Microsoft Manufacturing as Many Xbox One X Units as Possible; Response was "Overwhelming"

Microsoft is working hard to meet demand for the Xbox One X during the Holidays, after the "overwhelming" initial response from the fans.

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Deep-throat391d ago

Good for Xbox fans and console only gamers who want the best verisons of FF15, RDR2, COD and other games on consoles.

WilliamSheridan391d ago

Can't wait for Red Dead with the power of X

OffRoadKing391d ago

Maybe we wait to see the comparisons first before we make unsubstantiated claims on games that dont even exist yet for a console that hasn't been released.

zackeroniii391d ago

with a lesser install base and absolutly boring exclusive games that are not even really exclusives...yeah good for xbox fans seeing you guys like to settle for the mediocrity microsoft is selling u guys

Chris12390d ago

@zackeroniii - at least the Xbox fans can make their mind up and aren't swayed by the crap written by trolls on N4G who have an irrational hate of peoples choices.

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Zero_Suit_Samus391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

“Microsoft Manufacturing as Many Xbox One X Units as Possible; Response was "Overwhelming"

Source: Aaron Greenberg.

All that come out of this guys mouth is lies. Best exclusives and now this?

darthv72391d ago

I think he said biggest exclusives and even that is a bit of a stretch. Unless he was referring to the relative number and popularity of Forza, Gears and Halo. I mean those are the biggest exclusives on xbox.

slavish0391d ago

Your comment is a lie he said biggest. The guy is a idiot but you lying does make it better.

Cy391d ago

What do you expect? He's the marketing guy, he's always going to twist things to put Xbox in the best possible light. That's literally his job. If you want more down to earth honesty from an Xbox guy, go with Phil, but you're never gonna get 100% objectivity from anyone who works for a company when they're talking about their company's products.

Kiwi66391d ago

So should he have said that they can't manufacture enough Xbox X's and that they have the worst exclusives because people don't like what he says

DoubleM70391d ago

Yeah just like Sony say they have sold over 60 million consoles. Think about it.

Ding391d ago

darthv725h ago
I think he said biggest exclusives and even that is a bit of a stretch. Unless he was referring to the relative number and popularity of Forza, Gears and Halo. I mean those are the biggest exclusives on xbox.

All of which

have gone down like lead Titanics this gen compared to last gen.

russo121390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

It's a very vague statement, it can be overwhelming if they reached maximum factory capacity, that we don't know. If they can produce 100 or 1000 XOX per day it could be overwhelming...
Aaron Greenberg smoky smoky, this guy lives in the cloud, a smoky one.

Atanasrikard390d ago

I'm sorry you don't agree with his opinion, that doesn't make him a liar however.

rainslacker390d ago

This would be more impressive if they actually opened up the pre-orders for the non-limited edition and it sold out just as quick.

If MS was overwhelmed by selling out of pre-orders on a limited edition console, then they need some new people in their research department.

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Zeref391d ago Show
Obscure_Observer391d ago

Congratulations Xbox Team! I hope the higher ups at Microsoft to recognize Xbox One fan´s passion and provide them with great new exclusive games, new ips and first party studios. ;)

CaptainObvious878391d ago

Sorry greenburg, you're about as credible as kangaroo droppings.

DoubleM70391d ago

Very Beastly!!!!! The Hardcore are buying them. Plus the people that sat on the fence the last few years. Also the people that switch and bought PS4, but they back now.

jokerisalive390d ago

Look how many pathetic people disagreed with your comment? Wait this is n4g and the more I read here the more I see just how anti ms this web site is. Pretty pathetic guys.

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yellowgerbil391d ago

lies. You know how I know it is lies. "Manufacturing as many as possible" Microsoft is worth 80billion dollars, so it is possible for them, at a 400 dollar cost to manufacture, to manufacture 200 million xbox32x's. clearly they won't be manufacturing more than 2 million, likely only a million due to the extreme lack of sales they've already dealt with this year.

moegooner88391d ago

Well, it is Greenberg, so he is just doing his job.

modelgod391d ago

You have absolutely no idea how business works.

modelgod391d ago

Let me ask you a question, why do you think Nintendo always seem to have limited stock when they release a new console?

