‘People Buy Xbox Because We Have The Biggest Exclusives’, Says Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg

That is... definitely an interesting way to look at things.

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Thatguy-31094d ago

doubt filled his eyes even before he can finish that statement lol what do ppl expect though? He's MS PR so he's doing his job. It's lies but he has to work with what he's given which isn't much lol

AspiringProGenji94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

"Biggest exclusives," he says...

But there has been nothing this year yet, and none of those exclusives released have topped the reception of Bloodborne yet, a 2015 game

Septic94d ago

"People Buy Xbox Because We Have The Biggest Exclusives"

That's almost as believable as this scene:

Genuine-User93d ago

He was doing so well until that statement. 😆

South Indian Bollywood movies are crazy lol

MegamanXXX93d ago

Microsoft is lost and confuse

Highlife93d ago

Gamers - we want more games more exclusives

Microsoft - here's some new hardware

So out of touch

93d ago
ziggurcat93d ago

@septic: hahaha that gif is A+ hilarious.

GrubsterBeater93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


I gotta say... I have always viewed you as a rabid fanboy of MS, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. I have a lot of respect for the fact that you have been calling out MS on their BS lately.

We all, as gamers, need to hold all of these companies feet to the fire, and it seems like all of us may get caught up in which brands we like, but we all need to stand up to unacceptable practices, and take an objective view of our gaming companies so that we can call them out on what they may be doing wrong, so that we can better the gaming industry as a whole.

JaguarEvolved93d ago

Microsoft reps loves to lie and it's just ridiculous. I like the xbox brand a lot but I'm hopping off the xbox train because of the lack of exclusive titles and the lies and promises of new games coming. A lot of the fanatical fanboys are big liars like the Microsoft reps that would lie about the xbox and it's games or games that suppose to come soon.

Imagine if Microsoft didn't waste a billion dollar to bring out the xbox one x but use that money to open new studios and make new exclusive titles. Fanatical Xbox fanboys have been talking about playing old games in 4k or multiplatform titles in 4k which is nice but there aren't any exclusive titles or new ops coming anytime soon for Xbox one x. Xbox one x is a failure and it's not even out yet

sonarus93d ago

Lol well i guess size is relative

Rude-ro93d ago (Edited 93d ago )


Let's go through memory lane shall we...

Let's go with ALL the sites that were created to show, "where to play the best version*patten pending:Microsoft", differences of third party bloc busters last gen... and then went away once this gen started. Always stating how any difference was "HUGE".(digital foundry:patten pending).
Then how now digital foundry, the only real big comparison site left(rip lens of (Microsoft)truth), never sees a big difference but let's compare PS4 to pc and rip it apart.
Let's go with microsofts marketing dollars campaigning "where to play the best version"..

PS4 players mocked the price and the hard time for microsofts new gen console to reach 900p and at the 3 year drought the 360 had due to Kinect and then revealing the new gen with absolutely nothing new.

You will also remember that 40% of psplus subscribers for the first year of this gen was new accounts. Couple that with the huge gain for Sony in the gaming market spells out the players jumped ship way before "graphics" was the reason... it was due to games.

Let Microsoft put a 4k sheen on this gen games... they still will not be as much or as good as the games and game engines Sony develops, co-create, or fund.
It's that simple.
If a major Microsoft person is literally standing there boasting about exclusives... that is literally spitting on every person that owns their console.
They got called out for monopolizing third party games in order to have exclusives and proving for not being an actual gaming company.
You can not name one AAA new first party game in the last 7 years. 7 years. That is absolutely crazy.

darthv7293d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Damn Greenberg.... how could you say that with a straight face?

I mean maybe on some alternate way of spinning things they may be partially right. Gears is a pretty big exclusive, Forza too and Halo is probably their biggest. Those three right there are probably the biggest exclusives Xbox has.

Come on man, I want new takes on old games if they arent going to give us any new games. How about some long overdue sequels to games like Stubbs the Zombie, Crimson Skies, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Blinx....

