Aaron Greenberg promised free games to first one who trades in his/her PS4 for an XB1

Aaron Greenberg works as a Xbox Product Manager and now shows his love for his console by giving away free games to the first person who trades his/her PS4 for a Xbox One.

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CallOfDutyFan1106d ago

I would rather buy a new one than trading it for my PS4!

breakpad1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

really MS? this is pathetic

Why o why1106d ago

Lol....bit desperate. ..maybe its just banter

zeal0us1106d ago

Phil will have to clean up Aaron mess up. Honestly when its seems like MS takes two steps forward Aaron is usually the one that takes them back five steps.

Kratos0Ace1106d ago

I know right? They are so desperate. First the price drop with free games, tomb raider time exclusivity, and now this. They clearly want to close the sales gap but in a pathetic way. So sad. Now I hope the gap widens even more.

bouzebbal1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Greenberg strikes again LOL
Trade it for X1? to play what?
They have no game announcement to make tonight during the most watched event, how can one think of getting an x1 right now?

Halo2ODST21106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Double post

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LightDiego1106d ago

Aaaron Greenberg is a sad little person.

True_Samurai1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I believe he was just joking Around. Doesn't seem harmful to me

Edit: BTW people he was responding to a tweet

headblackman1106d ago

no, that's business and microsoft's not playing. they are in it to win it. so get use to it, because they can afford to play these types of games. they also have the games that make it worth while also, so get use to see this a lot. you should be happy that microsoft is playing for keeps. maybe this will make sony do the same. so don't hate on microsoft for doing something that you know will entice consumers to buy, just get on the ps official sites and force them to do the same thing or better. you guys are good at forcing things, so use your power with the company that you love and make them do what you want them to do in order to compete.

NegativeCreep4271106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Oh No No No...Sony getting third party games like Street Fighter V exclusively for THEIR console...that is what is really pathetic! /s

Aaron Greenburg comes out of hiding after one successful sales weekend.

ABizzel11106d ago

Aaron Greenburg is sloppy trash, always has been and always will be, and they need to get him out of there, or shut him up.

FriedGoat1106d ago


Dirty tactics is all Microsoft has brought to the console industry. You might have Street Fighter 5 if they weren't so dirty.

UnHoly_One1106d ago

It's just a guy joking around, quit freaking out, people.

It's 2 games, it wouldn't break this guy to shell out 120 bucks to do something goofy like this.

If it was Sony you guys would be laughing, applauding, and saying how much you love Kaz or Yoshida or whoever said it.

FriedGoat1106d ago

Kaz or Yoshida wouldn't say that because they aren't morons.

AngelicIceDiamond1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I like MS but I don't like ALL of MS. Aaron is just a clown.

Why would you trade in a console for a few probably cheap games on X1?

Stupid, STUPID buissness Aaron lol damn that's horrible.

Go back to buissness school Aaron.

Docknoss1106d ago

It's gonna be an awesome generation. With these two companies battling like this. Where going to get much more exclusives, Apps, multi media features, free games and content. At the cost of these two buying timed exclusives and all that jazz. It sucks but these are two companies battling for our dollar. Just like in war, tactics matter. But if you buy both consoles you win.

tbone5671106d ago

Hahahaha. Love aaron greenberg. guy is funny. Only people who wouldn't find this funny are ps fanboys.

mikeslemonade1106d ago

Greenburg sucks. I despise Greenburg and Gabe Newell the most in the game industry. Good thing they're fat that constitutes to other things DON'T HAPPEN for them and WILL HAPPEN to them. lol

Death1106d ago

Kaz or Yoshida wouldn't say this because they don't have $120. ;)

Just kidding. Microsoft should probably hire someone to hold Aaron's phone for him though to prevent things like this from happening. Kidding or not he should know it's going to be viewed in the worst possible way.

Mr Pumblechook1106d ago

This week there is a lot of good will towards PlayStation - Greenberg must be feeling the pressure. However this is a disgusting move that is unprofessional and anti-gamer. Phill Spencer had some manners and congratulated PlayStation for 20 years. But Phil needs to control him, the worst thing is that he demonstrated bad judgement by promoting Greenberg over Phil Harrison.

The worst thing is that this damages the Xbox brand that Spencer has been trying so hard to rebuild. Greenberg needs to go. Format wars get people's hearts pumping, but keep it classy.

DLConspiracy1106d ago

Correction, Aaron Greenberg is pathetic. He needs to be removed from speaking for MS.

