Microsoft Compares Sony's Exclusive Line-up With Theirs, Comments On Backwards Compatability & More

Exclusives for this year are a big difference between PS4 and Xbox One.

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As a gamer, I know almost all of what MS showed is coming out this year as opposed to Sony, where most of what they showed is coming next year and beyond. I will definitely be enjoying my xb1 more for the rest of this year as opposed to my ps4.

My problem with MS E3 is that they had a chance to make this a "no contest" by not moving games like Crackdown, Quantum Break, and Scalebound to Gamescom.

E3 is the Superbowl of gaming and THAT is where you bring out the big guns.

I think Sony won this E3 based on their presentation and the fact that they gave Sony fans what they wanted to see.

Neonridr1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

MS and Nintendo had similar ideas by showcasing mostly stuff we can expect this year. Gamescom will showcase 2016 MS stuff.

vikingland11247d ago

I'm off topic but when and where is Gamescom?

uptownsoul1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

As far as E3 goes I think people are taking some of the facts out of proportion. The fact that Microsoft showed some bigger budget 2015 exclusives (with more bigger budget 2015 exclusives to show at GamesCom) is ONLY due to the fact that they've held all their bigger budget games till after E3. This doesn't excuse the fact that Sony has a meager 2nd half of 2015, because it is meager. But I like Sony releasing games when they're done, not holding games until holiday just to try and capitalize.

Not only that, I think releasing exclusives in Holiday is vastly overrated since a lot of the big budget multi's cloud the exclusives out. Now I know releasing exclusives near the Holiday is great for "The Console Wars" & fanboy bragging but part of the reason why some of these exclusives don't do as well as hoped for is because they're overshadowed. (Example: Rise of the Tomb Raider & Fallout 4 are both releasing on Nov 10, 2015…Like it or hate it, Tomb Raider sales will take a hit at least a bit). But releasing games throughout the year and leaving Holiday for the bigger multi plats ensures 1) Your exclusives don't get overclouded and 2) There will always be something to play on that particular console.

Now I'll wait for the fanboys to disagree with this so they can score some "Console War" points

christocolus1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


I wonder why people are disagreeing with you. 85% of the games shown at E3 are coming this fall&same with the new features announced. Gamescom will be for titles coming in 2016 and beyond. MS has a lot of catching up to do in Europe& Phil acknowledged this fact on twitter a few weeks ago,so its not surprising to see them save their biggest AAA ips for Gamescom. This year is going to be huge,they're going to treat Gamescom like an E3 event and according to Phil Scalebound, Quantum Break and Scalebound won't be the only games coming to Gamescom, there will be even more reveals at their conference& I personally want to see more of Recore, twisted pixel's new ip and a new Age of Mythology announced for Xbox One.


Gamescom 2015 starts 5th of August.

Neonridr1247d ago

@christocolus - because I was talking about MS and Nintendo and not Sony.. ;)

Nirvana315911247d ago

Fall 2015 PS4 exclusives and console exclusives

Persona 5
Uncharted collection
No Man's Sky
Tearaway Unfolded
Dragon Quest
Until Dawn
Tales of Zesteria
Disgaea 5
Everybody's gone to the rapture
Dungeon defenders

Idk what you guys are smoking but PS4's lineup looks awesome to me

Eonjay1247d ago

There are only a hadful of exclusive games anyway. I don't get the fixation on them. That goes for Sony and Microsoft. With Nintendo, I understand because Nintendo creates or publishes most of the big titles on the Wii U.

But exclusives only make up a small fraction of Xbox One and PS4 games. If every exclusive title disappeared, they systems would still have incredible catalogs.

So a handful of exclusive games isn't going to change anything. Nintendo for example has more exclusives than anyone (they also have BC). It doesn't matter. Its your overall catalog and your branding that make the difference.

ravens521247d ago

Nice one nirvana lol. But ye to me it's w.e. I think both consoles have great ideas and games. PS appeals to me more but that doesn't mean anything. I want an Xbox for some other games and their indie line up appeals to me. Cuphead, and some others they showed lol. Point is the arguing and comparing is stupid. I like ps games better but I still wanna play some x1 games. To each is own. Want a Wii u as well btw. I'll take a steam machine too lol.