Shineon93d ago

Gears 2 is better the Bloodbourne
A 360 exclusive

Dirtnapstor93d ago

Maybe he was referencing file sizes for the new XboxoneX games?!
(Heh heh)

indysurfn93d ago

“The great thing as a gamer is no matter if you’re a fan of RPGs, or racers, or shooters, no matter what kind of game you like, these games are going to look and play better on Xbox One X,”

ummmmm first get some of the JRPG's on your system so they can look good. Then we can talk. Not talking ARPG's but traditional turn based JRPG's.

trumpwonstopcrying93d ago

Wow this article is great example of how people can lie to themselves. Seriously tired of hearing about cuphead being thrown around as a AAA exclusive. They really must have nothing else to get excited for

fiveby993d ago

I think what Greenberg means is they have the biggest in terms of file sizes. /s Marketing people are like politicians. If they say something enough times they convince themselves it's true. PR means Public Relations. But nowadays PR is more synonymous with spin, lying, etc.

modelgod93d ago

You just got 123 likes , and you gave out false information. You said " none of those exclusives released have toped the reception of Bloodborne yet." Look at the sales of Halo 5, and look at the sales of Bloodborne.....I'll wait!

modelgod93d ago

The only PS4 exclusives that sold we'll we're Horizon, and Uncharted; 8 million+, and 3.8 mil respectively. Nioh, Personna, Street Fighter, Nier, etc.. all hovers around the 1.1-1.8 milion mark. All of these great exclusives and less than 3% of PS4 owners are actually buying them. I know a lot of PS4 owners who doesn't have a clue as to what Persona, Nioh, Nier, is. I kind of see what he means because atleast 80% of Xbox owners knows gears, halo, and Forza. Heck, if you want to stick with the ORIGINAL PS exclusives; GOW, Grand Turismo, I'll throw in Uncharted, I don't think 80% of PS4 owners know about those games. I know it sounds mindblowing but the average CONSOLE owner is clueless, and I'm talking about all consoles. I know, as well as everyone on this site, that the PS4 lineup is insane, and alough he is delusional if he thinks Xbox has the beat exclusives, but as far Gears, Halo, and Forza goes, RELATIVE to how MANY xbox owners knows those titles. ....I kind of feel what he's saying. ALTHOUGH.....that's not what he meant.

trouble_bubble93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Dude, those games you listed. Nier Nioh Persona, Horizon, they only came out a couple months ago. Don't go comparing the new kids' lifetime sales already vs Halo which is plural years old.

Ask yourself instead what came out in that same window this year on Xbox to compare realistically. The answer is Nothing. Well actually Halo Wars 2 did. And it bombed at only a couple hundred thousand sold. Where were those 80% of fans who you claim know Halo?

That's the issue. The attach rate on a nonexistent product will always be 100%. You can't brag about 100% of zero.

You forgot to mention infamous second son, KZ shadowfall, Bloodborne which are all near or past 3 million, the same as Gears 4 estimates. Ratchet is over 2 million as is Driveclub. Shoot if Forza is known by 80% of Xbox players as you say, why didnt FH2 sell 30 million? Why should Persona then? It's unrealistic

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-Foxtrot94d ago

This is so sad...I mean I'm actually feeling sorry for them

At the same time though it's hilarious

subtenko93d ago

im not, for the past 3 years there announcements have wasted my time with disappointment...

plus they try to make xbox players peer pressure crossplay with ps4 users knowing well what it means for them with their crafty Terms of service (im glad sony is smart enough to know the consequences)

GottaBjimmyb93d ago

For 2014/15, they would have an argument, but their '16/'17 lineup has been pretty minimal.

-Foxtrot93d ago

Worst part is that next E3, once they use their special PR skills and go on about their line up people will be roped into it yet again not learning for the past 3-4 years that they always disappoint

It's a pain because we have so much evidence and this kind of crap makes it worse. It's like their blind arrogance back when they were trying to make Kinect a thing.

