list :P

r212198d ago

ah, good to know. gonna check how dynamic it really is, no perverted intentions at all.

Y_51502198d ago

"Before the Playstation Move came out you could buy a PSEye for $5" What Sorcery is this?!

Rockefellow2198d ago

It was basically a failure at retail with no support. I picked mine up for under $5 at Best Buy years ago. Of course, they bundle it for free a lot now with Move stuff anyway, so not a lot has fundamentally changed

TheModernKamikaze2198d ago

Motorstorm RC, isn't it compatible with PS3? Or for vita only.

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The story is too old to be commented.