Microsoft Exec Defends Xbox One Exclusive Line-Up While Praising PS4 Games, Hypes Project Scorpio

With the Switch getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and PS4 receiving Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Gravity Rush 2 (among other exclusives), one has to wonder about Microsoft who's biggest news yet this year was cancelling Platinum Games' Scalebound.

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Nyxus564d ago

With the exception of Halo Wars 2, all of these games were released last year, two of them even as far back as September. Those are great games (most of them anyway), but is that really his idea of recently?

chrisx564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Yea its all about hyping project scorpio now to disguise the fact that games are severely lacking on the xbone. Scalebound was cancelled and recently so was ion, yet all we here is scorpio

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen564d ago

Greenberg should stop tweeting. He isn't helping the Xbox cause at all.

RosweeSon564d ago

Scorpio Great, no games still?... same problems power is great but if you still haven't got any Games using any of it it's all pointless.

StormSnooper564d ago

pretty sure MS is doing what they always do. They stop supporting their consoles early (like halfway in the middle of the generation) then focus on the launch of their next console. To MS, once you buy their console, they don't need to pander to you much anymore.

MS will have a strong showing for scorpio's launch, with tons of advertising, and PR. They will have a few heavy hitters announced at launch, then they will slowly do what they always do.

TheCommentator564d ago

It's so obvious that MS is announcing all of its GAMES for Scorpio at E3 that only a Sony fanboy could miss it. You sound like a broken record, and we've explained this to you before, but here you are again with the same misguided comments all of your friends agree with. Sad.

If you disagree about MS having a GAMES agenda for E3, please explain to us all why MS would be debating showing off Scorpio before E3. They already announced several new features, so the reason is not features. It wouldn't be to make room to debut Scorpio (I know it's obvious to most, but given circumstances I wanted to make sure you realized this). So what does that leave besides GAMES?

GorillaTact564d ago

Im excited for Sea of Thieves. If Rare takes it in the direction Im hoping it will be big. Sea of Thieves is a good investment, Scalebound looked generic from the start in my opinion. Im not bothered that it was canceled. Ion I dont even remember, so meh. Im hoping this is the direction the Xbox is taking with its first party stable. Phil Spencer clearly isnt going to sink money into any game, or studio that comes along. Creating a quality stable of exclusives takes a keen eye by management. You cant just keep throwing s*** at the wall hoping something will stick.

I believe downplaying the Scorpio is best for now personally.

2pacalypsenow564d ago (Edited 564d ago )


All the games on Scorpio will be on Xbox one so announcing exclusives for Scorpio would be a bigger fail than the 2013 XB1 reveal, It would leave all current Xbox fan confused since MS has said the Scorpio is not a New generation console but a better version like the PS4 Pro. According to MS the Scorpio is a beefed up Xbox 1.

freshslicepizza564d ago

Even if they announce a bunch more games the responses here would be why would I need Scorpio if they have their games on the PC as well? Even though the majority of PS4 owners don't play games on the PC.

In the end it's become a waste of time trying to talk about Scorpio here. Nothing has changed, same old console wars going on.

morganfell564d ago


Launching a console, even a powerful one, with no games is like shooting a rocket that has no warhead. It might fly up into the atmosphere but when it comes down to earth it is little more than a glorified lawn dart. Games are what gives any console the bang it needs.

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rainslacker564d ago (Edited 564d ago )


It's obvious MS is holding back what games it has for Scorpios release, leaving current X1 owners waiting it out for the good games.

At least last year they gave us QB early in the year.

Early this year, about all there is to look forward to is from 3rd party....and really only Mass Effect.

Am I misguided? Is Halo Wars 2 enough to make MS not worthy of criticism for holding back games....since you admit that they are holding back for Scorpio?

Isn't that enough to show that they don't care much about the current console, and given MS history of lacking support for older stuff, a good sign they may drop support for OGX1 sooner rather than later....because we're practically there now?

Who am I kidding. You won't see it like that. That takes a rational consumer to realize they're about to be shafted. Enjoy your Scorpio for the few years that MS supports it before doing the same thing again.

See decades of Windows and Office support, and their history of older console support for reference.

