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on topic either its the screenshots or the game but one of them looks terrible

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crysis 2 is a multi platform release and nothing is known about kingdoms

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to make a portable system that when you travel you cant buy games from another country totally destroys the whole point of a portable game system.......and for that reason i wont be buying one

nintendo 3DS=fail

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me,im gona check it out and finally see if the graphics are all that on console

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3ds will be cheaper and nintendo are veterans at handheld gaming,3D is the big buzz word at the moment,people are content to game on their capable smartphones....sony need to learn from the pricing of the ps3 and pspgo

pricing no matter how good the system is two steps back one foot forward before you even start.

marketing and pricing sony need to learn this and i hope they have by now,well see when they release the RRP

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and his need to have a dig at a ps3 exclusive in that poorly written review was hilarious

IGN really has lost soo much credibility over the past year,people need to stop worshipping them and bring IGN back down to earth, Greg's arrogance STINKS

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owe it what...a slap? a kiss? ...what?


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to even hint 11/10 for a mediocre game is bad enough

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like giving assassins creed 2 a 4.5?

giving black ops a 11/10?

lbp a 7.5

or the cherry on top (as he clearly loves his food) giving DEADLY PREMONITION A 10/10

jim sterling has no credibility he admits himself he was lucky to fall into reviewing games,so no delbertgrady jim sterling is not honest he does this for attention and hits

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post sorry

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so your actually telling me this is the ONE AND ONLY article you have seen regarding reasons to buy a slim whether ps3 or 360 on n4g?

how is that cave?

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OMG people are still doing articles like these?

we dont need t know 5 reasons to buy an 360,ps3 or wii anymore

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spring summer and winter...the whole collective of AAA games surpass what the rival consoles have to offer, timed DLC is embarrassing to cover up lack of exclusives,timed DLC should be banned anyway if you put out a multiconsole game all parties paid the exact same money for the game to get the same content....greed shouldnt come before innocent consumers interests

only way to put an end to timed DLC is for consumers to boycott certain games that do it.


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gears 3 is going to be sick

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you milk your cash cow

personally a year between halo 3 and 4 would be terrible, ill stick with gears 3 thanks

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are people still stupid enough to trust lens of truth?

i trust them as much as i trust gametrailers... both have been proven to sway their videos to one side or should we say 'fix'

these untrustworthy fanboy sites are whats wrong with gaming today

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ps3rider its a third person shooter...

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ive read your comment history you havnt got a ps3 so dont play that card,your making yourself look even more silly,i have both consoles, i play on my ps3 more as ive got nothing to look forward to until gears3,and you didnt upset me i guess truth hurts you though huh?...if your going to comment atleast troll harder

oh be careful how you sit down ...you dont want those stitches to....'pop'

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tinasumsum got a little 'sumsum' and is now 'analhurt'....that ps3 and multi console owners get a CHOICE

why does sony need to worry about a 'thq' fps? kz3 is on the horizon,plus another exclusive fps in resistance is incoming,PLUS ps3
owners get homefront ASWELL,plus ps3 owners GET THE DLC at a later date,plus im playing two AAA titles as we speak in lbp2 an me2 and we are still in january...and you?

(see how many times i us...

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