SegaGamer93d ago

Was he being interviewed when he said this ? Because if he was then the interviewer should have called him out on such nonsense.

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Christopher93d ago

Honestly, it's Greenberg. It's not like this isn't his bread and butter type of response. I'd be more surprised if someone else was saying it.

Krysis93d ago

Thank You, people get all up in arms everytime he says something. The problem is that he always says crap like this, so why the dramatic surprise.

Kingthrash36092d ago

Because he needs to know people see through the bu_(×hit. If we sit here and say nothing, nothing will change. If we say something they will get the message ....but the will ONLY act if we speak with out wallets....but doing nothing isn't an option.

rainslacker92d ago

While true, it's almost an internet meme to call him out on all the stupid things he says.

I mean, couldn't he just say, "People buy X1 for the exclusives", without actually trying to qualify the quality(or whatever metric he was using) of those exclusives in comparison to others?

Guys funny because he just says the dumbest things which can easily be torn down to facts even if one subjectively is in favor of Xbox.

Sam Fisher93d ago


"Like a lost little lamb" - hern the vampire in skyrim

stuna193d ago

Biggest exclusive controllers that is! It looked like they had a bowl full of m & m's there were so many colors.

MadPandaSkills93d ago

“People Buy Xbox Because We Have The Biggest Exclusives’, Says Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg”

Would they just fire this guy already.

Aceman1893d ago

Words cannot express who dumbfounded i am with this statement from greenie lol.

Tear11193d ago

but people bought playstation 4 !!

goken93d ago

actually i don't think he is lying...

he said '‘People Buy Xbox Because We Have The Biggest Exclusives’
since they obviously don't have the biggest exclusives... therefore people generally don't buy the xbox. xbo sales will tell you as much.
right? actually not lying

russo12193d ago (Edited 93d ago )

This guy is way worst than Michael Patcher...
I don't know, but, what this guy smokes is very powerful. Or, I'm starting to believe that parallel worlds exists. Must be the answer, he is an alien.

Michiel198993d ago

I actually think he is not doing his job. This isnt 1995 anymore, people know about exclusives and which system has which games now. Flat out lying to the customer is not pr.

He could have focussed the attention on their network, indie support and power of new xbox and mention some of the exclusives they have. Then you are still promoting your brand in a good way while not flat out lying to your (potential) customers

GordonKnight93d ago

Biggest exclusives!

That's like saying Nintendo has the most powerful console.

rainslacker92d ago

By his logic, twice as many people buy PS4 for the same reason....or Sony has 2X the number of exclusives.....or maybe there is no is greenburg after all.

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Abash94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Aaron Greenberg is stuck in the Xbox 360 glory days, it is like he refuses to live in the Xbox One reality

RpgSama93d ago

What Glory days? The Xbox 360 was third that generation, out of 3, or you know, Last. Right now they are just pathetic.

Christopher93d ago

They might have ended last in total hardware but they went from literally no one to a main competitor really fast.

Abash93d ago

Halo and Gears were once massive sellers and were able to move huge amounts of Xbox 360s last gen. Halo 5 and Gears 4 have nowhere near the popularity and relevancy that their 360 installments once had. MS at one point did have some big exclusive franchises but they were mismanaged and milked so they just dont have the same selling power anymore.

JackBNimble93d ago

That has everything to do with being the first to jump into the 7th gen . Had the ps3 been released at the same time , I doubt the 360 would have come even close to the success they had .

Christopher93d ago

First, last, doesn't change the facts now. They are a main competitor now no matter how you look at it.

DarkZane93d ago

@Christopher and now they're back to being no one again. The only competition is between Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft just bring redundancy at this point.

WeAreLegion93d ago

They went from second place to third place. Sony came in, from nothing, and took first place with the first PlayStation.