I have no problem with MS having a games agenda for E3, whether that's true or not remains to be seen. The problem is that their games agenda is likely to be aimed at pushing Scorpio, as opposed to pushing Xbox and showing their support for their userbase in general.

darthv72564d ago

lol @ morgan... what a fail that comment is. Had you said "missile" then it would have been on point but you said rocket. Not all rockets have warheads but all missiles do. No wonder they call you morganfail.

choujij564d ago

"If you disagree about MS having a GAMES agenda for E3, please explain to us all why MS would be debating showing off Scorpio before E3."

They can't. They don't have enough games. Pretending they want to reveal Scorpio early (which in my opinion is just an attempt to make it seem that this years upcoming E3 presentation is very full), is just a marketing tactic that seems to work on a select group of people. After all, they did announce the Scorpio at the same presentation they showcased the One S, right? They have space and they're going to use it to explain why they believe you should buy it. Expect "most powerful console ever" to be one of their biggest reasons.

morganfell564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Not all missiles are surface to surface. What's your point? A missile is the entire system whereas the rocket is what lifts the payload. No warhead, no missile, hence it is a rocket. In this case of reference a lawn dart. It's fairly simple. Shall I say it isn't rocket surgery?

And of course you cannot refute the logic behind the analogy, veiled Sony critic that you have always been.

Don't bother to quote some line or post because you have been, overall on this board, someone that has been for the most part very critical of Sony while most often giving Redmond a pass.

The only fail here is you attempting to play grammar critic, failing in that and and failing to address the real issue at hand. You claim to comprehend the point I was making yet feel literary choices reign over the central subject. Fail. Then again if you can't attack a person's point of view attack the person, right? How ridiculous.

darthv72564d ago

@morgan "Then again if you can't attack a person's point of view attack the person, right? How ridiculous." How ironic that I did not "attack" you as a person and yet you did me. I simply said your comment was a fail and it is.

In general, a vehicle powered by a rocket engine is called a rocket. Missiles are vehicles powered by rockets, to carry "warheads". It was your own words making reference to a warhead hence that rocket would in fact be a missile.

As for my position on sony, I dont attack them like some fanatics nor do i defend them like other fanatics. I give criticism as well as praise but only a one sided observer such as yourself would only see the half they want to. The same goes for the likes of both Nintendo and MS.

zb1ftw777564d ago

The xbox one isn't lacking in games though.

darthv72564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

@zb1... oh but every die hard PS4 fan will say it is lacking in the most important aspect of games ... "exclusives".

Personally i don't put the same amount of weight on exclusives as others do. I just play the games. I generally buy more 3rd party games than exclusives because there are only a few that appeal to me. Halo, God of War, Forza, Gran Tourismo, Infamous, Uncharted, Gears of War...

I spend more time with 3rd party games like shadow of mordor, fallout 4, dishonored 2. I say #allgamesmatter where as others would say #exclusivegamesmatter.

TheCommentator564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Thanks for not answering my question, 2Pac. Also, thanks directing a comment towards me that has nothing to do with my post. I never said "Scorpio exclusives" because MS already said there wouldn't be any. Try answering the question!

Rain, ChrisX didn't say MS was holding back games though, did he? His cynicism is directed towards MS having no games to talk about, which is untrue since they DO have games to talk about... at E3. Really though, tell me how holding back a reveal for E3 is hurting an XB1 owner? Does holding back the reveal also hold back the development process? No, it doesn't. And seriously, quit trying to make it seem like showing a game on Scorpio somehow diminishes the reveal for XB1 owners because it's just not true. The gameplay will be the same on both machines.

Chojij, I respectfully disagree with your assessment, but I appreciate you answering the question with an idea that is at least plausable, so thank you for that. When I look at E3 last year, I recall that MS said that they were working on unannounced games and we still haven't seen them unveiled yet. IMO, the fact that they didn't show them last year suggests to me that MS is quietly building games they will be releasing soon after their E3 announcement. It's great that we can both intelligently debate about the subject. Chrisx, however needs to back off of the, "why don't they show games?" rhetoric though, because we've answered that question for him already and it's fallen on deaf ears, and that makes his approach at this point neither a debate nor intelligent.