Christopher391d ago

Right now, it surely is Microsoft taking one from Nintendo's book.

BlackTar187391d ago

Nintendo does it on purpose. That's why

septemberindecember391d ago


I think that's rather presumptuous of you. We should wait for more information before declaring this.

_LarZen_391d ago

You can't explain business to these kids.

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denawayne391d ago

There's a reason why they're worth $80 billion

Christopher391d ago

Monopoly on business software and infrastructure allowing them to buy up competitors with valuable patents?

Death391d ago


Isn't that how successful businesses operate? Sony acquired Gaikai the same way. Large companies like Microsoft and Sony take on risks like this all the time. Sometimes they pan out, sometimes they don't.

Christopher389d ago

Isn't that what I said? Did I say anything inaccurate to the response of why they are worth billions (technically way more than $80 billion)? Did I say they were the only ones or did I keep it just about Microsoft because no one brought up how Sony became worth whatever they're worth until you?

babadivad391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Microsoft is worth more like 561 Billion dollars[ Fiscal year revenue was about 86 Billion]. But that's kind of besides the point. As much as Apple is worth, they still struggle to secure supplies to fulfill orders for their iPhones nearly every year. And the iPhone is where about 70% of their profit comes from. It's their halo product.

Christopher391d ago

That's man made scarcity to get people waiting in lines to create artificial demand by making it look hard to obtain and therefore more desirable as a luxury.

Do people really not understand how this works?

babadivad391d ago


Dude, Apple's new iPhone is the reason why RAM and NAND prices are so high in the PC space right now. They seriously strain supply channels and manufactures that is felt across the industry. Not just smartphones, the entire supply and manufacturing tech industry.

Hell, the iPhone is also the reason why Nintendo is having such a hard time securing NAND for the Switch. That's just one product having such a huge ripple effect. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

morganfell391d ago

"Do people really not understand how this works?"

Just look at some of the remarks here and elsewhere. No they do not understand. They also are unfamiliar with the tactics of MS since their founding.

Death391d ago

Just because someone has money, it doesn't mean they have the budget to do whatever they want. You guys also have to take manufacturing into account. No one is going to make enough of a product to satisfy demand for a long period time. They are going to try to create enough to sell without having to warehouse inventory or risk shutting down due to excess inventory. You can't just tell workers to go home and call them back when you need more product.

Keep in mind this is their first mid-gen upgrade. How many do you think they should make for November and December?

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WilliamSheridan391d ago

LoL look at this guy suddenly knowing about production, cost of scale, and ability of Microsoft financially... LoL

yellowgerbil391d ago

I may not know much about anything, but neither does microsoft :/

Lennoxb63391d ago


Well if MS doesn't know much about anything, I wanna be just as ignorant and rake in all that dough.

ImGumbyDammit391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Get your facts straight. It shows how much you don't know. Microsoft is worth $558 billion or over 11x the size of Sony. Not 80 billion. And what lead do you have that says it cost them $400 to manufacturer the console? Are you an investigative reporter or as I suspect (like your lack of knowledge about of Microsoft's worth) just making things up now. And just like any rich company or person. They stay rich by making sure they don't spend unnecessarily and then adjust. They are more than a Xbox and gaming. You are clearly just being salty.

So, lets talk sales. I am fine to say (as they have said from the get go) the Scorpio was a limited run. What limited means we don't know. I fully expect to see the standard X for pre-order soon. It has been pointed out by multiple people that we do know a thing or two about the amount sold. We can look at Amazon for a simple answer to compare against. You can decide which works for you. But, you may not like what that means for the competition.

