Xbox Scorpio will bring “Really True 4K” in their games

Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing of Xbox, has offered interesting statements during the FanFest brand held in Mexico. Among them, he commented that Xbox Scorpio, the new console from Microsoft, will offer "really true 4K" in games.

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moegooner88679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Must be driving MS and Greenberg nuts seeing how well the Pro is doing. How many times will they have to repeat this over the coming year ? Pro will probably get a price cut by then. Good luck.

Abash679d ago

Well that's what happens you basically say "Our answer to the competition is a year away from when they launch their machine".

Septic679d ago

What's wrong with that? If the result is doing 4K properly then so be it.

Can Sony guarantee 4K native for ALL its first-party games? 🤔

Their answer to the competition, regardless of the year 'delay' is a good one just on that basis no?

christocolus679d ago


So? Don't they have a right to talk about the features of their upcoming console at their own event?

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XStation4pio_Pro679d ago

yeah but its technically superior on every level. I bought a ps4 pro and I'm super impressed with it but it only feeds my excitement more to have a machine thats even more powerful

Automatic79679d ago (Edited 679d ago )


You can give Sony a free pass when it comes to game delays, specifically, commenting that you rather they delay a game to polish it.

Surely you can give a free pass to the Xbox Scorpio and allow for MS to polish and fine tune all the features for true 4K gaming, VR experiences, Bac Compat, Ultra HD Blueray and fine tune Xbox Live for all the beautiful bells and whistles that will be ready on day one.

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XanderZane679d ago

Sony said the same thing with the PS3. No different really. I don't see the problem.

TKCMuzzer679d ago

@ Septic
Actually, proper 4K would be at 60FPS if we are being nitpicky. Microsoft are in a tricky position because they are almost selling the Scorpio as their next generation of console but then they say they don't want to split their user base. The problem is by the time the Scorpio gets going we all know the next PS will be on the horizon pretty much forcing MS to make exclusives for the Scorpio to compete, pretty much killing the Xbox One in the process (well unless they do that earlier, which lets be honest, they could well do).
With 4K taking so much power just to hit the resolution natively, how much more juice is left to produce better effects. There are more powerful PC's out there already at levels the Scorpio won't hit.
Maybe both companies should have waited until it would have been a real jump in power, yes 4K, 60 FPS with power to spare. It's all a bit of an in between at the moment to be honest.

kassler679d ago

Interesting that he uses "really true" 4K instead of Native 4K.

_-EDMIX-_679d ago

@Sep- "Can Sony guarantee 4K native for ALL its first-party games?" Can MS?

Neither can guarantee that because developers make games, consoles don't. Seriously bud, read up on why a game runs a resolution as your post sound very uneducated. How can Sony or MS or ANYONE know I'm making a game that is extremely demanding, with HUGE textures and tessellation?

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bouzebbal679d ago

Septic smh -_-
It's much more than just 4K for every single game.
The question is: which games??
3 years now and we have seen nothing crazy on this console. How could you be so sure next console will guarantee proper games for the console?
scorpio will deliver 4K, we all know that. But they have everything to prove in the games department. People are insecure about this brand, more than before because they had nothing else to do than release a more powerful console.
I think they should have make a more powerful X1S on par with Pro and invest money in making games.
Power is just a small factor in the equation.

Reckless_Love679d ago

The thing is, and I'm a PlayStation guy really, that Microsoft is primed to put out a superior machine on all the fronts that matter.

Sony made a choice to clearly display this a mid cycle evolution and as a result it's not a particularly substantial boost in the power required to truly be upping the games.

But the choice to not have a UHD blu ray reader is a bit problematic. Especially when MS are going to be bringing out a games system that aims for true native 4k worth a great power boost, a 4k disc reader and hopefully bitstream support before release.

I hope they get framerates locked up on it because the Pro coming out lesser than Base hardware is for now largely disappointing.

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TankCrossing679d ago

@Edmix Of course they can make guarantees about the features of first party games. You need to read up on the role of a publisher :-/

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Sitdown679d ago

You do realize there was rumblings about Scorpio well before Neo.... And then they announced it first at their conference. Ahhh, but the heck with facts, it doesn't fit your story line.

