on my grind
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and this list is a fail wheres lbp2,me2 and infamous2

and as scar said twisted metal?

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oh yeh i see that now but why has one side got a big black border and the other hasnt?

anyway i hope its true

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they look uneven...

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great numbers for 360 and wii...ps3 hmm not so much...but what this does prove is USA=not the world because ps3 is a couple million behind 360 in worldwide sales so they have had to make up the numbers from somewhere....probably europe and japan.

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dont hate

copy an paste the link...be prepared

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im more interested in the games for 2011 personally

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im also getting gears3..havnt got steam which i guess is a blessing for my wallet

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seriously, games already on my list-

Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
The Last Guardian
Team ICO Collection
Motorstorm: Apacalypse
mass effect 2

and TWISTED METAL which is sort of like starhawk in the terms of a MMO battle game. seriously i know people joke about it but it really is too many games next year

if this is announced at VGA'S which seems likely this a...

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GT5-an rpg of the racing genre more akin to demon souls

NFS-an rpg of the racing genre but more suited to the casual crowd akin to mass effect 2

conclusion both great games,i hate articlles that claim what they believe is law...its one persons opinion

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DONT USE A PICTURE OF A GAME THAT BLOWS YOUR THEORY AWAY...then again a 360 site using a a picture of one of the highest scoring games ever on a rival system shows how low journalism has sunk for hits.

also mass effect 2,mgs4 and heavy rain shows how garbage this article is.

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protip: realise this is a forum, i didnt say what i believe is law its an opinion..like asses we all have one

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reasons i believe are..

1.scoring a ps3 exclusive poorly generates tons of hits to your site.
2.keeps the fanboy flames alight thus again generating hits to your site

the more hits your site gets the better the revenue from advertisers.

basically it all comes down to money,if ps3 owners didnt get so irate (i understand the injustice) then i think review scores would become fairer as sites would then have to use good journalism to generat...

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i just cant remember a better year for games

im getting 9 out of those 13 games you listed and thats not even including the multiplats lile mass effect 2 and batman..

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3886d ago


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forgetting the highest selling console this gen...nintendo

schoolboy error

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this article comes from vgchartz..

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havnt got move so havnt tried it with move but MAG is special if you invest the time to level up

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were from sites that had not even put any effort it to reach a level where the game actually opens up because embargo had lifted.

everything now when reviewing games is 'be first to post when the embargo lifts' when back in the day it used to be..'you will get your review when were good and ready we are having to much fun with it'.

its ever since site hits and money have truly overtaken the need to review a game properly that this bull has hap...

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