AngelicIceDiamond1247d ago

The Solus Project
The Rare collection
Beyond Eyes
Phantasmal: City Of Darkness
Unit 8
Elite Dangerous

These are the main indies for X1.

KakashiHotake1247d ago

I agree with uptownsoul, it's better to have games spread out instead of all at the same time around the holidays to push console sales. People are saying PS4 don't have any games coming out but i disagree: God of War III Remastered, Until Dawn, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Tearaway Unfolded, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, No Mans Sky, etc. and those are just to name a few. honestly Sony didn't have any more to release anymore games this year because the lineup is already stacked. microsoft on the other hand needed to show something at E3 because they've been skimpy all year with the games.

NewMonday1247d ago


the X1 games coming this year were revealed last year already, MS are just showing then again but they are not new reveals.

the PS4 games coming this year were not shown in the Sony conference because they are already revealed and showcased

you missed these..

PlanetSide 2
Samurai Warriors 4-II

cant blame you, to much to keep up with

Kingthrash3601247d ago

What's funny to me is Sony has been releasing stuff all year...while ms waits until holiday season to release games.....let count how many games would Sony have if they wait all year to release games liks it's like you ignore the fact that ms hasn't released much all year...just to brag about a couple sad thing about it is Sony has plenty more exclusives releasing this year ...more than ms has....more new ips at that. Smh

dcbronco1247d ago

People aren't applying all of the relevant information here. At least not as a whole. When you apply more of the information I think you will see just how savvy an executive Phil Spencer is. Probably the best in gaming right now.

E3 is the biggest trade show in gaming. But it's barely open to the general public. Gamescom is open to all. It's in Europe and like Christoculos said Microsoft is courting Europe. Saving three of your biggest guns for Europe shows just how important the European market is to Phil. He is fixing exactly what gamers claimed the knock on Microsoft was. He is bringing exclusives and bringing to where they can experience them through more than video. And we know Quantum Break is 2016, there is no guarantee Scalebound and Crackdown are not coming this year. One of them is.

Something many gamers don't seem to get is retail. In the industrialized world that celebrates Christmas, 40% of your retail revenue is taken in between Christmas and Thanksgiving. So less than two months accounts for almost half the money you will make all year as a business.

The three busiest days in retail are Black Friday, Christmas Eve and the day before mother's day. Most of the rest are between Christmas and Black Friday. That in a nutshell is why so many games release during that period. People don't realize how many parents make $50 impulse purchases at the checkout counter out of fear they haven't done enough for their children for Christmas.

It's mostly an American thing, after all 70% of our economy is consumerism. But the Black Friday rampages here are desperate parents. If you want to see fear and desperation in someone's eyes while their child is completely safe look into a parents a few days before Christmas at a retail store. Gaming has to go with the reality of the business.

inveni01247d ago

We live in a day where I don't believe a game comes out in 2015 until it has actually come out in 2015. Almost everything gets bumped. If MS can handle pushing out these games before the end of the year, that's great for Xbox owners. But I'm not holding my breath on any announced dates.

Dir_en_grey1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

More Sony Exclusives coming 2015 that were not listed:

J-Stars Victory Vs+
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess
Onechanbara Z2
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
Nobunaga's Ambition Sphere of Influence
Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance

On top of the disk releases there's going to be more indie exclusives coming this year too that XBone won't have due to Japanese indie developers signing w/ Sony.
PS4 will just constantly have games that are too much to show just at e3 stage. They just announce a few that grabs attention of the mass. Real gamers know games are constantly going to be coming out for PS4.

Neonridr1247d ago

@Dir_en_grey - and how many of those games will release in the West? How many of those games will go on to sell over 250,000 copies?

Not saying that some of those games won't be good, but those titles sound very niche.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1247d ago


Completely agree and well said

4Sh0w1247d ago

"Exclusives for this year are a big difference between PS4 and Xbox One."

-Well its the main difference given about 90% of games on both consoles are multiplatform.

-I'd add controller and gaming philosophy(online/co-op focus vs SP & jrpg focus) as big differences that shape why we all prefer one more than the other.

ABizzel11247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Both have great line-ups, difference is MS is cramming everything into the last 4 months of the year, and Sony spread exclusive out over the entire year to give those games a chance to breathe.