WombBat1106d ago


Thats exactly how I see it.

Greenburg just doesnt get it. He is arrogant, and tries to distort the view of every news he gets.

Its seriously annoying and pathetic

I love this Phil Spencer guy tho, he seems like hes in touch with reality.

BattleTorn1106d ago

I hate the phrase "desperate much?"

But it's exactly what I thought when I read this.

Like, way to show such little confidence in your product, and its' momentum, by promising to personally walk each person through trade-in.

I would like to think the Xbox Execs have better things to do than pushing units, literally per unit.

XanderZane1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Hhhmm.. I think it was a joke. Looks like it went over many gamers heads who believe everything that's posted on social media. Aaron, apparently took down the tweet, as people obviously didn't get it. I remember Jack Tretton did something like this with the PS3 when it launched. Jack stated, "I'll give $1000 to any gamer who could find a PS3 in a retail store after the X-Mas holidays." Some podcast site called Gamestop live and they said they had plenty of PS3's available. Jack was no where to be found when it was time to pay up. lol!! I guess he was joking as well. How many people remember this?

ShinMaster1105d ago

Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy a game or two, than an Xbox One?

Blaze9291105d ago

how is this pathetic? It's business.

Azzanation1105d ago

You clearly have no idea of clever marketing. Its not desperate, its how you make more sales. X1 is selling like hot cakes, why would they be desperate?

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Pogmathoin1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

No abilitity to read between the lines on this site? Obviously this is banter talk.... Not a serious promotion.... He is just confident of X1, nothing more, nothing less....
Kratos, what do you mean by wanting your gap to widen?

Rare1106d ago

I'd go with, their desperate 😄

LordMaim1106d ago

Friendly banter on his official Twitter account? When your audience is the entire internet, you honestly think he didn't expect to be taken up on the offer?

We live in a culture where there has to be a warning on a cup of coffee that reminds people that the contents are hot, that showercaps have a disclaimer that informs us it only fits one head, and that you toaster should not be used underwater. Have you read the terms and conditions on any product recently?

This was not an accident. It was just a mistake.

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kingPoS1105d ago

You might well be right. It probably was in jest. Unfortunately though, people being poeple, tend to perceive things defferently from one to another.

Gateway MT6706 2008

DragonKnight1105d ago

If it's stated publicly, someone could actually fight and get the games.

I remember one time Pepsi had a promotion, mid 90's I believe, where they were starting their Pepsi Points program. In a commercial they said, albeit in print, that if you could get 1 million points you'd get a plane. Well, someone did get a million points and they wanted their plane. Pepsi tried to say it was a gag, but he took them to court. The outcome was likely just a settlement, but it forced Pepsi to remove that part from their ad and add disclaimers.

So if he posted that publicly, and it's clear he represents MS, that could be a problem.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Wow. They're really becoming desperate. Can you not just accept the fact people like PS4 more than Xbox One? Just let people enjoy PS4 and quit bribing them! This is honestly pretty low of you to do this.

MrBeatdown1106d ago

Aaron's just a smart business man. He knows PS4 is a hot commodity. Those used PS4s go for a premium!

Death1106d ago

"Can you not just accept the fact people like PS4 more than Xbox One?"

This "fact" only applies to the people that like the PS4 more than the Xbox One. It is a fact some people prefer PC, WiiU and Xbox One over the PS4. Some still prefer the PS3 over the PS4. There are many facts besides the one that clearly applies to you.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1106d ago


"This "fact" only applies to the people that like the PS4 more than the Xbox One"

Exactly what I'm saying. This is between Xbox One and PS4.

extermin8or1105d ago

@death more people have a ps4 than xbox one-ergo the people on average would seem to prefer ps4...

RedDevils1105d ago

@Death just look at the sale worldwide sale, it would say which console do the people prefer more and you have your answer. But we all know you prefer xbox by the look of your comment lol

MysticStrummer1105d ago

@Death - Nice non-argument there. You can usually find exceptions to any statement where people's preferences are concerned. Name the most popular game in the world, and there will be gamers who can't stand it.

@Infected - Their desperation has been confirmed since the removal of that "integral" piece of hardware.

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TM3331106d ago

Seriously. Suck it, Greenberg!

imt5581106d ago

Only 2 free games for PS4! Hell NO! How low you can go MS???