LexHazard79564d ago

How do you know there wont be games using that power? Lol.. I bet State pf Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown3 will all have Scorpio updates..and those are new games. Also we dont know what they have for E3. Either way I have so many games to play and many to finish, that not having a ton of exclusives doesnt bother me. And I have a PS4 Pro so thats been keeping me busy aswell.

morganfell564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

" In general, a vehicle powered by a rocket engine is called a rocket. Missiles are vehicles powered by rockets, to carry "warheads".

Which is why I stated Scorpio was similar to firing a rocket - no payload or warhead so thanks for confirming that when it doesn't carry a payload it is a rocket...which is what I stated from the start. I was right, you were wrong.

And you failed twice to address the issue of Scorpio or Xone having exclusive titles. Double fail. This is to be expected when you enter a thread, ignore the main issue and instead seek to belittle a person as you attempted and failed with me. And for what? Grammatical choices. What is next, spelling? How about the issue at hand? You are swinging at the wind, trying to hit a homerun and nailing yourself in the head with the bat.

Game, set, match.

Mr Pumblechook563d ago

This article is clickbait because the content doesn't match the title. Aaron Greenberg did NOT praise the PS4.
He is well known for not ever directly saying PlayStation and praising the games so reading the title I was surprised that is why I clicked. In response to a question about Uncharted and Horizon being superior to Xbox offerings he says 'also great games! I have both systems and plenty to play.' Which can be a diplomatic answer but 'plenty to play' means he hasn't actually play them. If he said 'I've played Horizon and it is great' then that would be praise!

Sorry Gaming Bolt - keep it sincere.

BG11579563d ago

@Thecommentator So what you're saying is that MS is actually screwing up with Xbox One's owners by not developing or releasing almost any game on the Xbox One, just because they have a new console coming around... So basically Xbox fan's are once again getting the short end of the stick.
You know Ps4 fans couldn't care less about what games come out for the Xbox One, they have already a lot of good games that came out this year, plus a lot of other games that will come out this year.

TheCommentator563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

No, BG I actually didn't say that, and I even reiterated that there aren't Scorpio exclusives in a second post. SCORPIO GAMES ARE XB1 GAMES!!! What is it with PS fanboys, in general, not having the skills for basic reading comprehension? If this is how you guys understand context when you read, it's no wonder you also argue that MS has no games. Ignorance at it's finest...

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DaDrunkenJester564d ago

PS4 has some big gaps in game releases also... its just they have been killing it this year already. UC4 launched in May and then they dind't have anything until October with PSVR, but then nothing until November for standard PS4.

Xbox released a ton of games last Holiday and its only early March and they still launched Halo Wars 2.

DaDrunkenJester564d ago


Yes technically you're correct they have had some 3rd party and some smaller Japanese titles released in between their bigger games. My bad.

DaDrunkenJester564d ago


Quote :

also lmao on your list, someone got triggered.


At least i'm right! Unlike you who spew bullshit.

Like I said, yes you're right if you want to count 3rd party and small Japanese games. Has Persona 5 even got a US release?

tyasia0564d ago

DaDrunkenJester: "Yes technically you're correct"


Razzer564d ago (Edited 564d ago )


Persona 5 releases next month! LOL

butchertroll564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Quote :

Like I said, yes you're right if you want to count 3rd party and small Japanese games. Has Persona 5 even got a US release


Dead Rising 4 is Capcom's IP, not MS's IP. So, it's MS 3rd party exclusive ( if you want to count 3rd party games ). I mentioned "In Japan" for Persona 5 because it came out last October in Japan.

TomatoDragon564d ago

You know...are you, and the xbox brand, really in a position to look down on third party and japanese games? For as starved as the Xbox One is for needs everything it can get at this point.
And Persona 5 releases in April.

GorillaTact564d ago

Good grief butchertroll take a chill pill and stfu.

butchertroll564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Quote :

UC4 launched in May and then they dind't have anything until October with PSVR, but then nothing until November for standard PS4.


You're so goddamn wrong in any possible way.