Why is it vaporware, because you don't have your hands on it? You think things just go poof, and then are on there store shelf the next day. Your post is desperation..... Microsoft doesn't need to beat Sony in order to be profitable, but of course you probably can't grasp that. Console wars stress for fanboys, profits are for the businesses.

Realms679d ago (Edited 678d ago )


Right!! because MS can do 4K correctly. LOL MS has a history of promising the moon and falling short!! The power of the cloud. LOL If they get right it will awesome but they are constantly making promises only to fail, and yes they gave gamers more options but it wasn't until their console was turning into vaporware selling it so cheap that many gamers picked one up. It's all about pricing if this thing comes out and is the most powerful console but the price isn't right it will fail Sony learned that the hard way as did Sega with the Saturn and the NEO GEO. A 500 or higher console will be a hard sell specially because at that point you could start thinking about building a PC now that their games are also on PC.

Kingthrash360678d ago

Here we go with "true 4k" again...but now it's "really true 4k"...since native 4k is on the pro already they need to add a buzz word to keep the scorpio hype train going lol. So I ask again....what is "really true 4k"?

strifeblade678d ago

i dont know why people sugar coat this but whether or not the ps4 runs 4k on games it will never run nearly as good as the scorpio when the scorpio has 6TF and the PS4 has 4. If that game runs 4k on ps4 it thats fine but you cant deny the fact with all the extra power under the scorpio it is goin to run and look that much better.

Ju678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

If MS forces the devs to run every "native" pixel in 4K then the Scorpio will run into the same performance problems as the pro with the stupid 4K downsample to 1080p crap which is going on.

The Scorpio will run games better and faster than the Pro at 40% higher resolution. But if MS does not include something similar like checkerboard, that will require much more bandwidth than those 40% to achieve the same result.

Scorpio games will do the exact same thing, also supporting dynamic resolution, hitting higher resolutions than the Pro, of course, and hitting "real" 4K more often.

The point will be, though, will it matter? More and more developers employing dynamic resolution scaling and in he worst case the Pro renders 1440p @ 60fps and the Scorpio those 40% more which will get you closer to 2160p. You can hope that Pro games will get closer to 1600p or 1800p - which will allow MS give bragging rights to shout "real 4k" - because that's what those games will be able to do when you have 40% more power.

But that's it. And then we will have all this pixel counting and arguing why one can see 2160p over a 1800p game on tiny micro pixels on a 55" screen over a distance of a living room. Happy times ahead.

There is nothing "more" real with the Scorpio than there is on the Pro, just another (smaller) step into a even faster machine.

Christopher678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

@Septic: Where did Abash say it was wrong?

@christocolus: Where did Abash say they didn't have the right to talk about the features of their upcoming console?

@MichaelLito79: Where in Abash's post did he say MS couldn't do anything or that Sony couldn't do anything about delaying for improvements? Why did you even make this about Sony fans doing something versus them doing anything else?


All of you are jumping the gun and adding in what isn't there. Almost as if you're being overly defensive. Or just treating a simple comment of MS doing exactly what they are doing as a derisive comment. It is a comment that says exactly what MS is doing, nothing else, nothing more.

Septic678d ago


"@Septic: Where did Abash say it was wrong? "

I didn't say it was wrong. I asked him a question. It appears that he is implying that it is a negative. He could simply answer "nothing wrong with it at all".

"It is a comment that says exactly what MS is doing, nothing else, nothing more."

Do you want to read the comment to which he is replying to? It might add some context to you.


Sony can't guarantee first party titles in native 4K I personally would have prefered Sony waited out the year also..

But their need to rush the pro will show to me that they expect to try keep momentum going on sales but truth is it's slowed down a lot for a while now..psvr and the pro won't change that

Christopher678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

***Do you want to read the comment to which he is replying to? It might add some context to you.***

Of course. What does Moe thinking the success of Pro (debatable) must drive MS and Greenberg nuts have anything to do with Abash saying what he did that would lead you to even thinking he was saying anything was wrong with it at all?

Again, I fall back on being defensive as the reason for such responses.