There's a reason for this, Sony wants to sell well all year round which they are selling nearly 1 million consoles per month globally.

MS on the other hand is selling about half of that per month on a global basis, and intend on making up as much of a difference as they can during the holiday season sales inflation with big AAA games their 360 fanbase know and love and price drops on hardware.

Also looking at their line-ups it shows the PS4 is a global console, while the XBO is trying to win NA, and grab some EU gamers. Simply buy what you prefer.

XBO 2015:

Halo 5 Guardians
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
Forza 6
Fable Legends
Rise of the Tomb Raider (timed)
Rare Remix
A few A tier games (State of Decay)
And some great looking indies, along with so good ones already out.

PS4 2015

The Order (out)
MLB (out)
Bloodbourne (out)
Final Fantasy X / X2 HD (out)
Dragon Quest Heroes (out in JP, Oct. for US)
Tearaway Unfolded
Until Dawn
Persona 5
God of War 3 Remaster
Uncharted Collection
A good list of A games (Saint Seyia, Godzilla, Ethan Carter, Hot Shots Golf, Everybody's gone to Rapture, and more)
2 big F2P games (Planetside 2 and Dragon's Dogma Online)
And a huge pool of indie games too many to list.

MS 2016 and Beyond

Quantum Break, Crackdown, Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Recore?, Sea of Thieves, Gears 4, Ion (timed), Minecraft HoloLens

Sony 2016 and beyond

Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, The Last Guardian, Shunmue 3 (2017 IMO), Star Ocean, Ys, The Tomorrow Children, Wild, Horizon, Dreams, World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 remake (timed, 2018 at earliest), No Man's Sky, Neir, Morpheus with a good amount of games coming to it and now movie support

Dir_en_grey1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

All the exclusives I listed have western release dates, full disk release titles, and all coming out this year.
All are amazing games that I personally will be getting and craving to play.

Dragonball Xenoverse was considered a "niche" game and it sold very well in the West. So just because it's Japanese made and have a anime look doesn't mean they are "niche" or the Western countries won't buy them.

Thank God Sony's games are vast and varied and constantly coming out throughout the year. Some people want to say just because Sony didn't announce games coming out this year at e3, so they don't have the exclusives or some BS like that.
The reason people are listing Sony exclusive games is the fact that Sony is actually releasing more exclusives this year compared to XBone despite how some people just likes to lie, even to themselves.

Neonridr1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

@Dir_en_grey - fair enough. Most of those titles don't appeal to me, so I will pass on those for my PS4. But plenty of 2nd & 3rd party support to keep me interested to have my Playstation turned on.

nX1247d ago

Too many comments here to read 'em all but I find it funny how Microsoft boys are coming out now when they haven't had anything to brag about during the last 6 months.
MS blows their complete load during the holidays when the mass of other AAA games is being released while Sony tries to release games throughout the whole year and even delays games if they don't meet the holiday release window. You can argue all you want but only one of these approaches is the right one for this industry.

_-EDMIX-_1247d ago

Something I feel many have not factored. Maybe Sony is handing the fall to 3rd parties as to secure better deals?

Think about it, Sony started bring games out in the spring with Heavy Rain, God Of War III etc and they went on to do huge numbers when it was not the norm of spring releases.

Now...spring is like the second fall for gamers.

What if Sony is handing the fall to 3rd parties as to not directly compete with them?

I'm getting MGSV, Fallout 4, Persona 5 and maybe Hitman this fall, that and a lot of smaller titles ie Every One Gone To The Rapture, Soma etc.

Now if Uncharted 4 was coming this fall...I would not be considering Hitman. I'm pretty sure Sony got that concept before I did. It might be why COD is even partnering with them to market as they have a greater chance to get more sales then Halo, on a system Halo doesn't exist on. MS is launching Halo literally days before Call Of Duty, they might want to have the edge on a system that isn't directly competing against one of their IPs.

But who knows. All I know is, Uncharted 4 going to spring freed up some of my fall money for another game lol. I'm not sure anyone else thinks like this though.

Farmassy1247d ago


What games has Sony been coming out with?

