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4 PSN Downloads You Might Not Know About (That Are Totally Free)

Nowadays you need to pay for most DLC, but did you know there exists certain free DLC on PSN? GP Editor Jared elaborates on 4 examples that you might not have known about before. (Culture, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS Vita, PS3)

MariaHelFutura  +   958d ago
Every once and a while they will have free PSN games in the "special offers" section. I got Back to the Future and Blue Toad Mysteries from there for free.
P_Bomb  +   958d ago
True MariaHelFutura, I've also picked up free dl's of Flow and RagDollKungFu in the past. I think Sam and Max still has a free episode too.

Looking forward to trying Dust514, presumably sometime this summer.
Rockefellow  +   958d ago
A lot of these things definitely aren't news to seasoned PSN users, but for the majority of them, this is going to do wonders. Well-written, good job
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   958d ago
I agree. Most PSN users that have been paying any attention whatsoever to their PS3 since 2006 will know about all of these.

I'm glad he wrote it though. I'm sure it will help many other users.
AAACE5  +   958d ago
Woah! I found like 5 free Vita games!
r21  +   958d ago
he has a point, that shield cant cover nothin! btw, what game is that big boob girl from?
BigPenguin  +   958d ago
Dark souls, Hence why it was under the dark souls section of the list :P
r21  +   958d ago
ah, good to know. gonna check how dynamic it really is, no perverted intentions at all.
Y_5150  +   958d ago
"Before the Playstation Move came out you could buy a PSEye for $5" What Sorcery is this?!
Rockefellow  +   958d ago
It was basically a failure at retail with no support. I picked mine up for under $5 at Best Buy years ago. Of course, they bundle it for free a lot now with Move stuff anyway, so not a lot has fundamentally changed
TheModernKamikaze  +   958d ago
Motorstorm RC, isn't it compatible with PS3? Or for vita only.
Skate-AK  +   958d ago
Vita only.
Ron_Danger  +   958d ago
Only the vita version is free
Myst  +   958d ago
I know I got Motorstorm RC for my Vita
TXIDarkAvenger  +   958d ago
Anyone know of other freebies? cause I just got PS3 a while go and only have the God of War Collection. I don't have PSN+.
Soldierone  +   958d ago
DC Universe is a full game for free, a good time waster till you get more games.
execution17  +   958d ago
DCU is free but that's going to be a lot of downloading, game/updates
TheLiztress  +   957d ago
I agree. DCUO is fun to play. Once you get past the downloading and installing part.
wolokowoh  +   958d ago
If you have a decent online connection and want a decent MP shooter the Killzone 3 MP is free to play and pretty good. You have to pay to get the cap removed which is unnecessary to get several hours of enjoyment. The rest of this is for the North American PS Store and general tips so be mindful of this. While not free, the earlier Pixeljunk games are on sale for $1 a pop until this Tuesday for everyone. Next week there's going to be a huge Ubisoft sale including Rayman Origins for $15 and many others for 30% off for regular users and 50% off for PS+ subscribers. Make sure, you visit one of these two sites, blog.us.playstation.com or blog.eu.playstation.com every Tuesday/Wednesday (sometimes it can be 1 pm and sometimes it can 11 pm before the update goes up because there's no set time) for weekly updates on sales, freebies, price drops, etc. in your area. If you're in the US every Thursday they have a Playstation Blogcast and within the first 15 minutes of that they give you a preview for the next week's US update(how I know about the Ubisoft sale). Furthermore, at the beginning of the month there's a general PS+ preview that doesn't show everything but shows some of the larger sales and freebies.
One thing I'd highly recommend is PS+ though. It's even better for you being a new user who doesn't own anything from the store yet so you wouldn't have the freebies or what the discounts are for. You should be able get you're $50 back from the discounts alone and there are a lot of freebies like Shank 2(amazing game btw)was last month and Trine 2 is this month. People making the argument that those freebies go away when your subscription ends need to realize the simple fact that you'll want to subscribe again to get the free stuff next year and all the discounts so you'll keep all your stuff and get the new stuff as well. Plus even if you let your subscription run out once you resubscribe, which could be up to months or years later if you're in a bind, you can play the stuff from your previous subscription again. On top of this you'll probably be done with the games by the time your subscription lapses.
Drithe  +   958d ago
A free game is a free game. :)
matt801  +   958d ago
Trine 2 free till June
MagicAccent  +   958d ago
Yeah, for PSN+ ....
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TheColbertinator  +   958d ago
A few other free items

All the Uncharted 2 DLC is free.I recommend jumping on it,plenty of content.US store.

A really cool Heavy Rain dynamic theme with the crime scene is also free right now on the US store.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2,Motorstorm Apocalypse and Infamous all have some free dynamic themes on the store as well.
Knushwood Butt  +   958d ago
I went to play Uncharted 2 the other day and couldn't find a single game of any type...
MagicAccent  +   958d ago
Hey thanks for the Dark Souls themes! Never seen them before :)
Skizelli  +   958d ago
I second that. I wasn't aware these existed on the Japanese store. I'm a happy camper.

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