Fact is, MS is saying what they are now to remind people during the PS4 Pro's release and upcoming big Holiday Season that they can wait one year for a better machine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but that's exactly what they are doing. Just like how they chose to wait a year to put out a more powerful machine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I posted a while ago how both decisions are probably the most competitive decisions between Sony and MS we've ever seen, and this is how it is played out. Sony has the advantage of early release with slight improvements over current machines on the market. They get one full year of advantage here, though more than likely only about 9 months until E3. Whereas once Scorpio is out, that's it. It takes the power crown. And guess what Sony is going to do then? They're going to make it about price. The exact same thing MS is doing right now with the Xbox One S.

So, when Abash says what he did, that is absolutely what MS is also saying and it's the negative element that Microsoft has to deal with now. How are they dealing with it? By saying a ton of stuff about Scorpio without any true details other than "it's going to be better than what you have now." It is also the ONLY advantage Sony truly has, the one year head start. And once it's gone, it's gone.

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sammarshall102679d ago

The reception to the Pro hasn't been the greatest

King_Lothric679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

That's according to Xbox Fanboys but here, let's take a look at reality:

PS4 console sales up 204% following Pro launch.

Razzer679d ago

But that is coming from you must be doing awesome.

Death679d ago

204% week over week is impressive. The Xbox One S was 1000% the same week it released owning over 70% market share for the reported period. Without knowing what the actual sales are, the percentages don't tell us much other than It's an upwards trend.

ger2396679d ago

you have data to support your claim? Or is it wishful thinking?

kevnb679d ago

It feels like Microsoft sabotaged it a bit media wise, but actual real world response has been good. In a few months all the media will admit the pro is awesome.

snoopgg679d ago

Hey Sammy the ps4 is great. There's my reception.

Ashlen679d ago (Edited 679d ago )


PS4 hasn't even been on the market for a full week. Don't you think your taking count a little prematurely?

TKCMuzzer679d ago

Which reviews have you been reading? they are pretty favourable to be honest.

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Aenea678d ago

That's because you mostly frequent Xbox websites or believe what the other Xbox fans say....

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miyamoto679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Doesn't the PS4 PRO play "Really True Native 4K" games already?

@ Skeptic
At least something is better than your nothing...

The Last Of Us Remastered (Native [email protected] with the best shadows + HDR)
- Smite (Native [email protected])
- The Elder Scroll Online (Native [email protected])
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Edition (Native [email protected])
- Mantis Burn Racing (Native [email protected] / Native [email protected] for 4 player split-screen)
- Wheels of Aurelia (Native [email protected])
- Futuridium EP Deluxe (Native [email protected])
- forma.8 (Native [email protected] + 8xMSAA )
- Rez Infinite (Native [email protected])
- Hustle Kings (Native 4K)
- Thumper (Native [email protected])
- NBA 2K17 (Native [email protected] + HDR)
- Bound (Native [email protected] + MSAA x2 upscaled from MSAAx8 in normal gameplay / in VR mode: rendering to 4K internal screen which is then supersampled to 1080P display in PSVR + new effects like volumetric lights + sharper shadows)
- Viking Squad (Native [email protected])
- Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (Native [email protected])
- Neon Chrome (Native [email protected])
- The Witness (Native [email protected] + HDR)
- Ni-Oh (Native [email protected])
- Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA - X HD (Native 4K)
- FIFA 17 (Native [email protected])
- Helldivers (Native [email protected])

thank my friends at Neogaf

Games are games. No matter what size. Do not discriminate.
You guys think that AAA high budget games are the only legit games out there. You very very wrong.
That is the down fall of Xbox One - Xbox fan base's game discrimination.
Show me your own native 4K games.
LOL! You guys are pitiful.

Septic679d ago

PS4 PRO plays all its first party games in 4k native??

game4funz679d ago

Mainly old games. Congrats

slate91679d ago

Damn dude, must have taken a while to compose that list.

Kaneki-Ken679d ago

Until further notice Scorpio doesn't exist until I see pictures of the Console and gameplay from it.

Ju679d ago

Fifa17 is an old game? Duuhh

conanlifts679d ago

According to recent tests many of those games fail to maintain those fps and drop 1-5 fps.Still impressive and they could be fixed with updates.

