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with a 500million marketing budget

kinect has done nothing for gaming nor the consumers like me who were early adopters of the console...and before the ms devotees comment think why it is whenever a fps comes to console now nomatter the quality you go out in droves to buy it? like duke nukem......because you are starved of exclusives due to ms's desire to squeeze every last drop of money from you starting with kinect, its sold great but gaming wise its a flop...marketing...

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on these flamebait articles? sooner you stop sooner media will have to use another tactic to get hits and stop the sony bashing

yeh ironic ive commented but its only to try and understand why noones learnt that dont feed the the dogs they have to go elsewhere

title could have said..'5 reasons to get a psp now' or something


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guess your a bit slow...read my comment again

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yep something smells fishy ......

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the last guardian and the last of us doesnt seem that bright?????

shouldnt they be more worried about 360 and the lack of exclusives two years running?

the author forgets to mention starhawk..plus twisted metal out in feb...journey etc

where has quality journalism gone regarding gaming?

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They state ios is more competent than android .....yet ios cannot bluetooth to other phones,widgets,no micro sd card support or play flash

And the biggest gaffe nowgamer have made which proves they have done this for hits is when they mention.....'vitas biggest downfall is its os is too fiddly as you cannot just drag and drop' YET the software they claim is best is also fiddly maybe even more so as with ios everything is done through itunes even movies have to be con...

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will believe that...you know the ones who quote ms profits in comments because they cant gloat about exclusive games...

2011 was big for ms profit wise due to kinect, when are ms going to actually invest some of that profit in bringing us exclusive games?

my 360 is unfortunately gathering dust

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or goldeneye

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looks stupid again....grow up get a job and leave the bridge you live under

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errr nintendo owned franchises mainly

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3ds was in exactly the same situation less than two months ago even being outsold by the ds...what turned it around? Simple............a global PRICE DROP

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lots of lasts....but definatly first when it comes to exclusive gaming pleasure!

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the media bias would have given him a heart attack

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never heard of ur site..an ur attempt to get hits is transparent...the amount of factual mistakes is as laughable as ur site

ill never click ur links again now i know what ur about

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yep both of you dont bother

both goin off point who mentioned score? I DONT LIKE THIS SITE AND VOICED MY OPINION FORMED OVER TIME..so now its a conspiracy..lol have you both actually heard yourselfs? if you dont like my opinion i couldnt give a shit bubble me down.. again i couldnt give a shit its a freaking game forum not of importance to my life unlike you both who seem to live and breathe n4g

yup truth hurts...

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my comment wasnt about score...seems you need to learn to read only person who brought up score was you..it was about the tired lines this site always use judging ps3 exclusives...this is a forum is it not? i hardly comment here but when i do an voice my opinion.. im not gona let little ass licking nerds like you (yep easy to throw names as you started it)come all high and mighty over an opinion i formed..as for ign i rate them as much as this site

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ive read enough of their reviews to form my opinion over a length of time about what kind of site they are..so if its now ok to assume and call people things just because 'shock horror' they have an opinion built up over time... ill call you a stinking tramp..hows that?

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i have my opinion on a certain site that makes it a fanboy opinion?


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why with ps3 exclusive reviews and only ps3 exclusive reviews does this site always start off with 'its not perfect'? what game is?

i never click on the links anymore to these kind of sites

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i hate myself for fancying her..shes irritating..but gawd damn shes hot..got ways i could shut her up though lol

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