7 games so good they ruined gaming

OXM UK: "When you spend most of your free time trying to squeeze in sessions with as many games as possible, it's not unusual to find yourself fiddling around with some catastrophically duff products. Worse than that though, are the game-breakers: titles that left me with a faintly fuzzy afterglow that I couldn't quite shake."

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dirigiblebill2273d ago

Any proper Mario game. Oh, and from what I've played of it - Rayman Origins. Games used to be about fun. Nowadays, unfortunately, they're more about hard work.

rumplstilts2273d ago

Mario makes me hate some other platformers physics. Super Meat Boy slides and slips way too much for my taste.

ZombieNinjaPanda2273d ago


...You hate Super Meat Boy for behaving like meat? I do not understand your logic. You hate the game because it accomplishes what it's trying to accomplish?

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2273d ago

How does this author dare say he has master Dark Souls, in one play through... I've platinum'd the game; few can step to my level in pvp and still don't feel like I've mastered it.

rumplstilts2272d ago


I do not understand your logic. If a game sets out to be a horrible game and succeeds in its goal, then should you appreciate and enjoy it for being absolutely terrible. No. The developers did achieve what they set out to accomplish and I respect them for doing that. But the end product happens to not suit my personal tastes and thus I do not enjoy it. I do not HATE Super Meat Boy. I just don't like it.
It is all personal preference and I am not going to give someone a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card just for doing what they meant to.

Saladfax2272d ago

It's an interesting perspective, especially because the controls for SMB are really intuitive and, well... slick I suppose.

However, it sounds like personal preference, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Trebius2272d ago

LOL @ Mastered Dark Souls in 1 playthrough! what a liar.

Im level 200 and i still dont feel like ive mastered it.

Blaine2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )


Agreed. I platted the game a few days ago and I can confidently claim to have mastered PvE (I did complete it 4 times by now though, and contribute to the wikispace page). I'm getting into PvP pretty seriously now though, and it's a whole other game, and I definitely wouldn't say I've mastered that for a while--if ever.

Right now I'm trying to see if I can find ways to tell which pyro spell my opponent is casting. My build is focused on parries and backstabs, and most of the time when I see someone casting a pyro spell it's a golden opportunity to get a bs on him. But now I keep getting hit *behind them* by greater combustion, so I need to learn how to tell that spell apart from the others.

There's always going to be details like this in PvP that will keep me from claiming I've mastered the meta-game.

Edit: just read the article (I know... should do that before posting!) and it didn't sound like he really meant master. More like "conquer."

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StraightPath2273d ago

Bayonetta was a fantastic hack & slash game. Bayonetta & GoW III are the best hack & slash game this generation so far.

Well Ninja Gaiden 3 is on the way so hack & slash fans can look forward to that.

frjoethesecond2273d ago

Couldn't agree more. Most games are bland by their standards.

HellzAssassin2272d ago

But... NG3 has changed so much from the previous installments... In a bad way): I'm still looking forward to it though...

I agree with your initial statement, but switch GoW3 with NGS2.

Bayo + NGS2 + DMC4 = best action games this generation. Hell, probably the best games this generation.

baodeus2272d ago

For fighting mechanic wise, i wouldn't put GoW3 in the same category as Bayonetta, NG, or DMC.

The fighting mechanic in those games really ruin my experience with game like GoW3 or games with similar fighting mechanic like Castlevania:LOS or Dante Inferno.

Captain Qwark 92272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

i didnt like bayonetta at all and would def not include it in that list. I also think GOW 3 is by far the weakest entry in the series, aside from nice boss battles and great graphics, that game did not do it for me.

id trade out

bayo for Batman AC ( genre defining game imo )
ME2 for ME1
add in Castlevania SOTN ( PS1 ) since it defined what a side scroller should be for me
Toss in Uncharted for setting the standard for story presentation
Add in Halo 2 for defining what online multi on consoles should be ( and imo still has the best multi maps )
also keeping COD for taking it a step further by adding depth witht he perk/weapon attachment system
the rest of the list stays as it is quite good

but thats just my opinion....