679d ago
Bolts679d ago

A few of the so called native 4K games like ESO are not actually native 4K. I know because I have actually seen ESO in native 4K on the TV display with a high end PC before. It's extremely pixel dense that affords a very high field of view. The PS Pro version seems to be lacking half of this pixel density which makes sense because it retains the same FoV as the standard PS4.

Septic679d ago

"@ Skeptic
At least something is better than your nothing... "

That list says it all. How many of those games actually have impressive visuals or are demanding. I see a trend of shitty looking games running in 4k on the Pro being added to weak lists.

You enjoy Mantis burning racing, whatever that is, in 4K 😂

Pathogenic679d ago

Most of those games are Indie titles which you stated in Native 4K.

- Viking Squad
- Neon Chrome
- The Whitness
- Helldivers
- Hustle Kings
- Futuridium EP Deluxe
- Wheels of Aurelia
- Mantis Burn Racing
- Smite
- Thumper

First let's get realistic here. How many people actually play these games. Really? All these are coming from PC which ultimately hold Native 4K @60HZ. Which means it shouldn't be a problem especially if it's an Indie Game. I do not understand why these can't hit Native 4K @60HZ. Some do but most don't.

Second. These are all third party games that are multi-platform so I don't see why Scorpio can't do the same in resolution and HDR. Which ultimately they can because it's housing a powerful console as the specifications tell us. We shall see in the end. But these are not exclusives so you lose points on this part.

- NBA 2K17
- Pro Evolution Soccer
- Fifa 17
- The Elder Scrolls Online
- Skyrim
(You forgot Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy 15, Cod Infinite *Warefare*) All receiving Updates. There's more but I'm not going to sit here for hours.

Third. Exclusive games are actually brilliant to showcase the power of Native 4K but these titles mentioned above are just a glimpse of whats to come. Right now the Developers could have done a little better job before providing a patch.

- The Last Of Us Remastered Again 4K with only 30HZ (60HZ could've been achieved)
- The Last Of US 2 (Hoping it would be Native 4K @ 60HZ) If the above is any indication you might be doing 30HZ. That's just speculation.

But do you honestly see what I'm getting at here. You are trying to defend a console that has not shown anything as of "YET" Understand that word because it's important. Mostly all these game you listed and shown are not exclusives. You pointed out one but left the rest out. Why? Is it because you don't have the accurate information on those games yet that are exclusive? Or is it because you didn't take the time to think this out before posting and did a pretty bad job of trying to prove whatever this point is. Honestly man take a break from this site.

trainsgofast679d ago

Too bad most of the games you listed are last gen games! most of them are based on last gen game engines.
Ps4 Pro will not run AAA game engine in 4k native. and that's what you see last gen engines running at 4k native

Sparta07679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

@ septic, not all Xboxone exclusives run at 1080p. 🤔
That doesn't seem to bother you.
I guess graphics matters after all. 🤗

679d ago
Errorist76679d ago


Microsoft doesn't play ANY first party games at 4K. They don't even have many first party games to begin with.

saint_seya679d ago

Septic not hard to get all first party games native when they are less than 5.. in the other hand how many sony have?

gamertk421678d ago

"The Last Of Us Remastered (Native [email protected] with the best shadows + HDR)"

The best shadows.
The. Best. Shadows.

😂😂😂&# 128514;😂😂ԅ 14;😂😂😂& #128514;😂😂€ 514;😂😂😂

VoodooProject678d ago

Is The Last of Us a remaster of a remaster? Creative.

GamerFrank85678d ago

You forgot the word "upscale"

Teflon02678d ago

Septic, you do realize even if all future first party games are 4K on xbox SC. It has almost no first party or exclusives released and if it does going forward it'll be on pc. Those things aren't really to relevant anymore. Ms is sabotaging themselves at this point

IamTylerDurden1678d ago

They talk about 1800p or checkerboard 4K not being anywhere near as good as 2160 but right now the xbone still struggles to hit 1080p while the PS4 Pro is rendering most games at native 1800p. The Pro is going to hit native 2160p about as often as xboneS will hit native 1080p. That is an absurd difference, yet Sony isn't screaming about it. AND it's a difference that is actually relevant right now, not in 12 months from now.

