EDGE ranks the 100 greatest video games

EDGE recent put out a special issue featuring the 100 great video games of all time.

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Geobros878d ago

Hmmm....I think Ocarina of Time could do better. Anyway, the taste is subjunctive. The list has great game in general.

fermcr878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Meh... not a very good list.

Well, it's Edge. Enough said.

donthate878d ago

I used to like Edge, and their scores tend to be pretty spot on for my personal taste, but this list is just stupid.

How is Mass Effect 2 better than the first one?

Let alone Dark Souls as #1?

No Gears of War, but Vanquish? DriveClub? Even Destiny made it into the list?

Where is Mario Kart?

Crashbandicoot77878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

I see a lot of Playstation games on here. I'm surprise Zelda wasn't in the top 5. What about Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4

kickerz878d ago

It's the worst list ever made. If you are gonna say "greatest games of all time" you need to at least put some more classics in there, like where's Sonic? and DriveClub is like the only racing game there 0_o and its definitely not the best racing game ever made. Yea that list needs to be flushed down the toilet.

pivotplease878d ago

GTA V is a little high imo. Clearly a From Software fan which I respect. Bayonetta 2 cleaned up. I should probably pick it up some day. Disagree with quite a bit here though.

MysticStrummer878d ago

"If you are gonna say 'greatest games of all time' you need to at least put some more classics in there, like where's Sonic?"

Classics according to who? Make your own list. If I bothered to make one, Sonic would be nowhere on it.

Loadedklip878d ago

@ Donthate

Not sure about the rest but I saw Mario Kart 8 in 18th place.

oasdada878d ago

Without commenting on anything else i still think demon souls is better than dark souls

ProjectVulcan878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Not enough Metal Gear Solid 1998 for my likings. MGSV is a fine, fine, fine game. But it's not the best.

Any top 100 list that dares exclude this game is not worth the internet paper it isn't written on

Also, Halo 3 makes it quite high baffingly over Halo CE. Begone list!

trenso1878d ago

Im curious at to how not one pokemon game made the list

specialguest878d ago

Doesn't matter who ranks the best games, it's all subjective.

XanderZane878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

The list is horrible At least they got Tetris in the top 10. Where is Gears of War, Forza 4, PGR, Fallout 3. Can't figure out why Titanfall, Super Monkey Ball and DriveClub are on the list. They're missing many, many great PC games as well. They are obviously biased against XBox games. That's a given from looking at this list. Oh well. I don't read Edge anyways.

InTheLab878d ago

This list might be one of the all-time worse. Hell, they put Titanfall before, well....28 other (better) games including Cod 4!

The top 20 is just flat out insulting as a gamer...

Bansai878d ago

no FF VII? BF4? Titanfall?


UnwanteDreamz877d ago

Demon Souls shits all over Dark Souls IMO.

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I_am_Batman878d ago

Since the games on the list have been selected by how they stand up today rather than what they accomplished for their time I'd rather include Twilight Princess over OoT personally. Other than that I'd include more games from the 8- and 16bit era.

883878d ago

"Since the games on the list have been selected by how they stand up today rather than what they accomplished for their time..."

According to their rankings:
49th Place) Witcher III
25th Place) Skyrim

I'm going to have to agree that not all the rankings make sense based on their own description. I'm not sure Skyrim would deliver the same thrills for me (that it did) if I were to play it today for the first time --- after playing Witcher 3...

Sono421878d ago

The original portal instead of 2?! and Destiny is on the list?!?! list is bad. Done.

Perjoss878d ago

Glad to see Bloodborne way up there, imo it really is a masterpiece.

Loadedklip877d ago

LOVE Bloodborne. It's my personal current GotY (don't kill me ... I just said MY PERSONAL GotY).

Can't wait for the Old Hunters DLC and Dark Souls 3.

3-4-5878d ago

Everybody's top 100 will be different.

The problem for me as somebody' who's been gaming since the late 80's, is that I've played so many games that I could easily fit 300-400 games into my top 100.

My top 10 could easily be any one of my most favorite 100 games as well.

100 games just isn't enough.....not even for one genre.

There are well over 100 JRPG's alone that are awesome, not to mention the other 20+ genres/sub-genres.

Halo2ODST2878d ago

that may be true, but even the majority of viewers here are calling out the list, it's not just some minority, it quite a lot of people, but as "some" people are defenders & literally do nothing in their life but defend things for the sake of it.....

Epicor878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Normally I don't mind other people's list and opinions but this EDGE guy.....the list has pure WRONG all over it.

No Grim Fandago
No Deus Ex
No Diablo
No Time Splitters 2
No Heavy Rain
No Alan Wake

Driveclub but no Gran Turismos
Final Fantasy XII over VI, VII or IX
MGS5 over 1,3 or 4

Tetris? That really stands out even by today's standards?

Too many Souls games in top 10 for my taste but I can still understand this decision.

3-4-5878d ago

Driveclub is maybe the 50th best racing game ever made.

There are 5-10 NES racing games I'd rather play than Drive club.

Haru878d ago

Glad to see so many playstation exclusives there, the best console has obviously the best exclusives!

otherZinc878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

I'm glad I don't contribute to reading Edge. Lol:

Drive Club #97?
No Forza Motorsport?

Way to kill any credibility I thought you had.

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chrisco84au878d ago

DriveClub at 97. Wow, that's going to get some disagrees lol

SuperLupe878d ago

Yeah stopped reading right overthere.

AndrewLB878d ago

When you have to look at all games made, I think 97 is generous for DC.

This is what made the list completely worthless...

79 – BioShock

umm... yeah.

