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kz3 has been out for three days

kz2 was released for 6 days when chart track reviewed its numbers

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kz3 beating a multiplat game is well deserved

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im a sniper but im also levelling up tactician and there are always snipers on both sides so it levels itself out anyway

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im LOVING multiplayer

if your getting sniped maybe your just not that good at the game, the games much more even this time round the infiltrators are the one that gets me

graphically this is the best console shooter ive ever seen.

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@nitrowolf thanks for the heads up

i didnt know tacticians can see infiltrators,infiltrators really piss me off

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best comment ever

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this and resistance are my purchases for sept

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trailer reminds me soo much of uncharted duno why

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reviewers will deduct two points due to the voice

honestly the excuses they come up with to deduct ponts of ps3 exclusives..

lack of multiplayer-yet bulletstorm gets a pass
story-yet bulletstorm gets a pass
too much cursing-yet bulletstorm gets a pass
too much variety
walking doesnt leave footprints in the snow

these are just some i can remember...

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If kz3 wasn't out would we get these articles?

The game is utter crap these reviewers complained about kz3 story yet this gets a free pass? It has no multiplayer? Reviewers complained kz3 story was short yet this is shorter and it gets a pass....

I've played this game and have brought it back to cex today for a credit note this game is CRAP and the bias media are ruining gaming

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its eurogamer

judging from their past do you really trust what they say on ps3 exclusives?

they gave infamous 1 the same score as the absolutely appalling prototype

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third party exclusives...change the title

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this is what hacks should be about stuff like this i love and would love to put on my ps3,not pirated ps3 games

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but you get the feeling sony know they are going to kill two birds with one stone this year,the exclusives, the incoming price drop (we all know its gonna happen)

not to mention outselling 360 by over 3million last year worldwide

omens look good for sony staking second place

the real winner though is the wii plain and simple

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nyc gamer

think before you type

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360 bans consoles millions of them )notoriously near the holiday season to accumulate more sales)
sony bans consoles not as much as 360 yet as downloading 40g games is more trouble than its worth but that could change if piracy becomes more global on ps3,you will see bans on microsofts scale

this is a lob sided article actually false and misleading article to misinform consumers and paint microsoft in a favourable light

mashable.com lol

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yet i bet he messes up the film.

he needs to go and play heavy rain

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a new perfect dark would give me something to play alongside geow3

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come on greenburg tweet about this like you do NPD...

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its good that fanboy sites and journalists cannot sabotage ps3 exclusives anymore

i think gamers have now realised that ps3 game reviews are written,expressed and scored lower due to fanboyism and actually playing the games themselves you feel like theres a big question mark over your head, as what your playing is nothing like the what you read from edge,ign etc

alot of these fanboy sites are losing their sway over gamers due to their fanboyism which is a goo...

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