This is the list of PS4 exclusives in 2016 ( and i only mentioned retail games and PS VR games are excluded ) NOTE : some PS4 games are on PC too, but also Xbone titles as well. But nevertheless, i counted them as exclusives

January : Nitro+ Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

February : Street Fighter V, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Megadimension Neptunia VII, Gravity Rush: Remastered

March : The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition, Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, MLB 16 : The Show, Nights of Azure

April : Ratchet & Clank Reboot ( Xbone - Quantum Break , first exclusive game for Xbone in 2016! IN APRIL )

May : Uncharted 4, Valkyria Chronicles: Remastered, Shadow Of The Beast

June : Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, Grand Kingdom, Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness

July : I Am Setsuna, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force,

August : No Man's Sky, God Eater 2, The King Of Fighters XIV, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X

September : Persona 5 ( In Japan ) ( after long pause finally - Forza Horizon 3 and Recore on Xbone)

October : World Of Final Fantasy, Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky, Dragon Quest Builders ( Xbone - Gears Of War 4 )

November : BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Steins;Gate 0

December : The Last Guardian ( Dead Rising 4 on Xbone )

Like DaDrunkenJester said, PS4 had no games last year since May. And Xbone had tons of games last Holiday - JUST 2 OF THEM ( GeOW 4 and Dead Rising 4 )

My same post was flagged as "inappropriate" bucause i said "shut up" to the member DaDrunkenJester. So, sorry because of that.

GorillaTact564d ago


lol wow, hope you are making good money, your probably management. Couldnt let that precious list be silenced could you lol

Trez1234564d ago

Smaller Japanese games? Google dragon quest builders and see that it sold over a million last year and its a quality title too. If that's small then alot of xbox one games are small. I think xbox has games it's fans want so just enjoy them instead of calling games you don't know about " small" because worldwide, those so called games are doing pretty good.

To be honest, Japan is on top form at the minute and make no mistake, Western devs need to up their game.

rainslacker564d ago

The gaps are filled with a lot of third party exclusives. But the appeal is going to vary depending on the month. Middle of last year was kind of low on the release list though, I can give you that. This year is pretty much packed with releases, which MS will receive some when they're multi-plats.

As of right now, it's just more that we know more what Sony has coming...likely not all this year....whereas MS is holding back for making Scopio more appealing even though all those games will work on OGX1 as well. We can extrapolate what MS is likely to release this year, and show off at E3 based on their current release schedule and the 1st party available to them. That leaves the only unknowns what they have with 2nd party, or potentially third party exclusives. Given MS current direction, I'm not sure 2nd party is going to be that robust, and 3rd party is likely to just be timed stuff.

ger2396564d ago

I think jester might still be drunk.

kreate564d ago


U pretty much pwned them w that list

jasonpugh564d ago

So many PS4 trolls gave you disagrees. Realize you can't fight off stupidity in large numbers.

guyman563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

"Xbox released a ton of games last Holiday" "but then nothing until November for standard PS4"

Shows how little you know

Ps4 - World of final fantasy, dragon quest builders, the last guardian

Meanwhile the xbox one had:

Forza, gears 4 and recore.

That's far from a "ton" of games.

Dead rising 4, is not an xbox one exclusive.

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Relientk77564d ago

Just proves that the majority of Xbox games release during October to December

alb1899564d ago

How far is last year?
I mean I remember last 3 months of 2016 when all of does games where the news and ps4 hasn't anything but the last guardian.

ShadowWolf712564d ago

PS4 also had Dragon Quest Builders and World of Final Fantasy during those last three months.

trooper_564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Microsoft needs NEW exclusives. Not one or two, but several. They're not doing enough to convince anyone why they should pick an XB1 over a PS4.

Lonnie18564d ago

Right like several months ago now lol

564d ago Replies(1)
XanderZane564d ago

DR4 and Halo Wars 2 would be the most recent, but they haven't really given us much for 2017 in terms of 1st party titles. Scalebound & CupHead were original scheduled to launch this Spring, but Scalebound got cancelled and CupHead got delayed again. They need a lot more 1st party exclusive and a bunch of 3rd party exclusives as well. Microsoft aren't good at planning ahead. They never seem to have many fallback plans.

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tyasia0564d ago

Well... for the first time probably ever I agree with Greenberg... If you want to play good exclusives buy a PS4.

GorillaTact564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

That depends on how a person defines good. I dont think 90% of the people commenting in this story would say those Playstation 4 exclusives are good if they were Xbox exclusives instead. Maybe if there were a massive crackdown on shills and shill ran websites having access to this site a person could actually have a worthwhile conversation. Im sure there is a way to identify who and what sites are the culprits feeding poison to this site, and by extension a chunk of the gaming community. lol We definately know which company is paying them.

rainslacker564d ago

Just look up the owner of the site using whois. Then do a google search to find out what that company is. If it's a marketing company, it's likely a shill site. Not always, but if you'd dig far enough, you can find what other sites they likely run as well.