Funny how Septic is so concerned with native 4K on Pro but perfectly happy with sub 1080p on xbone atm.

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conanlifts679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

It's not doing as well as i expected it to though. Ps4 sales were up 204%, which is based on months of preorders. Plus it is not sold out in any shops that i have seen. I don't think this is that great to be honest.

Having said this, should ps4 sales continue to be up then that will be a good sign. I just don't think it's good for the launch period.

@blacktar187 i should have said i am in Australia. The hot item seems to be the nes classic, which is crashing the websites of game stores. Everything else is available.

BlackTar187679d ago

Really? I've been looking on the bay area and I can't find one

Grilla679d ago

Who gives a crap about the nes classic. It's a hot item because of scalpers and it's only 60$.

conanlifts679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Grilla.....just because you don't care about it doesnt mean others don't. It will be the highest selling console this xmas, which is kind of amusing.
As for me caring, i don't and i do not plan to get it. But it will sell in the millions in a very short time frame ( assuming nintendo release enough stock).

Grilla679d ago

To call the nes classic a console is a stretch , it's a novelty item. It's hard to find because, as usual for Nintendo, they underproduced them.

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Soc5679d ago

Also 4K is overrated, it takes a ton of horsepower for a bump in resolution that isn't as important as fps, graphical touches etc. you could spend most of the scorpios power just running today's games in 4K. I would prefer that power be used for mind blowing special effects rather than just running current looking games in a high resolution.

The_Sage679d ago

The problem is they are limited by what the current Xbox can do. Sure... They will be able to up some things, but the game must still be able to run on the old system. It's the same thing PC gamers have been complaining about for years.

LackTrue4K679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Are any of them games exclusive?cuz if not, why would I wait when I can have them same games on PC "now"

679d ago
ShadowKnight679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

I'm more concerned with Microsoft first party games. What's launching when the Scorpio comes out🤔

679d ago
freshslicepizza679d ago

what 1st party games launched with the ps4 pro? i also expect a lot more games on scorpio that are ready to take advantage of the new hardware than just a few like we see on the pro. and dont expect scorpio to be throttled back to run xbox one games either.

ShadowKnight679d ago

Horizon comes out in a few months and will also get a 9 😅

679d ago
Obscure_Observer678d ago


Forza Motorsport 7 more likely. ;)

ShadowKnight678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

The thing is Sony has already sold 47 million units and they're in the position to get away with it for a couple of months with the install base, PSVR, the last guardian in a couple of weeks, and third party support until their first party games come out next year., but Microsoft is not in that same position they need to sell more units and exclusive games now to make more profit and keep them in the gaming industry. Gears of War didn't even sell that well and that's why I think they need more first party studios to create great games imo.

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Were did you get the facts that the pro is doing well? By market standards not a great deal of their customers don't even have 4K/hdr TV's so what benefits are their customers actually getting?

Regardless of selling a console capable of no more then upscaling 4K it's really not that big of a deal you also need to understand a large part of their fam base aren't happy when they just invested in PS4 then release a new edition far too early especially when it's not needed right now with the sales of 4K/HDR TV's are still at least a year away to say it's a market worth selling in!

Sony should have just brought the slim with slightly more capabilities like the X1s and saved the pro for at least another year that way they could have actually brought out a console capable of actual 4K, so enjoy your upscaled content! (y)

679d ago
Angeljuice679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

Every day there are new reports about the Scorpio that offer nothing but BS and buzzwords.
"Really true 4k", is an utterly crap statement as for " Highest Quality Pixels"? Do they replace your TV screen?

This nonsense will keep the kids quiet for a while, but they're going to have to try harder to win over anyone who isn't technologically illiterate.


They haven't spoken about any "features", that is the point. They talk fluff and nonsense without ANY specific features whatsoever.

Christopher678d ago

To be honest, they can't talk about features just yet. Not until things are set in stone. I imagine they are saving the whole introduction of the console and its specifics for E3 or similar and we will only get 'generic comment about how awesome it will be!' comments until then.

stevej336679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

It's doing so well its the first console I was able to walk into the store and buy without waiting.