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im genuinly worried because sony doesnt seem to learn that consumers do not want to spend loads on gaming systems, after the ps3 fiasco you think ok that must have been a kick up the backside then they only go and do the same with the pspgo

ngp has everything to be a success just like the ps3 games,80+ developers,innovative touch pad,dual analog,huge horse power,beautiful screen

but price this wrong especially as 3ds will have had a head start and sony will b...

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this is n4g have you not seen the IQ of the bridge loiterers? smaller words please

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my excitement has waned since today

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'I must admit, it’s kind of disappointing that EA couldn’t warn 360 users beforehand about Dead Space 2 being on 2 discs. Regardless, this doesn’t mean that 360 owners, or even multi-platform owners, should ignore the 360 version in favor for the PS3 version'

strongly disagree with that comment if you are a MULTICONSOLE owner ps3 is a no brainer not only does it come on ONE disc you also get dead space extraction as a bonus

if you only have a 360 then...

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great move

worked for 360 arcade sku

me im getting the 3g version

edit:@holdmedown...dont worry about dead his a known sony hater/bridge loiterer if you catch my drift.you can just feel the pain etched on his face firstly all the ps3 exclusives this year now NGP causing shockwaves,its a bad day for him

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h0w you move with the back touchpad is sick

sony just out innovated 3ds

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dont say it has EXPLAIN how the ds has because you sure have a different ds from the rest of us

im not bashing the 3ds its just that you chat poo

edit:about as evenly matched as a wii and ps3 ,i was set on getting a 3ds but psp2 has changed my mind,its a true gaming machine,two analog sticks,3g,uncharted and now call of duty has just been announced,graphically this destroys the 3ds, 3ds will no doubt sell well but psp2/ngs has just...

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can i have a go of your nintendo handheld that has

two analog joysticks
powerful cpu
5inch oled screen
that connects to mobile network

pretty please?

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backwards compatible plays psp games from the playstation suite

sony have pulled out all the stops

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dual analog sticks
touch screen
touchpad on back
sd cards
motion controls
3g and wifi
most powerful cpu
5inch oled screen
front and rear cameras

out this holiday season


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makes me wonder about the mods motives,where has ps4 ever been pushed to be expedited?

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wondering why other sites havnt done the same in their reviews?

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i will say graphics wise the games poor in comparison to cryteks hype machine,BUT the more im playing the more im getting into it, apart from respawn points im enjoying it

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gawd tudors you do talk some trollop

all your comment has shown is you have never played a ps3 game or this crysis demo.

the pop up is horrendous the textures are inconsistent, the respawn points are pissing me off im sorry crytek got some work to do

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im sorry but i dont even need to click the link to know this is unnecessary,or which game looks miles better

anyway in crysis im getting some terrible pop up and the re-spawn points are annoying,how can i re-spawn right infront of a enemy?

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same here wtf?

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what pisses me off is the bragging crytek did.

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