Microsoft Expected Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Inventory To Last A Week; It Didn't Even Last A Day

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition went out much faster than the company had anticipated.

He also talked about PlayerUnknown's Xbox One exclusivity.

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JaguarEvolved332d ago

Microsoft expected Xbox one day one editions to sell out quickly and they said they were but I still see them on store shelves 4 years later. Microsoft says they have the most exclusive games also but we all know that's a lie

Imp0ssibl3332d ago

Fair point. I still think the console will sell well among core gamers.

Abash332d ago

"Microsoft also expected scalpers to vanish from the earth during that week as well, the declined to comment if they did in fact vanish into the unknown while pre-orders were up"

332d ago
Why o why332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Agreed. I feel the majority of day 1 buyers will be current owners. I wonder if ms will be more candid with the sales figures indefinitely or switch to hush mode after the initial burst of sales. Greenberg is smarter than I gave him credit for.. he knew his well timed lie would increase anticipation and alter some peoples perception for the 1x. He's literally doing his job. Intelligent troll. Hope it does well, yall need something to cheer about.

Bigpappy332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

If scalpers are stocking up on pre-orders, they must bee seeing hot demand ahead. Those people selling pre-orders aren't very good scalpers if that's the case. If I didn't already preorder, I would just wait for the next wave of preorders. I did put the extra effort for the Scorpio edition though. Seeing Scorpio on the X1X will give me a good felling as my intention from the start was to buy a Scorpio. Would play an extra $80 for it though. I could just write it on myself. Every new console has people sell them on Ebay for more. But people paying more for pre-orders this early is silly.

Cy332d ago

Same, though you always need to take what Greenberg says with a grain of salt. For example, Amazon sold out fast, but GameStop still has the Scorpio Edition up for pre-order. Again, not saying the console won't sell, but he's taking one specific set of numbers and implying that they mean more than they do. That's Greenberg in a nutshell, he's the marketing guy through and through.

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ElementX332d ago

It would be interesting to know how many launch editions were produced. It would be stupid to buy one now with the S and larger hard drives.

Septic332d ago

Sorry you're not actually reading the title of this article are you? The 1X inventory sold out in a day. Are you saying that is a lie?

332d ago
yomfweeee332d ago

They lied about X1 day 1 edition selling out. Why is it hard to believe they lied again?

GamingCentaur332d ago

Without actual numbers and data to analyze, this is just vague PR.

How many units were pre-ordered? 500? 5,000? CONTEXT MATTERS.

Neonridr332d ago

@GamerFanboi - safe to assume it was a solid number of preorders. Hard to put a number since it's a limited edition form of the console.

ImGumbyDammit332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

What number of pre-orders work for you? I mean come on. Lets put this into perspective. At Amazon it sold more on the August 20th then the total sales of it's mid-gen competitor, the PS4 Pro, has done at Amazon for all of 2017. That is 1 day vs 223 days of console sales. Is that the type of context that works for you? I guess you could ask Sony for their breakdown numbers. They did say 20% of all PS4 sales are Pros. So, if you think that Xbox One X pre-order sold out numbers are kept artificially low does that not mean it does not bow well overall for the PS4 Pro; a console with total sale numbers for year so low it was beat out in a day at Amazon by the X.

OffRoadKing332d ago

It was only a very limited number of special edition pre-orders, not the "1X inventory" as you'd like to make it out to be. By the way I happily accept your congratulations..

frostypants332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

@Septic, No. That he is lying about how long they expected them to last to create a little bit of buzz. And without sharing actual numbers and given Greenberg's track record, there isn't much reason to believe him. Let's see the numbers if they are so impressive.

bouzebbal332d ago

your post is of those most naive ones i have heard.
try to read between the lines, maybe you'll understand.. unless........

Septic332d ago

Unless what? Answer the question.

Arnon331d ago

GamerFanboi is correct, the phrase "sold out" represents the stopping point of selling your merchandise. It has nothing to do with how many items were sold, but rather deals with the fact that there's no more items to sell currently.

rainslacker331d ago

Not a lie, just no context to decide if what he says is reasonable based on a sales metric which can be used to extrapolate further assumptions.

I remember how MS went on about how the OGX1 was selling out, despite it being available everywhere. All we know this time is that the stores sold out of their allotment, but as we always do to make these pre-orders something bigger than they are, we take these sell outs as indicative of demand without the context.

It's reasonable to assume MS isn't going to produce more than 1 million consoles for launch month(Launch-end of year). That'd be a reasonable expectation based on their current X1 sales, and Sony stating that 20% of all new system sales were PS4P. It's highly unlikely MS will outpace the X1S, and reasonable to assume they will also sell around 1 in 5 as X1X, so that'd be around...well I don't know what MS YOY is, and it's reasonable to assume that there would be some spike due to it being a new console.

rainslacker331d ago (Edited 331d ago )


OK, lets look at these numbers and you tell me what's likely.