The only good exclusive they have released this year is bloodborne. That game was amazing but don't act like their lineup has been stacked. They have had a couple of other exclusives but nothing special. I will admit that I would prefer for xbox to spread out their releases but don't act like Sony has been dropping gold all year long

GameForever1247d ago


Well said and intelligent.

Mr Pumblechook1246d ago

Of course it would have to be AARON GREENBERG who lowers the tone.

Yes companies are competitive but keep it classy.

subtenko1246d ago

Half of what Xbox One is coming out which has already been announced, they just re-announced it lol. Sony has new IPS and actual exclusives coming out way more plentyful than xbox.

Sony actually held back announcements that coulda been at E3, but they are saving for later conventions this year.

PlayStation is slaughtering xbox tbh

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Poroz1247d ago

Personally I am looking forward to hololens.

StanLee1247d ago

Man I have to give Sony credit for pulling off the "smoke and mirror" effect every year. It's funny to see fans excited for a game shown in 2009, that Sony's head admitted at the time was "specced up" and it's coming NEXT year! Am I missing something? We're excited for the remake of an 18 year old game and the sequel to a game 14 years old. People's excitement and expectations are based more on nostalgia than reality. I loved those games in their time and that's where they belong.

Highlife1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Man I have to give it to ms for making you think only the holiday season counts. How have the past several months been? Sony spreads their games out. Just look at the history of both systems Sony has and will have solid 1st party support. Xbox pushes them out at the holidays then moves on to the next system leaving a huge gap in games.

So I guess your not excited for the gears of war remaster? No MCC for you? Hypocrite.

GMR_PR1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


Last time I checked they have games releasing on spring 2016, so you are not entirely correct.

StanLee1247d ago

@ Highlife

No and no. And I've been very outspoken about remakes, definitive editions, ultimate editions, whatever. Gaming is an ever evolving genre but gamers are stuck in the past and in complacency. They like what they like. That's why we're on Halo 5, Forza 6, Uncharted 4, Call of Duty whatever. None offer vastly different experiences than their predecessors and all familiar. If that is what you gamers want, why complain when year after year those are the experiences you get. What I don't like is the hypocrisy. Some games are lauded for being more of the same when others are criticized. Some remakes welcomed, others decried. Be fair.

S2Killinit1247d ago

@Stan & GMR
I think the "smoke and mirror" award goes to MS, don't you think? A quick search online shows a clear advantage to PS4's exclusive lineup. I mean, its not even close. We are talking about 100s more exclusives. But, lining up 3 exclusives in the holiday season sure gives a nice illusion of substance doesn't it.

Highlife1247d ago

To be fair ms is doing a better job. I was merely going by their history. But really smoke and mirrors. Sony takes many chances on games in all varieties. Makes new IPs all the time So I'm not sure what your talking about.

22CobraKing1247d ago

But Xbox for the majority of the year first 7-8 months it has no eclusives just until the end. What happens to games like sunset overdrive when other exclusives come out around the same month it gets almost no appeal to the gamers. You talking about MCC the savior of Xbox last year LOL

Army_of_Darkness1247d ago

The silence of the xbone fanboys... until the holiday season comes near LOL!

I was totally excited to see Gears 4, but when I saw the E3 gameplay trailer.... wow... utter disappointment. looks like a remastered last Gen gears. Uncharted 4 sh1t all over it after eating 20 chilli burritos

DarXyde1247d ago


Whether you honestly believe that or not, you'd never admit to the contrary.


"Man I have to give Sony credit for pulling off the "smoke and mirror" effect every year. It's funny to see fans excited for a game shown in 2009, that Sony's head admitted at the time was "specced up" and it's coming NEXT year! Am I missing something? We're excited for the remake of an 18 year old game and the sequel to a game 14 years old. People's excitement and expectations are based more on nostalgia than reality. I loved those games in their time and that's where they belong."

Considering we have a new generation of gamers who have never experienced Final Fantasy VII, why is that a bad thing at all? This is similar to Resident Evil being remade on Gamecube. It isn't a simple resolution bump. The entire game is redone. Just because you played it 18 years ago doesn't mean there aren't people who wouldn't love to play it now and modernized. That's selfish thinking, considering the game existed an ENTIRE THREE GENERATIONS AGO. Before you use the PS Classics PSN download argument, consider that not everyone buys digital. Square is being quite prolific and given the high demand for the game, it's a great way to finance future games with the money they're sure to make back. I've taken a bit of a rough stance on remasters at first, but if any game is worthy of being remade, it's a game that was made almost 2 decades ago.

