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not had a chance to review multiplayer so why put out an incomplete review?

ive never known such an incompetent gen in gaming.

hopes for the next gens journalism is at an all time low

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if its not a ps3 exclusive all the flaws in the world can slide......title of this article stamps my point

bulletstorm demo was pants i cant imagine playing an entire game with such little emphasis other than shooting anything that moves,no plot nothing

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kinect version-has character move assist basically semi-onrails
move- you control the person fully,this preview version fails to mention the fact that you can use the navigation controller as ive read in other previews

360 version good for grannies infants or people with no clue how to play video games,so may appeal to more consumers

ps3 version maybe better for core gamers

for me i hate motion controls so neither option appeals to me...

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demo got boring very quickly

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damn you just SUCKERPUNCHED yourself

danke schon

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thats what your mum said about your IQ...learn to spell...you dunce

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outsold 360 by over 3 and a half million

how much did the wii outsell the ps3 that is the big question..wii is still a beast

fanboys NPD mean nada if you dont count the whole war.....sick of npd articles like its the second coming why isnt greenburg twittering now that despite half a billion marketing kinect and putting all their eggs in that one basket they still got outsold by millions?

plus no first party studios,lack of first party titles...

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oh purlease what about the days of.. GEC,zuck the mart 2007 was rampant negative ps3 articles,false ps3 articles did the mods want to censor articles then?..NO

reason why its not front page now is most of the mods from the beginning are still there and they were big 360 supporters

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i did some serious stealth kills....cutting a mans neck

im like a jedi in this game

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you sir get bubbles


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ninja theory spoke to much nonsense regarding their spat with sony which none of us cared about,and the game ripped of uncharted but wasnt as good which is why i never bought it, ill wait for a £10 bargain bin

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has anyone noticed that the articles about sony outselling 360 by 3.5 million for 2010 is not on the front page despite over a hundred comments,yet when NPDs are released it occupies no less than two of the top spots with 50 comments? just thought id point out the double standards on n4g

as for kz3 beta WOOOHOOOO

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it is dumb,because fine i understand they want it to be unique every time you play it but to not be able to communicate with the person makes it dumb

and its disappointing because this is one of my most wanted games

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thats dumb especially if you cant talk to the person

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godmars i love you dude but i disagree in parts

i dont like the fanboy mentally execs of microsoft like greenburg have brought to the industry and the timed DLC, but when i first popped gears in my 360 and saw the graphics i was happy next-gen was here.

apart from gears ms havnt really brought anything this gen for me to shout about and thats partly due to no first party studios,but i do prefer live to psn though psn has caught up fast and just needs a little...

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if gamermints numbers are correct then sony and ms or are on level pegging,thus ms's numbers are actually shipped to retailer like it says in MICROSOFTS report.yet fanboys claim its sold to retailer

PS3 Slim Hardware Sales:
2009/10 – 11.9 million units sold
2010/11 – 24.1 million units sold

Xbox 360 Hardware Sales:
2009/10: 8.8 million units sold
2010/11: 19.4 million units sold

what is surprising and mus...

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true with all the exclusives that 3mill lead is going to disappear

considering the 'kinect effect' yet sony outsold microsoft by 3 million in 2010 its unbelievable

i seriously see the last guardian,twisted metal and uncharted pushing consoles

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it says microsoft gave sony a kick up the backside that they needed an i for one am still happy i bought my 360...even though i can only say for definite gears 3 is the only game im getting for my machine this year

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