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t0mmyb0y2273d ago

Hard work? Games nowadays show you how to do everything. What ever happened to using your brain to figure out what to do?

specialguest2272d ago

From what I've read on certain game reviews, games that don't tell you where to look or give you a hint gets a negative mark by the reviewers. Such a shame...

Tanir2272d ago

Why do you think demons souls and dark souls got popular? its because you have to figure everything out for yourself

Captain Qwark 92272d ago

exactly what i was think tanir, go play Dark souls or demon souls, i was still learnign things at the 50hr mark and having finished it, there is still plenty to learn

Biggest2272d ago

Game reviews ALSO have negative marks because of linearity and hand holding. No one knows what they want these days. It's easier to hate than it is to form an educated opinion.

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ambientFLIER2272d ago

"Games used to be about fun. Nowadays, unfortunately, they're more about hard work."

Isn't it the other way around now? Games used to be hard and hard work, and now they are accessible and fun.

frostypants2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Are you joking? Games today are FAR easier than the games of the past. So much so that it's a novelty when a challenging game is released.

otherZinc2272d ago

Without Halo, the XBOX wouldnt exist!

Same for Mario, Nintendo wouldnt exist!

They should have been mentioned. Also, still nothing offers the 4 player sandbox co-op gaming of Halo.

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cochise3132273d ago

Am I the only one who thought Bayonetta was overrated? I don't see what all the hype is about. It's a decent game, just not great.

LOGICWINS2273d ago

I loved the demo, but I returned the game a week after I bought it. The story was a little too over the top for my tastes.

cochise3132273d ago

I bought it for 10 bucks. Yeah the story was pretty out there. I guess I didn't like the combat as much as others.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32273d ago

Overrated, not to me, but Vanquish, that was WAY overrated.

LadyGaga2273d ago

That's the point. The game is supposed to be ridiculous, that's what's refreshing about it.

SilentNegotiator2272d ago

Dopey story aside, the combat was not focused. Perfect for fanboys to hype up and gush over, though, thanks to the massive list of combos. Between being a game people could call "better than God of War" because they didn't have the hardware to play GOW3 (with the bonus of the ps3 version being crap) and people with Sarah Palin/anime-ish fetishes, it was destined to be over-rated.

How about both of 'em? :)
Vanquish was boring as a cover-shooter, dysfunctional as a close-up and personal style (thanks to the energy meter idiotically being a part of everything, including a quick-drain when delivering a punch).

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F4sterTh4nFTL2273d ago ShowReplies(4)
VINNIEPAZ2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

"I don't see what all the hype is about. It's a decent game, just not great."

Ummmm maybe you don't like the Ninja Gaiden/DMC type of action games then. When it came to Bayonetta, the combat was AWESOME and intense. Its gonna be hard to top how damn near perfect it plays.

"The story was a little too over the top for my tastes"

WOW ya think? Its a game by Platinum Games. If you don't like their style then just stay away. Some people like the over the top style that doesn't take themselves to serious. (Pro Tip: Stay away from Lollipop Chainsaw)

EDIT - To each there own. IMHO I think (and many others) Bayonetta's combo system is way deeper than Ninja Gaiden and DMC, and I love those games. What you could do was insane. As far as "It was easily one of the worst stories from a video game I have ever seen", its a game that is not to be taken as serious like God of War or anything like that. Its over the top on purpose.

Pintheshadows2273d ago

I really like both DMC and Ninja Gaiden but I could not get along with Bayonetta. It just didn't do it for me. I'd take NG over it every day.

BlackTar1872273d ago

shadows im with you im a huge hack and slash fan. I beat Bayonetta but i do not hold it anywhere close to some people to me it was way overrated and i guess just not for this Hack and Slash fan. I am a big fan too

Darrius Cole2272d ago

I agree with Shadows, and Tar. Bayonetta was very good. However, it is not the perfection of combat that is Ninja Gaiden or the symphony of brutality, emotions, and storytelling that is God of War.