Once you do all that work, I expect you to actually have a worthwhile conversation though. because you don't ever attempt that that I can tell.

Chevalier564d ago

How much is MS paying you Gori? Seems like all you do is make excuses for MS and downplay PS4 games. Especially your garbage reasoning for cancelling Scalebound. Really love this Phil is getting more quality over quantity excuse too. Not sure I would call most of Xbox exclusives this year 'quality'. Guess we will find out in 6 months when the next exclusive drops.

GorillaTact564d ago (Edited 564d ago )


That isnt how to find out if a site is a shill site. Thats a wild goose chase, and Im betting you already knew that. A meaningful conversation on this site seems impossible, believe me Ive tried.

I make fun of trolls using exageration, I do it with a smile on my face because I know its exagerated to the point of being ridiculious and its funny. Psychotic trolls do it in all seriousness because they feel inadequate. Shills do it because they need money and dont give a damn about gamers and gaming. I have fun with it because, being a diehard optimist, I believe all of them would be embaressed if their behavior and who they are irl were made public.If either group really gave a damn about gaming they would cut the 4th grade bull**** out and act their age. It gives regular adult gamers like me a bad rap. You understand what the word stereotype means, right? Gamers already have been stereotyped as childish, violent, basement dwelling, wastes of life. Does that sound familiar? If someone actually cared about gaming they wouldnt be loading the gun for the people who are looking down on them.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen563d ago (Edited 563d ago )


Your comment is nonsense. You say 90% of wouldn't say that these PS4 exclusives are good if they had the Xbox moniker instead of the PS4 moniker? If what you were saying is true then you'd have to dismiss reviews, comment history, Youtube videos, and other websites that overwhelmingly praise The Last Guardian, Tales of Beseria, Nioh, and Horizon Zero Dawn. You're essentially saying that there is a mass conspiracy that's Pro PS4 and anti Xbox One. You have completely dismissed the possibility that people are actually enjoying these games. I am thoroughly enjoying Tales of Beseria, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nioh, and believe me when I say that whatever system that these games are on, THEY ARE GOOD.

GorillaTact563d ago


Changing the meaning of what I posted would change the outcome, sure.

modelgod563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

I'm more die hard xbox than anyone who ever visited, or frequents this site and I'm telling you your DEAD WRONG! MS might have hit us with a few exclusives such as Recore, Gears, Forza, and Halo but they pale in comparison to Nioh, Horizon, Gravity Rush 2, U4, etc... Sunset Overdrive was cool, but they can't rest their laurels on Gears, Halo, and Forza forever. I'm starting to figure MS out after 10 years and this is what they're doing. They're spamming us with the same recycled exclusives because most of them are multilayer games and they want to say that their console is being used X amount of hours, when in fact it's the same recycled bullshit. I love my online experience, but the only game that compares to Sony's heavy hitters is FH3, and it's a racing game. Titan falls was probably the most revolutionary exclusive because AT THE TIME it was different than your average shooters. Earlier in the generation whIle sony was selling tons of PS4's, MS dId have a better lineup but Sony had TLOU remake, a beautiful but sub par ORDER, a beautiful but sub par DC, and a ton of great indie exclusives. The Sony community had faith because they knew what the future would hold. Although not a great game,but they even snatched up SF5!! then they hit you with Bloodborne, Personna, Nioh, Gravity Rush(on the way), Horizon, U4, spiderman( on the way), nier isn't too shabby, and MS is lucky that Dead man's sky fell a little short. All we have is Gears,Halo,FH3, Sunset, Quantum Break, and Recore. 3 recycled franchises, 2 good; but not great titles, and recore under delivered. The cancellation of Scalebound, along with not being able to get fabled up and running killed MS. The only way MS can claw their way back is if they make a new Knights of the old republic, get a ninja Gaiden exclusive, make a new Abe's game, hit us with Alkan Wake 2, try not to lose Shadow Complex 2, and make the Milo tech a real thing, and hope developers jump on board with making exclusives for the Scorpio. I'm playing Battlefield, Resonance of fate ( 360), and phantasy star 2, that's sad!! My loyalty will remain with MS, but I will be purchasing a Pro within the Next week. When the Switch drops in price I'll purchase Zelda then probably sell the switch. Nice vision, but not practical for Americans, it's more of a Japanese cultural based console. SEA OF THIEVES YOU BETTER KICK ASS!!!!