Benchm4rk93d ago

3rd by what a million or less sales. Totally negligible amount. Some sites even have the 360 selling just higher but who cares. The 360 had the bigger selling exclusives over the PS3. Only the Wii had a higher selling exclusive. The 360 definitely did have its glory days. 2007 and 2008 specifically. Had almost double the software attach rate then any of its competitors. Had more game critics awards then anybody else and had the biggest exclusive released with Halo 3. After 2010 it was all down hill though with their focus shifting to Kinect.

Segata93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

360 did well those early years. The difference between PS3 and 360 in sales is about 1 million. 360 is the best Xbox brand has done and while yeah in the final total it sold last place, I don't think anyone ever considered it a failure like they do Xbox One. 360 was very competitive. Same can't be said for XBO at any point in its life.

Sugreev200193d ago

360 was an unmitigated success for Microsoft. The first Xbox sold 25 million, while the 360 sold about 80 million units. They may have lost their way after the announcement of Kinect and may have relied a bit too much on just 3-4 exclusive IPs in it's later years, but the 360's launch was crucial for the quality of games we're seeing right now. Regardless, PS3's exclusives are the reason why Sony has come back out on top again. It's start may have been less than stellar, but they swallowed their pride and let their development teams do the talking. It's time Microsoft allows their first party developers to do the same. Brand new IPs like Quantum Break are what Microsoft should be concentrating on, if they want to repeat the 360's success.

XMessiah23x93d ago

Yea kudos after 90% of people left the gen ps3 finally caught up.

PurpHerbison93d ago

You guys give Sony way too much credit. I think I even saw someone say Sony came in from "nothing". Okay, the PS2 was never a thing I guess. I also guess the first 3/4th of the last console generation were perfect too. Even during the red ring of death fiasco, 360 was STILL the console of choice. The best thing to happen to Sony was them getting hacked and PSN being offline for like a whole damn month. I'm dead serious too. That lit a HUGE fire under their ass and they started to actually do things. PS+ started to actually become something you wanted to sub for, good games finally started releasing, performance of games started to become acceptable, etc etc.
Without getting hacked, I think they would have continued to pump out mediocrity last generation. Kudos to whoever hacked Sony. Scared them straight.

modelgod93d ago

What do you mean by 3rd? So you honestly would rather have a Wi over a Xbox 360? Don't let sales dilute you. Don't say 3rd when as real gamers we KNOW it's better than the wi. You sound stupid. I guess Vanilla Ice must be your favorite rapper since he sold so many units.

trouble_bubble93d ago

Wrong again. Big wrong

infamous 1 and 2 sold more than crackdown 1 and 2, uncharted 3 sold more than gears 3, GT5 sold more than every Forza ever, MGS4 sold more than Splinter Cell Convictuon, LBP sold more than viva piñata, NiNoKuni sold more than Infinite undiscovery, Heavy Rain sold more than, what crime drama did Xbox even have? GOW3 sold more than, man yeah what is there left by this point? Ninety nine nights lol? Jesus

You had Halo 3 and that's it. That is literally IT. Look it alllllll up on vgchartz at least before talking about bigger selling exclusives. FFS I haven't even mentioned TLOU yet! Gtfo with that alternate history

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Nitrowolf293d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I find it funny because he's been pretty quiet this whole generation and now because his brand has some sort of advantage he's coming out of his hole again


The white menu background definitely reminds me of those glory days

XiNatsuDragnel94d ago

Why you always lyin ? Greenburg just askin'!

k2d93d ago

He's talking about the biggest exclusive flops. Can't fault him on that part.

Relientk7794d ago (Edited 94d ago )

That's just hilarious because they don't have exclusives anymore

WePlayDirty93d ago

“They don’t have exlcusives anymore”.. They kind do.. but they aren’t that great anymore...

WePlayDirty93d ago

I’m getting disagrees why? It’s the truth.

The_Sage93d ago

I don't know. That happens here sometimes.