1. You can assume Microsoft was playing it safe and gave places a low number they could sell out. Not really Microsoft's modus operandi like it is for Nintendo. But, by admitting the number fairly low it really means the PS4 Pro is selling like crap. Why? Because if one believes those numbers for the pre-order of Xbox One X are set to artificially low or just Microsoft is being conservative then we can deduce the PS4 Pro sales must be out right terrible. According to Amazons own data found in the rundown total sales for 2017 for gaming (calculated hourly and easily visible on their website) that in one day Xbox One X easily outsold the total PS4 Pros Amazon has sold in the last 233 days. Xbox One X (no matter what the inventory given to Amazon was) did more sales in 1 day then the PS4 Pro has done in totality for the past 233 days at Amazon.

2. We can admit that Microsoft had a reasonably large pre-order inventory of Scorpio editions set aside for stores and they were sold out in less than a day at most places. Microsoft was taken back because it exceeded a possibly conservative expectation of selling this much of the limited Scorpios in a week as they have stated. After that weeks time they would possibly react to the sales data and put the regular X up for pre-order and modify their production scheduled. So, is Sony lying when the say the PS4 Pro is 20% of all PS4 console sales? I am more willing to believe the PS4 and by 20% rule the PS4 Pro is selling fairly well (at least at Amazon). However, the Xbox One X sold extremely well and took Microsoft by surprise. Will that popularity continue? That is a question we don't have an answer for and can argue that possibility later in the year.

No matter how look at it, in each scenario the Xbox One X easily did more in sales in a single day than the PS4 Pro's total sales for all of 2017 at Amazon (the largest console seller in the US).

rainslacker390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

Well, we can look at it another way.

MS knows about what to expect to sell in terms of X1S sales. not sure what that's estimated at, but I'm sure MS does.

Going by this, and using the fact they know it won't sell as well as the X1S, and extrapolating a parralel to the PS4P where Sony stated they sold about 20% of new PS4's as PS4P's, we can assume MS would sell about the same amount.

MS may adjust if they think it wouldn't sell 20%, but for us, the above is about the best we could maybe use.

Once you have that number, that's probably the maximum number they'd produce

So, 20% of X1S sales for a 3 month period or so to allow restocks. Probably with a bit added extra for launch window stock where sales will be higher than normal, but likely in the 1-2 million range since that's a fairly typical initial launch number for worldwide release....although maybe less since a mid-gen isn't likely to sell as much on launch as a next gen console would.

I personally can't believe MS was overwhelmed by this. Pre-orders of new consoles sell out the first day all the time. OGX1, PS4, PS4P, WiiU, Switch, etc all sold out within a day. I highly doubt they'd modify their manufacturing and distribution plans at the moment because they have yet to open up supply for the regular non-limited version of the console. If that sells out in a day, and they had a rather large allotment, then sure, go for it, but to me, this seems more like them trying to hype it up using some Nintendo tactic.

bennissimo390d ago

Yeah, companies don't operate like that, yellowgerbil.

yellowgerbil390d ago

Clearly. I find it funny how up in arms so many of these comments got. I was pointing out the hyperbole of his statement, as we all know how false it rings.
I expect they'll launch with about 1 mil systems, because it's stupid to make more because even MS aren't idiots. This thing at best will sell 2 million by the end of its life.

Chris12390d ago

Another dumb as rocks comment. You know absolutely nothing, do you not know how all these assumptions make you look stupid?

lukejd1088390d ago

Microsoft's net worth and its ability to manufacture consoles are not equal. I have 50,000 but I cannot manufacture a single console. You have to have supply for the thousands of components as well as factory capacity. Your comment makes you look moronic.

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PhoenixUp391d ago

Wish Microsoft were as enthusiastic with their franchises as they are with this new piece of tech

Zeref391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Phil did promise that exclusives are the next problem to be solved. As that is the one issue that is likely to take more time.

BlackTar187391d ago

They said that 3-4 yrs ago as well.

They said new games are 2-3 yrs out we're talking 5 yrs of nothing

Zeref391d ago

phil wasn't in charge 5 years ago. He has been head for just 3 years.