I disagree with Paz's assessment that Bayonetta plays perfectly. Bayonetta doesn't play perfectly it plays easily. If you wan't perfection play Ninja Sigma on Master Ninja mode, that's what perfect looks like.

kma2k2273d ago

Im rigth there with you, i thought the game was good, but wasnt great by any standards.

emazzuca2273d ago

Thank you!

I don't get the love for this game either,

It was painfully cheesy,

the action was good, not revolutionary by any means.

It was easily one of the worst stories from a video game I have ever seen, (and there are a lot of bad ones!)

Honky Kong2272d ago

basically... you missed the point.
on topic "I always wanted to be a bald headed space marine."

Optical_Matrix2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

You don't play many hack n' slash action games then. Bayonetta had one of the most in depth and rewarding gameplay mechanics I've ever seen in an action game. Hideki Kamiya perfected the forumla he created with Devil May Cry in this game. The next game needs to have a better story and I'm good.

God of War III in my opinion was the better game. The art direction, voice acting and atmosphere is unmatched in the genre. Meanwhile, Bayonetta's combat system is the absolute perfection of action combat.

Darrius Cole2272d ago

I disagree with Matrix on the perfection of Bayonetta's combat system.

The defense system is too weak. It had bullet-time, that's what I've called it since Max Payne.

The combo system is too simple. Every combination of button presses is a combo.

That combines for a game that is too easy. I beat the game without learning a single combo.

PS3Freak2273d ago

Bayonetta was real heavy on the cheese.

etownthree2273d ago

I really really tried to like it...
Put at least 12 hours into the game..

But just lost all interest...

And damn did I hate that cheesy music during the fight scenes.

I'll take Ninja Garden any day over that pile of cheese

fossilfern2273d ago

loved bayonetta! Its one of my highlights of this generation

bloodybutcher2273d ago

i actually didn´t like bayo at all,i hated the main character and story.

Blackdeath_6632273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

i agree, i dont see what the fuss is about. im starting to really really hate the japanesse games. annoying voice acting overly dramatic storylines wich come across most of the times as a bit generic or just wierd perverted games with insanely exagerrated body features like in soul calibur.

EDIT: i must note though that devil may cry3 is the best game ive ever played and still play today. my fav game till now.

Daver2273d ago


It was, thats my opinion too, I didnt like that game it felt ... not fun to me.

Sugreev20012273d ago

Yup,I found Bayonetta immensely overrated.People may have loved the sheer ridiculousness of the game world,characters and plot...but I just found it boring.For me,it's a game trying too hard to be "unique".I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.

Megaton2273d ago

I liked it, but yes, it's overrated. It suffers from Kamiya's signature design flaw of repeating boss battles, the one thing I didn't like about Okami.

The_Devil_Hunter2273d ago

Disagree all you want but Bayonettas combat is the best of its genre. And here it comes.......yes better than GoW III

NeoBasch2272d ago

Not going to disagree there. Bayonetta is on an entirely different level. The combat has yet to be surpassed... period. What many people don't realize is that it was also a great deal of fun. Non-stop action filled with some of the greatest satire to grace the medium. Bayo is just lovely.

However, God of War III is the better game. It had a better story, and completed the character cycle of the anti-hero Kratos. It's presentation was mesmerizing. The art-style was to die for and there was far more subtelty to the dialog and events that offered much to philosophy and psychology. God of War III is relevant beyond belief. The parallels astound, drawing upon abstraction in the form of suffering (how we all cause our own suffering).

Bayonetta doesn't offer any of this. Well, maybe a crazy art style, but that's it. And there's also the epic music of God of War.

LiViNgLeGaCY2272d ago

Um, actually, that's your OPINION. I loved the combat of GOW III much, much better than Bayonetta.

Opinions are NOT facts. Please learn the difference.

