E3 2011: Dark Souls PS3 Is Superior, 360 Version Heavily Compressed Onto One Disc

When Demon’s Souls was released several years ago by Atlus in North America, it was a PS3 exclusive. With the follow up title, Dark Souls coming this year, it will no longer be a PS3 exclusive title as a Xbox 360 version is coming as well. Now, the big question is, which of the two versions is better?

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Ilikegames762750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

My other question is, did they remove contents so that the game fit on one DVD disc?

Shanks2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

If it's heavily compressed I think it means no content has bean removed.

GfxPipeline2750d ago

Not at all. They certainly could have been faced with deciding the 360 version looks and sounds bad enough that they start chopping out stuff from the actual game so that the heavily compressed game data can fit on the 360's stupid last gen DVD format.

Skip_Bayless2750d ago

I didn't know it was multiplat. I will not buy this game unless it gets a high meta-score.

starchild2750d ago

Considering that it looks better than Demon's Souls and is supposed to be bigger I think the answer is no.

paintsville2750d ago Show
DatNJDom812750d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Expect dlc. If that.

EVILDEAD3602750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Bookmarked..just to show Karma later on down the road..

Owned Demon Souls day one and I could care less if it's compressed or not..I'm buying Dark for the 360..there no way in hades am I going to get my @ss handed to me again and again and again by a game and not earn achievements this time around..

Can't wait till it drops


Sunhammer2750d ago Show
limewax2750d ago

Enjoy getting your achievements on your compressed version, Meanwhile I will enjoy my trophies from Dark Souls and Demons Souls :/

Could you explain to me what makes achievements superior to trophies?

malamdra2750d ago

well, that's something you don't hear everyday

but it's not that relevant, this game is not for the 360 audience: it's the sequel to a cult game they don't know, and it's suppose to be even harder than DS

AAACE52750d ago

In all honesty... Who cares? Demon souls didn't sell well and this won't either!

This is a game targeted at a certain type of gamer who is quickly becoming extinct!

Hopefully i'm wrong and it gets the respect it deserves.

oldjadedgamer2750d ago


Demon souls did sell well. Thats why a sequel is being made.

YoungKingDoran2750d ago

oh we're not going anywhere AAACE5

BeOneWithTheGun2750d ago

So i got that key off the dark souls website (for getting the glyphs correctly) anyone know what its going to do for me? Im pretty excited about it.

sdtarm2750d ago

wow all M$ fanboys are tripping out in this article

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qwertyz2750d ago

probably not but ps3 will still have FAR superior quality sound though :)

sikbeta2750d ago

Dude, alright with the superior version, but f*** it if they cut content to fit in 1 DVD... still buying it anyway...

Ninver2750d ago

@ llikegames76

I agree with your question. Demons Souls held nothing back on the ps3. I expect Dark Souls to be even bigger else we all know what prehistoric hardware kept it back.

dragunrising2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I found Demon's Souls to be quite nice looking, however not because of the graphics, but the art direction.

I love how people see the word "port" and automatically assume the worst. Its common practice nowadays to make the PS3 version the lead platform on account its easier to port from the PS3 to 360. It used to be the opposite and the PS3 version suffered slightly (or not at all); no one seemed to think it was the end of the world then. There are plenty of ports with PS3 lead that look great. Dead Space 2 off the top of my head looks the same and performs the same on both consoles. Perhaps Dark Souls may suffer slightly on the 360, perhaps it will look/play comparable. The game isn't out yet.

Its hypocritical to say that the 360 is prehistoric when its only a year older than the PS3. The DVD format may be well on its way to the grave however compression technologies keep getting better. Wonder why Infamous 1 (now on the PSN and for free) is 6.6 GB? Compression. The quality is the same. DVD and compression have become bad words on N4G...

With all of that said, I will more than likely pick up Dark Souls on PS3 because its a pseudo spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls- not because I'm scared of DVD's and compression.

Persistantthug2750d ago

And DVD is still doable.

However, the problem in the XBOX 360's case, from a game developer's standpoint, is that not every unit has a harddrive.

Yes the can compress, but then data must be DECOMPRESSED on the fly, and that takes comp. cycles.

That's why XBOX 360's own first party games like Halo Reach and ALAN WAKE are sub HD.

The harddrive issue was a real backwards step for this generation.