The closest game to best sellers on Amazon is Mass Effect for X1 and it is expected to have sold about 330K units at retail this year. Amazon makes up roughly 40% of the retail game market. This means Amazon sold rough 130K retail units of ME:A.

Since ME:A sold this many, it's safe to assume that MS sold at least this many, maybe another 10-20K through Amazon alone. It's reasonable to assume that Amazon wasn't alloted that many units, but we'll disregard that.

There is no game that released this year after the X1X to be able to extrapolate some form of data.

But, Sony sells approximately .75-1 million PS4 units a month, with 20% being PS4P sales. That's 150-200K a month.

7 full months this year, means Sony has probably sold over 1 million consoles, probably about half being on Amazon, but half again due to the US being only half the PS4 gaming market, so we're at 250K units for PS4P amazon sales. We'll put it at 200K.

This seems like a reasonable assumption.

So, you're saying in one day, that MS sold 200K X1X pre-orders?, initial pre-order allotments are typically in the 100-250K range, spread across multiple large retailers. Amazon didn't have enough units on allocation, and if they did, it doesn't really make this limited edition all that limited does it? They do this, because it's kind of a trending representation of products. Come this holiday, you'll see the hot product of the holiday outselling items we know sell in the millions every month.

Sorry, but the best sellers list on Amazon, even when going by the year, also takes into account how quickly and how recent something sold. Not just overall sales.

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Thatguy-310332d ago

Expect to see them on sale in a yr or two from now.

darthv72332d ago

To be fair, Day One editions did sell pretty good initially but obviously would have sold better if not for the forced Kinect in the box.

Had they made Day one's with and w/o Kinect at two different prices then it could have fared much better. Live and learn or lose market share and learn one way or the other MS had to do something to spark some interest.

As for the soon to be released Project X... yeah those sold out but then again we don't know exactly how many were available to preorder to begin with. There are preorders still for the regular X edition though.

moegooner88332d ago

To be honest, statements like these without details/numbers are meaningless.

MegamanXXX332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Lol Microsoft haven't sold 30 million Xbox ones yet

sd11332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

The difference is that day one editions never really sold out worldwide. In Australia for example they were able to be preordered over a month after they were released for sale. Xbox X on the other hand can not be preordered at all, every store has sold out.

Death332d ago

Stock allocation by the manufacturer is easy to gauge. In this case, Microsoft knows how many they made and how many were sold to retailers. If retailers ordered all the consoles made, then it's pretty easy to determine they sold out. This doesn't mean they sold through which is how many sold from the retailers to the end users. It's possible to see them on store shelves after being "sold out" since some retailers might order more than they sell. You also have to take into account the people that preorder and don't pick up.

Trekster_Gamer332d ago

Typical blind troll Sony Fanboy...

Christopher332d ago

I don't believe them at all. They knew it would well out fast.

Death332d ago

I have to agree this is marketing. By saying the console sold faster than anticipated it creates more urgency for those on the fence. People want what they can't have. The first batch of consoles were sold before they were finished.

CaptainObvious878332d ago

Sorry, Aaron. After you made the absolutely pathetically false statement about having the best exclusives I don't believe a single word you say. How 'bout giving actual numbers instead of your PR BS.

Death332d ago

You won't get the numbers for one very big reason. You don't matter. If you were a customer you would simply buy it and be happy. Instead you want to pick a fight on the internet.

Atanasrikard331d ago

Actually, I don't think he said "best" exclusives... I believe what he said was "biggest" exclusives. And even if he did, that is a subjective statement that pertains to how he feels. You can disagree with his opinion but you can't call him a liar because that is his opinion.

LastCenturyRob332d ago

Where on earth have you seen a day one edition Xbox one on the shelf "four" years later? In the middle of the Congo??? In N.America at least it literally did sell out with maybe a handful showing up on shelves a week or so later quickly disappearing."Four years"??? That's a stretch, unless it is a used machine or maybe Japan.

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2pacalypsenow332d ago

Gamestop still has them up for pre order..

ThePope332d ago

So I dont see it available anywhere else so my guess is they are taking more pre-orders than they can fill knowing some will get canceled. Not the most ethical thing to do but its Gamestop after all so not know for that.

BiggerBoss332d ago

Yeah I'm sure that's what it is../s

Death332d ago


Microsoft sold all the consoles they had to retail. The first wave is sold out. Microsoft has no idea how many consoles retailers still have to sell. If Retailers are ordering more, the assumption the manufacturer will make is stock is sold through or at least close enough to justify a re-order.

Gamestop has taken more pre-orders than they can fulfill in the past. It's common practice for them to do this. If you put $50 down and they don't have a console, most likely you will wait since odds are they will be hard to find anywhere else. Gamestop wants to reduce the chances of you looking.

babadivad332d ago


I'm not saying that's the case here, but that definitely does happen.