GorillaTact563d ago


Maybe instead of visiting here, and proving my point, you could visit a 9th grade English class and learn about paragraphs and sentences.

Chevalier562d ago

Sounds like a bunch of sh!tty rhetoric. Wow. Just full of it.

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TGGJustin564d ago

None of those except Halo Wars 2 was recent. All the others are 4 or more months old at this point. That isn't recent Greenberg. Not only that but ReCore and Dead Rising 4 turned out to be disappointing games and Gears 4 is the worst reviewed mainline entry in the franchise yet. Meanwhile the last 4 months on PS4 have been nothing but hits. The Last Guardian, Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, NiOh, Horizon: Zero Dawn, NieR Automata, Tales of Berseria, Resident Evil 7 in VR which is the best way to play it, and more. Then you have MLB The Show 17 which always does well and Persona 5 coming soon. I'm sick of execs like him only caring about the Holiday period.

zuul9018564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Oh boy we're now at using Resident evil 7 VR as ammunition, whats next?
Sonys call of duty has 3 more guns? Nintendos Madden has Ryan Leaf as a dlc QB? Microsofts Soul Caliber has spawn?
Just seems like you were reaching when theres no need to, you stop your list after Zero Dawn, remove future "potential" scoring games (never understood that one, what if the game sucks? Happened with star ocean, tales of zestria, gears 4, far cry 5, etc.) and your points still made but you seem like much less of a fanboy, although admittedly youd still seem like a bit of a fanboy.
If we're using future games as validation of a consoles awesomeness, microsoft has halo 6 7 and 8 and nintendo has mario 50 51 and 52. Sony has The Very Last of Us 9, Bachet and Rank 13 and so forth.

S2Killinit564d ago

Ummm Resident Evil in VR was like the best gaming experience ive had.

zuul9018564d ago

@S2Killinit Ya? Well Soul Calibur was best on Gamecube with link over ps2s tekken guy i think? And microsofts spawn.

rainslacker564d ago

REVR is widely considered as one of the premier examples of what VR is capable of practically validating the new technology in the modern age. So, yeah, I'd say it's worthy of being added to a list.

zuul9018564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

People really disagree with gamecubes soul calibur being the best of those three?

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Youngindy21564d ago

That's true, but before that what did the PS4 have. PS4 kinda went through the same type of drought Xbox One is experiencing right now.

SpinalRemains138564d ago

Bloodborne is still my favorite game of the gen, so there's that.

Chevalier564d ago

Actually PS4 has had consistent amount of exclusives from year 1, it's just you guys all seem to move goalpost and exclude them as 'niche'. What's even more hilarious is that you guys ignore these 'niche' games, but, open up your arms welcoming even more niche indie games, like State of the Decay, Cuphead. Plus a bunch of those games you guys call niche sell over a million copies easily, like Tales, Nioh, Dragonquest main series/Heroes/Builders etc.

gangsta_red564d ago


That's funny because no one uses the term "niche' until you guys have to explain why a game didn't sell well on the PS4. What's even more hilarious is one of your other comments here you're saying something along the lines of Xbox having no games except for Halo or Gears but here you actually acknowledge that there is more coming besides those two games.

Chevalier562d ago


Your point is? There are what 5 exclusives of not so far for Xbox that we know and that makes you excited? Seriously? Talk about setting the bar low! Mark my words there will be more exclusives in the first 4 months of this year for PS4 then Xbox ALL year. Highest rated ones will be on PS4 as well.

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Gaming4Life1981564d ago

Dead rising 4 and recore wasn't disappointing games, maybe to you but both were good games. Gears 4 is a great game but I know people like to hate Xbox games. The fact is ms just needs more exclusives not that their exclusive are bad.

guyman563d ago

They were both disapointing, especially recore.

Dead rising 4 is not an xbox exclusive