Now about The Last Guardian, the game obviously needed a time to be reintroduced. People needed to see it again and with E3 in theaters, it was a great time to do it. It was a great move by Sony.

Shenmue finally getting a sequel is not unlike Duke Nukem Forever finally being made, but Shenmue has a cult following and gamers everywhere (myself included) have been itching to finish the story.

Sony's E3 was fantastic. It isn't about being easily satisfied. It isn't about "fans being excited for a game shown years ago". This year had a theme. It was about (a) fulfilling promises, (b) bringing closure on long-sought projects, and (c) show fans that they're listening. This is reinforced by them releasing the media player shortly after their conference.

soul-assassin-1247d ago

Bethesda won E3....all multi platform titles

Sheikh Yerbouti1247d ago


Sony gave P'S gamers what they have asked for, simply that and no smoke and mirrors.

trouble_bubble1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It's true. What happened to Sunset Overdrive last year? Big exclusive with decent reviews, but launching in that stuffed window only sold an estimated 790,000 units according to VG. The Order rated far lower and just launched a couple months ago, but has already passed it at 870,000. As has Bloodborne. As has LBP3 from the same window last year.

I see a lot of "MS won cuz the games come out this holiday", but history tells us most of you will buy Halo/COD, and the rest will cannibalize eachother.

UltraNova1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


FF7 will eventually come to the xb1, I'd be there to judge your reaction when it arrives. Additionally is backwards compatibility a bad thing as well? I'll take a 'wild' guess here that your answer is no.

"I loved those games in their time and that's where they belong."

How is it wrong if xbox newcomers want to play older games (same goes for remakes/remasters)? "What I don't like is the hypocrisy". You see I don't need to guess your answer anymore since double standards are self explanatory.

Whats wrong with being excited for the last guardian? Did they ever promise a release date? Were their last two games so bad that there's no hope that the 3rd one will be good, hence why we shouldn't be excited to finally play it? Did you forget about Too Human's development cycle?

"Man I have to give Sony credit for pulling off the "smoke and mirror" effect every year."

How is Sony pulling the Smoke and Mirrors trick when MS has effectively convinced you and many other MS fans that there only two months in a year? (Points to MS for this, respect!)

Stan, you are leaking like a cracked roof in a rainy day. Please learn the definition of hypocrisy and then talk about this subject again.

MS had their best E3 showing this year while Sony had one of the best E3 showings ever, second only, to their 2013 one.

kayoss1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Regardless of what your opinions are about Final fantasy 7, the gamers have spoken by the way of their reactions when the remade was made. You are talking about Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Europeans, canadians, brazilians, and U.S gamers who jumped with joy when this game was announced. FF7 is not just a niche game that only appeals to a certain number of people. This game is known throughout the world. If you were to go to any gamers in the world and ask them who Cloud was, they can answer you. but if you were to ask people who Nathan Drake or Marcus Fenix, you'll be lucky if you get an answer.
Lets put it this way, FF7 Remade was already a global success before it was even announced. Think about that for a moment. So regardless of what you think, this game will be a success eventhough its an 18 year old game.

"I loved those games in their time and that's where they belong."
I find it funny that you bash old school games that are getting remade but you get excited for Backward compatibility. Isnt BC purpose is to play old games on a new gen console?? Shouldnt old games stay in their respective console because "...that is where they belong."?

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PizzaSteve1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

XB1 have big exclusives this year but they have them too close. Halo will do fine but I feel Forza and Tomb Raider will be over looked. Tomb Raider should be for Q1 2016 cause PS4 have Ucharted 4 and SFV Q1 2016.

@spicelicka The hype for Fallout and Stars Wars are stronger. Tomb Raider and Forza will sell well but Star Wars alone will out sell both combined. They don't stand a change. That's why Sony delayed Uncharted 4 because they can sell PS4's from just Star Wars and COD deal.

@GMR_PR 'Fallout is a role playing game, not everyone like those kind of games. Tomb Raider is more accessible for the masses.'