Saladfax2272d ago

Well, Devil's argument still holds a decent amount of weight, even if the word "best" isn't exactly the, erm... best word.

If he were to say highest complexity and depth, then yes, he would be correct. Whether or not everything else is something people prefer...

Bayonetta's combat is pure gold, but it's story/characters/everything else is a bit out there and not terribly accessible.

Darrius Cole2272d ago

If he were to say "highest complexity and depth" then he still would be wrong because that would be Ninja Gaiden.

Saladfax2272d ago

The physical number of fighting combinations make Bayonetta more complex and deep. It doesn't really have anything to do with difficulty.

Of course, Bayonetta is also a lot easier than NG, so it's possible to breeze through the game button-mashing without noticing all of the extra fancy moves.

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tmoss7262272d ago

Game sucked. Played the demo and was glad that was that.

gillri2272d ago

nope game was amazing, hence its 90 metascore, which it got almost solely on its gameplay

I also played the demo and thought, ok I guess...and thats why we have review to tell you how good a game is

and to the person that thinks GOW3 had better gameplay than Bayonetta!!? No!!


completely, agree GOW3 is overall the better game, mainly because its atmopsheric and isnt weird like bayonetta is, or have awful diagloue or convoluted story. I mean you have to say..'well its japanese' (but thats its charm) but in terms of gameplay GOW3 falls quite a bit short of bayonetta

Bayonetta gameplay in terms of hack and slash is pretty much perfection

Marceles2272d ago

Bayonetta had fun gameplay and a dope soundtrack, but by the end of the game I really didn't even care about the story at all. The game didn't live up to the hype it gained at launch time, but it was definitely a good action game.

StifflerK2272d ago

I agree, for me Bayonetta was decent , but not one of my fav's.

The characters, story and that godawful music put me off.

People who enjoy the kitsch/camp humour would like the game a whole lot more, but it's just not for me.

Drekken2272d ago

I hated Bayonetta. I forced myself to play it as long as I did. It loaded way too much... the dialog and cutscenes were corny. The combos and combat were cool, but the game itself made ruined it.

Way overrated - I would give it 6/10 on a good mood day.

trouble_bubble2272d ago

Bayonetta is like commercial anime. You either foam at the mouth for teh speed lines and think pointy hair is the best thing ever, or you just feel dumber for having watched it. I'm in the latter.

Mega mucho combos mean squat to me when they're hooker boots coming out of the sky, hair dragons and bum butterflies. Yeah seeing Sarah Palin nekkid ruined gaming a little, but not in the way the article seems to think.

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Spitfire_Riggz2273d ago

How is Skyrim on that list? I think the author said he watched somebody play it for a while?

hazardman2273d ago

I don't know how this got approved!!

Nakiro2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

It's there because he bought in to the hype... notice how all these games are quite recent.

hazardman - Yeah.. I know.

cjflora2272d ago

This article is missing Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. It's hard for me to enjoy other games after playing those. Especially the combat. I just got Battlefield 3 after beating Arkham City and I'm really having a tough time enjoying it because I'm not Batman kicking some ass.

capcock2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

it's not the games themselves who are ruining gaming it's what the publishers and developers are doing.

FreydaWright2272d ago

Very deep... Now, can you use this same philosophy to solve world hunger?

AKS2273d ago

Setting new standards for quality in a genre hardly "ruined" gaming.

My choices would probably be the "Souls" games by From (incredible games) and Mario and Zelda (with the exception of Okami from Clover) platforming and adventure franchises. Much of this is simply due to the incredible talent and creativity behind those series. Also, the level of polish they put into those games is impeccable.

CoD 4 is more difficult for me to include because of what DICE's work since CoD 4. Although it was fantastic when it was released, the genre has hardly been stagnant since then; rather, I'd argue DICE's multiplayer in BF games has surpassed CoD 4. Some BF fans might argue that BF has always been the superior online multiplayer FPS franchise.