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But there are, despite its bleakness, real moments of beauty in Dark Souls – like the moment where you round a corner after one of the game's early bosses and see the sun for the first time, shining down through a break in the clouds, or the moment when you're standing at the top of a belltower looking out at the sprawling land below, trying to decide where to go next whilst you bask in the afterglow of a boss defeat. It's these moments, not the hours spent butting your head up against the same boss without success, that you'll remember about Dark Souls: the improbable, hard-fought victories, the game-changing discoveries, and the moments where a kind stranger lifted you out of a ditch you couldn't escape on your own.

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LoganX2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

And so it begins.....Congrats to From Software for making another masterpiece. Can't wait to play it on Tuesday and I salute all you 360 guys who are willing to take the challenge.

The Real Dark souls starts here...>:)

TopDudeMan2266d ago

Is that like the equivalent to the Christian "Amen"? I always wondered why they said that. It sounds like that's what you think it means, anyway.

Iroquois_Pliskin2266d ago

Watch out for the enemy´s.... Cuteness ahead.

MmaFan-Qc2266d ago

"Sticky white stuff" on my dualshock next Tuesday!

-Alpha2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Lol. Crack all the jokes you want, come Tuesday this game will be owning our asses >:D

Eamon2266d ago

It's time to prepare to die. >=D

Digitaldude2266d ago

Pre ordered this bizznitch. Can't wait.

limewax2266d ago

Just to clarify for the poor guy getting hammered with disagrees, 'Sticky White Stuff' is a message you could leave in Demons souls, it was also an item.

If you ever read that message next to the bed in the first level of Demon's Souls, I'm your culprit

DragonKnight2266d ago

I would say, with complete conviction, that From Software and Demon's/Dark Souls are exactly what this gen needed. They breathed new life into the stagnation brought about by the shooter genre and the reliance on graphics before substance. It is for that reason so many love Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

I can't wait to have my ass handed to me by this game, and to then proceed to make it my b*tch once I learn its tricks.

WetN00dle692266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

DO NOT take this game lightly! There is NO game out there that can compare to Demon Souls difficulty! So 360 games get ready to get your arses handed to you. Especially since there is word that Dark Souls is much harder than Demon Souls. Anyways Tuesday cant come any sooner.......:(

pixelsword2266d ago

@ TopDudeMan:

I hear two things:

1. It's a diety from a people in the continent of Africa


This is an expression which is often mentioned by the members of the Church. It
appears to be a non-denominational substitution for an expression such as "God
Bless," or "Allahu Akbar" as Demon's Souls avoids specific references to modern
religions. If the word is broken into the pieces, "Umb", "a", and "sa" it is
possible to come to a rough translation. "Umb" is an Icelandic preposition
which means "about" or "concerning." "A" (with a line above it) is Old English
for "ever" or "always." "Sa" is Old Icelandic for he or she said (genderless).
So a rough translation of Umbasa could be "always about what God has said." It
may also be a reference to the Turtles song "Umbassa and the Dragon" about a
primitive warrior named Umbassa who is about to journey out to do battle with a
dragon. It is one of the Turtles' worst songs.

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Dacapn2266d ago

I must say this is the game I'm looking forward to the most this holiday season. It was a tough decision to put skyrim on the back burner.

TopDudeMan2266d ago

I'm doing the same.

When skyrim drops it will be absolutely riddled with bugs so I'm going to wait maybe a month after it comes out before getting it.

Dark souls day 1.

SuperKing2266d ago


That's a smart thing to do but personally I'm going to buy this first then wait for Skyrim GOTY edition. More cheaper that way.

Dacapn2266d ago

That's exactly what I'm doing. Then I get all the DLC for free :D

Tr10wn2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

People in this site predict things months before a game launch? Skyrim will be filled with bugs? i mean i know bethesda is not the best solving glitches but they got more people looking into it this time, plus Dark Souls isn't perfect is getting a patch for glitches already, no matter what both games are day 1 for me, i enjoyed Dead Island with all those glitches people were crying about.

BrianC62342266d ago

The Elder Scrolls bugs is a big reason everyone should wait on Skyrim. Their games are always buggy. Wait at least a month.

Dacapn2266d ago

Well, I wouldn't necessarily say wait on Skyrim. Because I'm not made of money, and have to choose, I went with Dark Souls. If there was no Dark Souls, I'd buy Skyrim day one.

zu4G2265d ago

YEY Dark Souls a 9.0
Skyrim a 8.5

zerocrossing2265d ago

Dark Souls is looking to be my GOTY! :D

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Prophet-Gamer2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

So why didn't they call it Demon's Souls 2, I mean, it's so obvious as everything looks exactly or exactly the same and it seems to play the same exact way. The design is even completely similar. The online is also the same.

I mean, what happens when SONY decides to do DS2?

pr0digyZA2266d ago

I don't think they have naming rights.

BTW: I see you like to use the words "exactly" and "same" a lot:)

justGAMES2266d ago


sdtarm2266d ago

I mean, what happens when SONY decides to do DS2?

well they do it and its gonna be a great game end.