Kon2749d ago

prehistoric hardware... You trolls crack me up. Oh wait, that wasn't funny at all

jaosobno2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

In case they did cut content:

I wanna give a big shout out to my man Steve @microsoft for using his money to shit on my gaming experience. Thx microsoft, this game wouldn't be the same without you (literally).

Dragun6192750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I hope they didn't cut content out, that would be disappointing but It seems that DVD will be holding 360 back now considering more titles like Rage, FFXIII-2, L.A. Noire, need more disc space. And it doesn't help when Wii U will also have 25gb discs too.

Anyways, I was already getting this on PS3, but you know what would be awesome treat? If From Software rewarded players who completed or got the Platinum trophy for Demon's Souls like Sucker Punch did for Infamous 2.

hiredhelp2750d ago

Actually 25gb is good amount m8. If for multiplatform games they only use 25gb discs and even most exclusive ps3 titles have only few have used 50gb
So nintendo will be ok plenty of room for uncompressed data.

Dragun6192750d ago

Yeah, I should of clarified that I meant Multiplatform developers are starting to utilize 25/50gb Blu-ray and soon the Wii-U with it's 25gb Disc. I think Multiplaform devs will eventually sacrifice some content in order to fit on one or even three DVD's when the other two consoles can have all the content stored on one disc.

PhoenixDevil2750d ago

The reward idea is awesome though I dnt really kno what they could give, maybe some special armour or something, also with the world and soul tendancys being taken out I wonder how long this game will take to platinum I managed Demons souls in 96 hours n 31 mins :D either way im gona play the game through with no worry about trophies the first time just to enjoy the experience :)

meetajhu2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Too bad +1 GB disc update didn't help. Yo microsoft you should have put ur Hd-dvd on the 360 instead of a 200$ addon. People should have sued MS for cheating them with that HD-dvd shi* yet people sue for a free service which was down for 1 month.

kevnb2750d ago

sue them for making a product as advertised?

morganfell2750d ago

If MS would have installed HD DVD, and eaten the cost they would have won the format war. I say "they" because MS was in the format war up to their necks.

Once the war was lost it was amazing how MS and their diehard supporters attempted to act as if MS wasn't pushing HD DVD and had no direct interest in the outcome. I can' believe people ate that kind of money because of MS and then just wrote it off as if it was okay.

phinch2750d ago

@ Morganfell Not really, the reason the format war ended was because Blu ray bought the rights to Disney films, putting in the hd'dvd would have been good for gamers,but would have done poorley in the film industry which was the deciding factor.

Tru_Blu2750d ago

@ phinch, where are you getting this info from lol. The format war ended long after blu-ray and the ps3 launched. The deciding factor was when Warner Bros finally had enough of 2 formats and said we are going blu-ray only from now on.

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l2dusk2750d ago

They can always pull a Saquare-Enix and sell the removed content a year later at full price =)

Tdmd2750d ago

And that's why I though since the beginning it should had remained a exclusive. Call it FFXIII trauma.

pain777pas2750d ago

I hear you bro but, don't hurt your head over this stuff because we all know that it will make DLC their best friend. This is the generation of DLC! LOL! It is still a good question though non the less. I didn't play the game. Yes, I'm Sorry! Should I pick it up? If so, why?

hassi942749d ago

Isn't it meant to be a very linear game? Why not just 2-3 discs?

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Son_Lee2750d ago

I bet that one 360 disc took a beating just like countless gamers will when this comes out.

Godmars2902750d ago

The disagrees you got either have yet to play the game, or can't take a joke.

qwertyz2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

crysis 2 was HEAVILY compressed on 360 yet the ps3 version didn't have an advantage in visuals just sound quality

edit: why the stealth disagree or does anyone think crysis 2 looked better on ps3 ?

Biggest2750d ago

"just sound quality"

You do realize that sound quality is an advantage, right? I like my games the way I like my women; Beautiful and worth listening to.

qwertyz2750d ago

i know its an advantage I never said it wasn't so why the stealth disagrees ?

coolasj2750d ago

You may disagree. But damn if this guy doesn't have a women already. I'm a sound advocate too. 2 towers and a sub-woofer really make gaming easier. And surround sound makes you god.

Anderson82750d ago

calm down dude..they're only disagrees.. dnt take it to heart

Close_Second2750d ago

So, what was left out of the PS3 version because of the limited storage on the 360? Developers dont typically want to release console versions that are too different.

Pyscho_Mantis2750d ago

the game was exclusively made for the ps3 in was then ported to the 360 by Namco not From Software so nothing was cut.

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