XanderZane1105d ago

That's pretty much how you know it was a joke. lol!! Who in there right mind would trade their PS4 in for two games? Wow people really can't be that unintelligent, can they? The gamers on this site amaze me. Life goes on.

kenshiro1001105d ago

Then that was a really bad joke. They aren't helping their image.

stuna11106d ago

Microsoft finally get some good console sales, then true to form everyone get's the big head! This is one of many reasons people are so negative toward Microsoft as a company, because they don't have the slightest clue to what it means to be modest!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

As soon as Greenberg and Microsoft are able to give me free copies of No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, Street Fighter 5, The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, Persona 5, Fairy Fencer F, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, GT 7, Dragon's Dogma/Deep Down, Without Memory, Shadow Of The Beast, SOMA, The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Wild, DayZ, EverQuest Next, and H1Z1 i'll drive myself to the nearest Xbox One retailer and happily trade in my wretched PS4 for a Xbox One because the PS4 has no games.

Death1106d ago

No you wouldn't.

I'm definitely looking forward to Uncharted as well. We all know the PS4 has plenty of games. Probably not the list I would use to show the system has games today though since I'm not seeing many that are actually out yet.

DLConspiracy1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Hey look another list from you. Shocked.

CaptainObvious8781106d ago

MS gains a little momentum on black friday and this little weasel immediately comes out from his bridge he's been hiding under for the past year and runs his arrogant fanboy mouth.

Why hasn't he been fired already?

ITPython1105d ago

Trading in a PS4 for an XB1 is bass ackwards. That's basically saying "Hey, you should downgrade all your multiplat games so you can play on XB1 instead!"

Logic dictates that a rational person should always buy a PS4 first, then an XB1. PS4 has the more powerful hardware and plays mulitplat games better (unless they are gimped) and should be everybody's first choice (in a perfect world where no bias exists).

Muzikguy1105d ago

If this is/was true it sure is sad. I know people out there that would do it too, because here getting free games. Where does the insanity stop?! All this kind of stuff should be telling people to stay away... That's what it's telling me

steven83r1105d ago

Ya would never take this deal. But what people are not realizing is he never said anyone who trades in their PS4 gets 2 free games. He said "FIRST" person to trade in PS4 so just 1 lucky person. Which then becomes a ? of which store? Can't be National.

kenshiro1001105d ago

They need to fire Greenburg. He's making Microsoft and the XBox brand look bad.

UKmilitia1105d ago

thing is and im not sure what rest of world like but in UK a ps4 is £330 and xb1 is £300 on a trade in we get totally screwed in UK and i think thye give about £190 for a ps4 so with that it would cost us £100 ish to downgrade as it is,so the games are not free surely?

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DanielGearSolid1106d ago

Xbox got alittle momentum on BF and Greenberg comes out of hiding lol

vishmarx1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

yeah something tells me it might be a little late for that given the recent announcement and tomorrow's event.
looking at the timing it seems more like desperation to me

SoapShoes1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Considering Greenburg or MS still hasn't made any concrete announcements to being #1 on BF I doubt they were #1 and still got outsold by PS4. I mean they were quick to comment on the first two weeks and nothing else? Last year all the companies knew their rank on BF and had PR the Tuesday after

ABizzel11106d ago


100%, no 238482508234890% true. I can't stand him, he's the ultimate Xbox troll, and Phil would be wise to get him out of any kind of media / social networking before he ruins everything Phil has been trying to accomplish.

RealisticGamer1106d ago

The Xbox One is starting to do really well now; Sales wise and Games, and then you have Greenburg making himself and the Xbox look bad. It comes off as unprofessional.

98xpresent1106d ago

I would never do that BS,

q8kik1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )


I mean, who in their right mind would trade ND and Sony Japan Studio for 343 and Blacktusk ??

The only xbox first party studio that is worth mentioning when being compared to sony's top studios is Turn 10.

MrBeatdown1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

For a limited time only, at select retailers, you can purchase a 500GB Xbox One with two bundled games. We'll also have our employees buy you even more games!

Buy an Xbox One. Please! Anyone?

Aaron's a hell of a salesman. Phil Spencer should have sent him off with Don.

dotwithshoes1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Only the FIRST person who does it. Not everyone. Doesn't seem as bad as the Sony guy who offered some amount of money, can't remember how much, if you could find a ps3 in stock when they first came out.

MrBeatdown1105d ago


I really though Microsoft was going to have all of its employees buy games for everyone.