Prophet-Gamer2266d ago

Oh, I see, I didn't know Sony owned all the rights, sorry about that haha. Not that I'm complaining though, I'll be first in line to buy Dark Souls next week haha.

El_Colombiano2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I agree, it's annoying that FromSoftware can't come up with another great idea and they have to literally steal Sony's IP and name it accordingly. Yes they HELPED in development of Demon's Souls but it was a collaborative development by Sony Japan Studios and FromSoftware. That gives them no right to steal Sony Japan's idea. I HOPE Sony sues the crap out of FromSoftware and Namco.

Imagine you ask your best friend to help you with this project you've had the idea of for years, and it turns out great. Next he releases a carbon copy by himself and you see nothing. Come on.

Prophet-Gamer2266d ago


So Sony Japan were the principle devs? hmm.. alright I'm all confused now cause if what you say is true then I have to agree with you but if From Software were the main devs then I guess it's alright.. IDK, I'm gonna have to look into it I guess

gnb20032266d ago

El_Colombiano is mistaken. From Software were the lead developers for the game, with assistence from Sony Japan. Also, you really can't say that the concept of the game belongs in any way to Sony, as Demon's Souls was really the spiritual successor to King's Field, a game only developed by From Software.

El_Colombiano2266d ago

I was under the strong impression that Sony Japan were the main developers, seeing as how Sony owns the IP. GNB may be correct though, but he is very right about Kings Field. That was the base premise for Demon's Souls. Either way, when it comes down to it, Sony owns Demon's Souls and FromSoftware completely ripped the game from Sony.

Baka-akaB2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

They werent ripped off .

What's next you're gonna accuse Monolith of ripping off Square enix with Xenosaga ?

Sony japan wasnt behind the concept of Demon Souls in any way . And it shows in the past titles both From software and Sony japan developped so far . It's not just a few ideas from ingfields ... look at past stuff like Otogi as well .
They provided technical support and published it that's the extend of it .

Besides Sony had no qualm letting the franchise go to namco bandai and atlus to be published in the west . They didnt fully backed it or believed in it .

Sony owns the IP , not the concept , i'm sure they'll be more than happy to work with from again on a still possible Demon's Souls 2 in the same universe .

Prophet-Gamer2266d ago

Alright so to settle this, I checked up and From Software are indeed the main devs behind DS. So yea, I don't see any problem in them making a sequel albeit under a different name. Gonna get it regardless, lol.

KwietStorm2266d ago


I almost thought you were just trying to be funny at first, or trolling..or...something. you're so far off, it's kinda sad, only because you sound so pissed off haha. From Software is the head developer. End of. How can you rip off your own game, especially when you already acknowledged that it is a spiritual successor to Kings Field. So if Insomniac made a game similar to Resistance or Ratchet & Clank. you would call them thieves? If Bungie made a new game similar to Halo, they should get sued?

Orange2265d ago

I think he's just bummed that something so "Sony" in essence is made available to the xboxers. I mean, it's a japanese game through-and-through. Dudes were reading a lot of "Berserk" when they made it. It's just sort of weird for such a japanese game to be on an american console.

I'm over it, but i'd feel a similar tinge of sadness if Shadow of the Colossus came out on xbox.

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Lazy_Sunday2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

And I can't enjoy this masterpiece until Christmas time D:
Why did I leave my console at home???

jessupj2266d ago

Well I'm in Australia, and once again we're getting screwed and they're releasing the game on Thursday.

To make matters worse, I have to get the game shipped from the UK if I only want to spend $66 instead of $120 and if I want to collectors edition (Australia doesn't even get a collector's edition, what kind of bullshit is that).

But because of all that I'll finally get to play the game a week and a half after my fellow US and UK gamers. Oh it hurts!

YoungKingDoran2266d ago


i agree, it hurts, and price wise its BS, but im pre ordering at JBHIFI and thats getting me the collectors edition.

darkziosj2266d ago

this proves awesome games can be multiplatform too, don't blame the console blame the developers

zeddy2265d ago

i only have money for one so im getting skyrim.

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DevilishSix2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Nice score congrats to From Software, unfortunately with so many games coming: Rage and Crysis next week, Batman, MW3, UC3, Skyrim, and Gears and Dues Ex recently. It will probably next year before I can sit down and devote the time it takes.

Getowned2266d ago

I'm the opposite actually with Dark Souls i dont know how much time i will have for UC3,Batman(actualy i will pobably break for batman being the batman freak I am,skyrim and the rest Dark souls is too addicting.

If I was only able to get two games for the rest of the year it would be Batman and DARK SOULS!!!

MysticStrummer2266d ago

I can't narrow it down to just two, so I'll go with Dark Souls, UC3, BF3, and Skyrim. Rage and Batman will have to wait. I'd like to wait for a GotY edition of Skyrim but I don't think I'll be able to control myself once it's out.

Baka-akaB2266d ago

I knew everything was going to be on standby for Dark Souls , UMVC3 and skyrim .

i'll just still buy Uncharted 3 to play later on .

peowpeow2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

And on this day, Dark Souls made 'peowpeow' it's bitch.

crematory2266d ago

i have the game for 1 week now all i can say i'm not rpg fan at all but i cant stop playing dark souls buy it guys with close eyes