ThePope331d ago


Of course its not. If it doesn't fit your sad narrative you don't believe it.

rainslacker331d ago

Retailers don't order pre-orders from the console makers. They get an allotment, and that's what they are allowed to sell. Either the full amount, or a portion thereof. Amazon sells a large percentage of their allotment, GameStop sells a large portion, but keeps a sizable portion for day one purchases to get people in the store, and I don't know what Best Buy does.

For the most part, I'm not aware of any company that oversells pre-orders of a console, because they will have enough to put into actual stock when it launches. If they get more allotment, or promised an actual order, then they'll open pre-orders again. It's been a long while since i've heard of massive shortages of pre-orders, and the only examples being individual cases likely due to some screw up at a store level. PSVR was oversold on Amazon, but from what I understand, they never received their full allotment when they were supposed to, and had to do it in waves.

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TheRacingX332d ago

Yeah....its gamestop, sounds like what they did with the switch, they keep taking the preorders and fill the oldest to newest orders when they receive may have to wait another month or whatever until they get more, but they will tell you theyre the victim of being shorted by the company.

LandoCalrissiano332d ago

That's because they have a deal with gamestop, they don't have one with Amazon.

Dario_DC332d ago

Went to buy uncharted and asked if I still can pre-order the Scorpio and the dude told me that they've only sent 3000 in total for all Micromania stores (france's gamestop) and they still have 1000 for pre-order! It's not selling much at all here in France.
Saying that pre-orders are sold out in other countries with these numbers is really nothing special at all.

GHOSTK1TSUNE331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Well here in Germany it's sold out at every major electronics and videogames store including Microsoft itself.

"Ausverkauft" means sold out

BeOpenMinded331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

All of the gamestops in my area were sold out the evening it was announced :/

They only had ten a piece though

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Brave_Losers_Unite332d ago

Microsoft also claims that it has the best gaming library. Next

Razzer332d ago

Greenberg has a habit of embellishing. So yeah, hard to take his words at face value.

filius331d ago

Well they have the 360 and x1 with BC. Original Xbox BC is coming soon too.

2600Thunder332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Expect disagrees for this truth by the Greenberg Lemmings. TONS listed on Ebay by scalpers. They do it with all consoles. Some for $1500. Some for $2000. The Greenberg Kool-Aid is strong!

EDIT: There's still some available 4 days later at Gamestop so all this "selling out" hype is obvious inventory control to fabricate fake demand. Greenberg Marketing 101.

Kribwalker331d ago

And there isn't any available anymore, and I'm pretty sure that was gamestops 2nd wave

PhoenixUp332d ago

Preorders are one thing, but I don't expect this to dramatically increase Xbox One sales, especially to the point where it's selling faster than Xbox 360 again

sd11332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

I am still not sure. If you can see a big difference with multiplatform games then it will get a fair bit of interest. personally I am buying it, but I am also getting to the point of thinking this could be my last xbox console. MS seem out of touch. No Age of empires on xbox (not even a confirmation of the definitive edition), no new game announcements and the Eurogamer interview with Ybarra indicates they have no clue about the needs of customers. They keep saying they are very happy with their allotment of upcoming games this year. He even cited PUBG launch exclusive as a reason to be pleased. Timed exclusives should not be a reason to be content with your console. So as a big xbox fan I think they really need to turn it around.

zuul9018331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

You want to play age of empires on xbox? With a controller? Why? I can only a couple rts-ish game that i thought was good (with a controller) Kingdoms Under Fire The Crusade i think and halo wars. Maybe Goblin commander was alright.

PhoenixUp332d ago

Xbox ran multiplats better than PS2 and that didn't help with sales. Don't see why that would be different now.

Kavorklestein332d ago

Perhaps Because OG Xbox was too new to take a proven contender by storm? And no dvd add on kit needed for PS2 to play dvd's?

Also in regards to this gen, a huge part of beginning momentum for PS4 sales was the slightly better performance... it was being touted as the end all and be all of gaming necessity...
Suddenly that's not important?
What other proof would you like?

PhoenixUp332d ago

Better performance isn't going to mean much when it doesn't have more games than the competition, which is why PS4 was more successful than XO day one and will continue to perform as such.

PrematuaProcrastin8a331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

No, ps4 did not sell better because it had "more games", because the opposite was true, just look at the launch window lineup for the x1 and ps4, x1 had ryse, dr3, forza 5, killer instinct, and titanfall, while ps4 had knack and killzone. Numerous surveys and studies have shown that the number 1 reason people bought the ps4 over the x1 was resolution and graphics.

BeOpenMinded331d ago

I remember that. I wanted a PS early on but the games were getting bad reviews. I didn't care about a small resolution bump then. The bungled xbox launch along with being more expensive were major factors. The worldwide appeal of PS along with being more powerful and cheaper is why it succeeded earlier. This past year I have enjoyed a number of PS games but people certainly have short memories it seems.

PhoenixUp331d ago

@ Pre

Even from launch PS4 has had more games available for it than XO

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