Death391d ago


November 22nd of 2013 to November 22nd of 2017 will be 4 years. Xbox One has been out for 3 years and 9 months. I'm not sure if it's more impressive that you talked for 5 years in 3 years time or that you believe "nothing" has come out on the Xbox One.

rainslacker390d ago

He's been saying that for years. They were saying that before he even took over. Before Phil took over, there was more promise that that was the case. Since then, I'm left wondering where that one billion in game investment went.

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PhoenixUp391d ago

You notice how there were more Xbox exclusives during Don Mattrick's reign compared to Phil Spencer's

Auron391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

PLEASE! All those exclusives were helmed by Robbie Bach, J Allard and Peter Moore! All Dumbass matrick did when he came on to scene was casual the f*** out of the 360 and Kinect the f*** out of everything he single-handedly almost killed the Xbox brand with his stupid comments and the direction of the brand. Phil Spencer was given the task to revive Humpty Dumpty and put back all the pieces give Phil Spencer more credit and f*** Don mattrick that's why EA didn't want his ass! Mattrick was so out of touch with gamers it was unbelievable!

Lennoxb63391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Phil Spencer was head of game development when Don Mattrick was head of Xbox. I don't know what the head of game development is doing now.

-Foxtrot391d ago

I feel this is going to be another Kinect and by that I mean make out it's a bigger deal then it is and stretch that positive attitude out as long as they can.

It's like they are going to make so many and people are going to find Day 1 editions years on like the Xbox One Day 1 editions which people can actually still find.

Kribwalker391d ago

You do realize the Kinect sold like 26 million on the 360 alone

-Foxtrot391d ago

But did people give a shit about it? I mean core fans after a year

Nope...instead of we got "Everyone loves Kinect" or "Kinect is something we are focusing on for the fans" when we were all like "Please...please don't"

4Sh0w391d ago (Edited 391d ago )


They are releasing new hardware, of course they are going to upsell it ---What do you propose they do? I mean sure we all can say it needs more meat from 1st party but this news is about response to the recent preorders becoming available ---And I bet if Microsoft were silent you and many more ps folks would be pointing the finger asking why are they NOT saying anything, oooooohhh sales must be terrible? Haha...

xX-oldboy-Xx391d ago

Kribwalker - how many of the 26 mill had buyers remorse? I'll put money on more than half.

TheGamingArt391d ago

It was bundled -_-. No one really gave 2 shitz.

BeOpenMinded391d ago

I felt like Kinect worked better on the 360. It was more responsive. Haven't plugged in camera for a while because I'm paranoid so don't know how much better it is now.

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Kribwalker391d ago

I consistently used my Kinect. I played a lot of dance central whenever we had parties, and people loved it, I used Xbox fitness on my Xbox one pretty consistently. If they would have implemented things better it could have been different, the problem was, for every good game there was an endless pile of shovel ware (much like what we are seeing now with PSVR)

Death391d ago

The problem with Kinect is the same problem PSVR has. With an attach rate of anything less than 100%, devs won't support an accessory. Microsoft had the balls to include Kinect with every Xbox One, but they weren't thinking about PlayStation gamers that had zero Kinect units. Devs look at all PS4 and Xbox Owners (except Cliff) :( There was no incentive for third parties to support Kinect since it eliminated the entire PS4 userbase. Same happens with PSVR which is why we see mostly patched in support and indies. Microsoft has focused on making Xbox One X as idiot proof as possible so it's harder for devs to skip it over taking advantage of it.

rainslacker390d ago

The problem with it this gen is MS isn't supporting it hardly at all, and no dev seems to care that much. Kinect features are scarce in games.

Last gen I agree with you though. Good tech, I made some cool tools for it for my portfolio which eventually landed me a job. I liked it, and could see the potential, but like you said, most of the attention didn't really fall on making compelling content for the hardcore.

bluefox755391d ago

That is the Xbox business model.