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Xbox One marketing boss says large amount of Xbox bundles is good for business

21d ago - Bundles can be a great way for gamers to not just adopt a system, but also acquire a good deal on... | Xbox One

Microsoft: If You Are Buying A Console This Holiday, You Are Buying An Xbox One

24d ago - Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg outlines the many benefits of buying an Xbox One this season. | Xbox One

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

Microsoft on how Xbox One will win the holiday and why consoles aren’t dying (interview)

26d ago - GamesBeat: We got to talk to Aaron Greenberg, who leads the marketing team for Xbox’s first and t... | Xbox One

Xbox One marketing head on Crackdown 3's destruction: It blows my mind

28d ago - One of the most intriguing games upcoming in 2016 for Microsoft has got to be Crackdown 3, and it... | Xbox One

Halo is the "Star Wars of video games" according to Microsoft

28d ago - "There's no denying the huge impact that Halo has had on the video game industry since its incept... | Xbox One

Xbox One Interview: "You've Never Seen a Holiday Lineup Like This Before"

29d ago - Gamespot: "Q&A: We talk with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg about the Xbox One's holiday lineup a... | Xbox One

Microsoft says more Xbox One games launching in 2016 versus 2015

30d ago - As companies set high bars for what fans can expect, the challenge soon becomes: how do you top w... | Xbox One

Xbox's Holiday Lineup - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 42 (Pt. 1)

31d ago - Kinda Funny Games: "Special guest Aaron Greenberg joins us to discuss the Xbox's holiday lineup." | PC

Halo 5 Generating “Record Engagement;” Aaron Greenberg Expresses Confidence in Online Infrastructure

31d ago - Halo 5: Guardians is upon you, and the folks at Microsoft seem to be very confident about the gam... | Xbox One

Xbox Executives Visit Rare, Lionhead and More, Show Studios, Swag and Play Sea of Thieves

41d ago - If you want to check out some of the top European Xbox studios from the inside, you have a come t... | PC

Xbox One Was Best Selling Console in US in the Week of E3; Had Most Awarded Lineup in Xbox History

133d ago - In the wake of the NPD numbers released today, Microsoft had some figures of its own to share by... | Xbox One

Kinect Is Not Dead, Microsoft Says

159d ago - Microsoft did not talk about its motion-sensing Xbox peripheral Kinect during the company's E3 br... | Xbox One

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Tries Microsoft’s Halo 5 HoloLens Experience, Calls it “Super Cool”

161d ago - SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is one of the main proponents of new experiences l... | PC

E3 2015: Interview with Marketing Head for Xbox Aaron Greenberg (Gamertag Radio)

162d ago - E3 2015 interview with Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Lead for first and third party titles fo... | Xbox

Microsoft Compares Sony's Exclusive Line-up With Theirs, Comments On Backwards Compatability & More

162d ago - Exclusives for this year are a big difference between PS4 and Xbox One. | PS4

Gamers Are Already Lining Up at E3 for the Xbox One Fanfest; Some Were There 22 Hours Ago

166d ago - The line for the Xbox One FanFest has been officially opened about thirty minutes ago at the Micr... | Xbox One

Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Reassures Gears of War Fan; ”We’re Listening” “Have Plans To Cheer You Up”

246d ago - Last week a rumor appeared that Gears of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection got confirmed by Xbox h... | Xbox One

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg on Ori and the Blind Forest ; Worth it, beautiful and special

261d ago - Microsoft will be launching one the most anticipated games of 2015 tomorrow; Ori and the Blind Fo... | PC

Why Xbox One leaks can't be stopped and are here to stay

276d ago - Speaking on the latest Inner Circle podcast, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg revealed why he thoug... | Xbox One

Xbox Execs on Forza Motorsport 6: "No One Is Gonna Be Disappointed;" Coming This Holiday Season

277d ago - After the reveal at the Detroit Auto Show, Microsoft has been mostly silent about Forza Motorspor... | Xbox One

Track Pokemon GO at Releases.com

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The Inner Circle Special-Games Marketing & Xbox One talk w_ Aaron Greenberg

278d ago - The Inner Circle podcast discusses Xbox marketing with Aaron Greenberg. | Xbox One

Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg Talks Building the Best Platform; “Just Starting” to Show Xbox One’s Power

278d ago - One of the secrets behind success in the gaming industry is definitely having a great team, and M... | Xbox One

Microsoft Preparing to Unveil Multiple Rare Projects; Greenberg Speaks on Twisted Pixel's New Game

278d ago - Aaron Greenberg reveals that Microsoft are preparing to unveil Rare's multiple projects and that... | Xbox One

Microsoft Exec: Xbox One E3 to Take a "Different Approach"; Expect Lots of Talk About Games

278d ago - Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg teases that players can expect lots of talk about games at E3 2015 as... | Xbox One

Aaron Greenberg: "Halo 5 Is Gonna Be Huge," "Super-Innovative;" Teases Great Things for the Holidays

278d ago - The Holidays are always a focus period for console manufacturers, and Microsoft managed to capita... | Xbox One
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