Are you serious? Fallout 3 sold nearly 10 million world wide and TR sold 6 million.

spicelicka1247d ago

They have Quantum Break and Recore for spring 2016. There's no need to delay Tomb raider because it doesn't conflict with any other games on xbox. Halo 5, Tomb Raider, and Forza 6 are 3 very different games so I don't think it's a big deal, specially since it's holiday season.

uptownsoul1247d ago


"Tomb raider because it doesn't conflict with any other games on xbox." That statement is only relevant if your ONLY going to buy exclusives. There is no way Tomb Raider isn't going to take a hit coming out the same exact day as Fallout 4

xHeavYx1247d ago

I think the biggest problem for TR is launching on the same day as Fallout 4.

Lucreto1247d ago

Tomb Raider is out the same day as Fallout 4. Fallout is one of those game you either get your game out before it no a month or so after.

dirkdady1247d ago

Tomb raider will get delayed to q1 2016 mark my words.

GMR_PR1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


Fallout is a role playing game, not everyone like those kind of games. Tomb Raider is more accessible for the masses.

lelo2play1247d ago

I agree. Tomb Raider is getting released the same day as Fallout 4. The November month is going to be insane with so many games releases.
It would be better to delay Tomb Raider for Q1 2016. I suspect it will be delayed...

deadpoolio3161247d ago

Halo is going to run into problems, its not going to be as easy for it...Its not just Halo, you then have COD, Fallout, Tomb Raider, im sure there are other games that im forgetting....

ALthough out of all of them Tomb Raider is going to suffer the most, to the point that I would bet SE and CD will regret making any deals with MS...

Yes the first game sold 6 million on 3 platforms, ts not getting anywhere near that on 1 not with all the other games coming out at the same time..Halo, COD, Fallout 4 Battlefront will all kill Tomb Raider

343_Guilty_Spark1247d ago

Why are Sony fans always so worried about how spread out or bunched up Xbox games are. The fact of the matter is the biggest months for gaming are from late Summer, all through the Fall and the holidays. Also Microsoft has a strong lineup of games coming out the second half of 2015 all the way through holiday 2016.

Personally I am glad they didn't try to play me on nostalgia with games like Shenumue which hasn't even begun development and may not see light until late 2017-2018, or games like FF7 which won't be out until 2017.

There is no way in hell I'd be okay with Microsoft showing multiple games with no release and especially one not in development that requires a kickstarted just to get funded. That's unacceptable.

BiggerBoss1247d ago


What do you mean those are the biggest months for gaming? Do you only play games in the fall or something??

Or do you mean that the Fall is when the biggest 3rd party games start releasing? Because in that case I would say Sony is pretty smart for releasing their big exclusives in the Spring instead.

Utalkin2me1247d ago


Fallout has a pretty big following. And if the majority of people that likes both games has to choose between 1 of those titles, probably going to be fallout 4.

Death1247d ago


It's pretty irrelevant how much time passes between releases unless you always buy games when they are launched. Some people pretend there is a 30 day shelf life and if you miss it you can't buy the game anymore. Having 5 games launch the last quarter of the year is no different than 5 games in 4 quarters of the year. Five is still five. The crazy thing is some people don't even buy every single game that comes out.

4Sh0w1247d ago

Fallout 3 came out in 2013 I have no idea where you got it sold 10mil, I though it was closer to 5 maybe 6mil but OK.
Tomb Raider has sold over 8.5 million copies as of April 2015

Grown Folks Talk1247d ago

You can buy & play more than one thing in the same timeframe. Everybody who has interest in Tomb Raider won't want Fallout 4 & vice versa. And if they do, they can get both. Some people actually buy games they want even when they come out at the same time.

BlackTar1871247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


Fallout sold guessitimate from Vgcharts 9.00 million across PC PS3 and 360 Retail copies

It's safe to assume that PC Digital Xbox digital and PS digital sold more then 1 million over it's lifetime.

Tomb Raider has now been on 4 or 5 platforms? Fallout is way bigger then Tomb raider

i'm willing to bet Fallout sold the most on PC. Is that a reach? I doubt it.

4Sh0w1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

My bad I meant Fallout3 came out in 2008 and Tomb Raider came out in 2013.

#1 If you're going to talk about digital sales for PC the same goes for Tomb Raider, especially since digital popularity is greater now than when F3 released.