Concertoine878d ago

That's his point lol. DriveClub is a decent game post patch but there are so many games better than it.

Bimkoblerutso878d ago

Yeah, I love Nidhogg the hell did Nidhogg beat out games like Metroid Prime, SoTN, and Bioshock!?

I love most of the games on the list, but it seems COMPLETELY out of order.

Concertoine878d ago

Lol the top 4 have come out in the past couple years, too.

The thing with these lists is, do you judge a game on its impact, or on how it stands today?

morganfell878d ago

I love the Starcraft II. But Starcraft should have been on the list rather than SCII.

Speaking of Blizzard, no Diablo? No Warcraft?

No Warhammer? No Red Alert? No Fallout? No Star Wars? No Timesplitters? No Ratchet and Clank? Half Life II but not Half Life?

Did the person that put together this list pop out of the womb last week?

Wenapee878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

If you read more carefully, it was stated that the list was made by
"and each game had to stand up today rather than making the cut for reasons of nostalgia or historic significance.”

Edit: But thats not saying that I agree with the list, with some rather bad selections in the top 100

morganfell878d ago

Then Edge should have more "carefully" worded the headline and the submitter the taglines.

RosweeSon878d ago

Yeah mainly by all the Xbox fans who are bitter as a minor 1 or 2 exclusive games are on the list after all these years in the game halo 3 and titanfall which is out also on PC.

Halo2ODST2878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

well, the list may not be the best, Halo 3 certainly does stand up today, it is a quality game, It all stands up to "recent" halo games as well, that really on nothing but Graphics, cliched stories & stupid marketing series. (I'm playing the MCC just now, and having a lot of fun on the multiplayer, 1-3 , hopefully the next installment lives up to this.) right now im playing halo 1, halo 5 better live up to this

XanderZane878d ago

DriveClub shouldn't even be on the list. There are better PC racing games and several Forza games that are better overall. I would take Burnout Paradise over DC. Sure there are several games that should be on this list, but many others that shouldn't.

paul-p1988878d ago

I absolutely adore Driveclub, I picked it up after all the problems so maybe that's why I'm not jaded on it, but even with how much I love it at least 1 of the Gran Turismo's should have been on there ahead of it, that game redefined the racing genre yet it is nowhere on that list...

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Tobsesan878d ago

I just stopped at 97. DRIVECLUB ... Are you kidding me?????? I mean you could throw in some Crash, Spyro, Ratchet, Gears, Forza, Borderlands?? I mean DRIVECLUB??? Are you even trying????

ravinash878d ago

It was more like a list of 100 game name I could think of...and not even thinking that far back.

Tobsesan878d ago

So why call it the 100 greatest games? Just call it 100 games we like or something like that

andibandit878d ago

Tetris is pretty far back

Speak_da_Truth878d ago

You have your own opinion and other people have theirs. Why can't you just understand that?

xKugo878d ago

You think a Forza or Gears game deserves to be on Top 100 of all-time list? Hahaha, yea right...

Dinkis878d ago

Yes I do. If DC gets in then yea

madmonkey01878d ago

some of the forza games have been good, gears not so much.

Crashbandicoot77878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Maybe just for the Xbox

cell989878d ago

they put Shadow Of The Colossus almost right next to Vanquish lol.No MGS1, Gears, Borderlans but you sure as hell have League Of Legends? GTFO

kevnb878d ago

League of legends actually makes sense on the fringes of a list like this, it has millions playing for a reason.

cell989877d ago

Candy Crush had millions too and thats a bejeweled ripoff. Not saying LoL is bad by any means, it just hurts to see it over other games more deserving

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rextraordinaire878d ago

LittleBigPlanet 3 ?

Errrrrhhhhh, 2 was so much better. At least it didn't bug...

DanteVFenris666878d ago

No 2 revolutionized the series far more.3 was better in every conceivable way. Considering it also had all the levels from lbp2.

rextraordinaire878d ago

3 just didn't have the original 2's magic. :/

Vanfernal878d ago

"we could include only a single entry from any series that features straight-up sequels"

34 - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
31 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
27 - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
8 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Yup... this list is a joke.

silkrevolver878d ago

Well, what constitutes a sequel is kind of muddled in the case of Zelda. Majora's mask is one of the few games in the entire series that could really be considered a direct sequel, and it is significantly different from OoT. I kind of understand their logic in including multiple Zeldas, but that still doesn't make their decisions absolute.

Vanfernal878d ago

By that token most Final Fantasy games would be eligible since they are not direct sequels.

silkrevolver878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

I'd agree with that - all main FF entries should be eligible.

deafdani878d ago

Well, they are still sequels, seeing how they're contained in the same universe and whatnot (split storylines notwhitstanding).

Sort of like the GTA games, in the sense that each of them have their own settings, storylines and characters... but that doesn't stop them from getting numbered sequels. :P

DanteVFenris666878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

I think they meant numbered sequels guys. Final fantasy is numbered, Zelda isnt so it doesn't imply any type of continuation

silkrevolver878d ago

@DanteVFenris666 But the numbers don't mean anything sequentially - you can play any FF out of order, and they're completely different games. They're sequels in numbers ONLY. I'd sooner say Zelda titles were more sequels than any main FF titles.

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Loadedklip878d ago

I think they meant if they are different enough.

Twilight Princess is the one most similar to Ocarina of Time.

Majora's Mask 3 day system
Wind Waker's open ocean travel
Link to the Past is 2D.

They are each different from each other. That is what I believe they meant.

Notice Mario Galaxy 2 on the list but not Galaxy 1 since they are very very similar.