#2 More platforms just dilute/split sales between available platforms especially when its available on all the major platforms including pc, in 2008 the people who could buy F3 had less options on where to purchase it, in 2013 for Tomb Raider there were just more purchase options, still same amount of people who liked either game could buy it.

#3 Looks like both games sold about the same(if you believe vgchartz) however TR did it in far less time....doubt I would classify that as "way bigger then Tomb raider".

rainslacker1247d ago

The best thing TR can do right now is move up their release date to October, or move itself to January. November is just a completely crazy month, and the hype for Fallout 4 was immediately higher than ROTTR has ever been. Fallout 4 on Xbox will probably outsell ROTTR 2:1 despite ROTTR being a staple of fan boy arguments over the past year.

It's not uncommon for the smaller games to move themselves around to avoid a big games release. There's no shame in it, it's just a reality that the vast majority of people can not, or will not, buy two games coming out on the same day. I honestly believe that having to pick between the two, Fallout 4 is going to be the game of choice for most people.

rainslacker1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )


I think you're right on the time frame doesn't matter so much to the consumer, however, lets look at it from the publishers point of view.

Given two big games releasing on the same day, those two games are going to be competing for the attention of the buyers on that day. Retailers know that, for the most part, the vast majority of people buy one game at a time. Because of this, they have to make their stock purchases based on which they believe will sell the most on that day. The stock purchases are where the publisher gets it's money, not from the actual sale of the game to the customer. So if one game has twice the number of pre-orders as the other, they'll order more of that game, and cut back on the other.

To the publisher that has the lesser in demand title, it means they lose money when the game launches. As more time passes, people are less willing to pay full price for the game, and after the first 30 days, games that are full price don't move off the shelves very quickly. In addition, used games have already made it to the shelve, and those are typically cheaper than the new game anyways. So, the publisher has to discount the price at the distributor level, so interest will be there for the retailers to buy it, so it will be available to the customer. But at this point, not only have they lost money from the initial day one not bringing in as much revenue, but now they lost out on a higher profit due to the discounted price. However, since the further that time goes on, the more likely it is that some big retailers take on more used stock, where they make a higher profit margin, and so they are even less likely to purchase more new copies from the distributor.

Now, for the holidays, there are lots more games being sold, which is why most publishers wait for the holidays, but games that come out in the first three quarters of the year have more exposure with less competition. Games releasing on the same day are direct competitors to each other, and even the big IP's try to avoid releasing on the same day as other big names, because it's hard to maximize sales for both games when that's kind of an unspoken thing from the publishers not to compete directly on it's big names....although it does happen from time to time as there are only so many weeks in a year.

Because the holidays are so clumped together in terms of sales days, often times, when the people finally do go shopping, most of these games are being sold at competition to one another regardless of when they release, and if you have several popular games to choose from, only one or two are going to get the majority of the sales. That's why waiting, or pushing forward a release date is sometimes prudent for the pubisher.

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xfiles20991247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Microsoft is giving more of the same Halo Forza Gears remaster. Timed Tomb Raider Sony has a bright 2016 and beyond Microsoft exclusives are going to get crushed by Fallout 4 and Battlefront

StanLee1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Wait, you mean the same Battlefront with no campaign, a generic "horde" mode and the Star Wars license? I don't get what you gamers today get excited for? You chastise games for the same things you get excited for others for. Makes no sense to me.

Unreal011247d ago

StanLee is being really defensive. How one can downplay Battlefront is beyond me, it clearly looks very promising, and I'm not even a Star Wars fan.

StanLee1247d ago

1. It has no campaign, no lore, isn't cannon, while using the Star Wars license.
2. Apart from a familiar multiplayer the only other content is a generic survival mode.
3. Even Destiny had more content, more scope, more ambition at launch.
4. Are you kidding me??? I'm not defensive, just showing you the hypocrisy of most gamers.

XanderZane1247d ago

Wouldn't the Sony exclusives also get crushed by Fallout and Battlefront as well? LOL!! Tomb Raider won't get delayed. If anything they will push the release date up a week and launch it before Fallout 4. That would be the smarter move. The XB1 has a ton of games coming out for the 1st half of 2016. There won't be any drought that's for sure.